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Originally Posted by Angeline
The paradigm shifts IS happening and it's unavoidable. Atkins will be proven right. Maybe they will find that some aspects of his program aren't optimal, but he will be right enough to shut up the critics. I'm wondering if swallowing this bitter pill will have a more far-reaching impact on the medical community. Will it teach them humility ? How hard it must be to swallow that you have been wrong for 30 years.
Atkins may be proven right, but my guess is that many of the researchers will never admit that. Instead, they'll confirm the basic principles of Atkins, but find some small thing wrong with the diet. Then they can point and say "Aha! We told you it was bad! Here's what you should be doing..." and lay out "Atkins with a small tweak" but with a different name. This avoids having to do the humility dance.

Not that I'm cynical or anything...
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