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Many recipes are both low carb and Paleo, or easily changed with a few ingredient swaps.
I use Pinterest or Google more if looking for something specifically Paleo. Since those recipes have mainly appeared in the past five years, the writers also tend to be avid users of Pinterest and other social media. Try both a Google and Pinterest search for whatever specific item you want, e.g. Paleo cracker + almond meal, which will eliminate the cracker versions made with flax or coconut. There are so many Paleo recipe websites, yet Pinterest will still introduce me to more everyday as one of my Catagories is Paleo Recipes.

So many beautiful photos and recipes, so little time. There are also many new Paleo recipe books. Our library has them or you can check them out at a book store, and even take a "look inside" right on the Amazon website.
Now I only have to remember if a recipe is in a book, on an app, bookmarked on the computer or "pinned on my board"

Here's a Londoner website found through Pinterest when I saw this lovely plate of Coodles! We call them Zoodles, Coodles in the UK. Not all her recipes are Paleo or even low carb, but some ..a new pumpkin coodle recipe is if you replace the cream with coconut milk. As a long ago Londoner, this site is nice eye candy.
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