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What about George Burns? He smoked and drank his entire life, yet lived to reach 100? I doubt his diet was exemplary, either.

I studied Russian language at same time I studied ballet- my turn-on to ballet was seeing the men dance in the Bolshoi Ballet in 1958. I was not able to talk to the dancers backstage, so I decided to learn Russian as well as dance.

One of the many old Russians I met in the little LA Russian expat community where I lived (in a rented room in the house of Micheal Chechov's widow), once told me the secret of the great ages tribes people in the remote Caucasian region often lived to- alleged to be as long as 158 years in one or two cases. He said that they lived simply and did not overeat. He also said they never ate but one specific thing at any given meal. I mean only ONE thing. Bread alone might be one meal. Cabbage plain would fully constitute one meat. A cut of meat made one complete meal. It was his contention that the human stomach was only capable of digesting a single thing, alone, at a time, and mixing even two things was a bad idea for your health. I could not ague this, it seemed so simple really, and I knew he had lived amongst those people when he was a cossack (soldier)...

Long ago, a situation of surviving a lack of prey animals, may have been how we first came to eat any vegetable. To imagine a variety being available or even try-able at the same time seems unlikely- so just one thing would most likely be collected and be eaten at a time. No one knows.

I did not think to enquire how the Caucasian's teeth responded to their dietary habits, it was not in the top of my mind back then.
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