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Originally Posted by Gemmafafen
does anybody have any yummy recipes for shellfish, like lobster, prawns and crabs?
I am making the transition from Atkins to Neanderthin and now I can't dip my 3 fav's in melted butter, what could I do to add fat and moisture?
I have fried prawns in garlic and oil with lemon juice sqeezed over afterwards, which was awesome, but any other ideas would be grand.
Cheers Gem.
A couple days ago, I ate lobster tails that were baked in the oven. We used butter to dip it, of course, but I am getting ready to make some ghee. I wonder if that could be heated up and used instead. Unless you want to avoid all dairy, even ghee, that is one suggestion. Or, you could dip it into different nut oils, or olive oil. Perhaps if you put garlic in and heated up the oil. That might taste good.
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