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Jen B
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I just bought some guar gum. I haven't tried it yet. It's made from the seeds of a tree in Africa or India (I forget which). This is the same stuff that is added to Thai Kitchens coconut milk that makes it so thick and creamy. Anyway, I plan to use it to make gravy. I've got it in a shaker bottle, and I've read that a little goes a long way. For gravy, I would use some kind of fat (probably coconut oil), some chicken broth, some seasonings, and the guar gum. I sure hope it works!

Also, I make my own mayonnaise with walnut oil. There's a recipe above in this thread. I sometimes add horseradish if I'm having roast beef (the kind from the HFS that has nothing in it but vinegar). Adding mustard to the mayo is good too, especially on chicken. I've added lemon juice at times and also cayenne pepper to spice it up.

I am not absolutely certain all of this is paleo, but as there is no mention of it one way or another in NeanderThin, and because it's all low carb, I go for it.
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