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Originally Posted by Valtor
Carbs-insulin or calories-in-out ? You think it's a matter of choosing between only these two options?

I think James understands quite well the complexities of obesity and this means that it cannot be relegated to only these two scenarios. He acknowledged that physiology and psychology are interrelated. Which means that what we eat does have an effect on how we feel, including how hungry we feel.

If you think there are two camps and that if we are not in the Carbs-insulin one we are against it, then you will probably miss the big picture while arguing in circle with people.

Are you implying there's a third camp? If so, please explain. Krieger is arguing in a bubble and only gets out when he needs to patch holes in his arguments. For example, he thinks it's relevant to cite type 1 diabetics when he talks about satiety and calories, but then does a 180 and thinks it's irrelevant when somebody else talks about caloric deficit and emaciation.
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