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Well Donald I see years later people are still beaming with joy over this!

I wanted to mention little things I have sometimes done for this.

1. I get sandwich-size pepperoni that they slice from the big stick in the deli... definitely not the little stuff in preserved package. And, I have them slice it on, I think setting 10, which is like half as thick as normal. This allows me to still have a good overlapping crust, with less of the chem/cal/fat of pepperoni, but more importantly it means if I line a pan and cook the pepperoni first (it shrinks a bit), it cooks faster and crispier because it's thinner.

2. I sometimes have made this in muffin tins (I do the lined-baked-pepperoni first) too. Muffin pans come in oversized and rectangle and things like that so you can actually plan your portion size that way if you like -- or even make the same crust but add some different spices to it in each tin, and diff toppings, for a variety in the same dish! (Great for 'sampling' for friends. This recipe, like the mock fried rice, should not be allowed near non low carbers, who will pause their little upturned-noses about 'low carb food' just long enough to eat ALL yours if you let them. )

There are also a few 'lessons learned' I had with this dish, which are:

* Nearly any imaginable sauce/topping in the universe works. I am just waiting for someone to come up with the chocolate orange cinnamon version LOL. I never would have thought of this, but for seeing how the 'mock danish' got made into everything from savory to sweet.

* You can mix a little bit of chopped meats even into the 'crust' part for a bit of extra bulk, protein and flavor. (For example, you can get that big sandwich pepperoni sliced 1/4" thick, and then slice it into little square pieces like they have on cheap frozen pizzas.) (PS At the walmart deli some new person is always not realizing they have to take the nearly-invisible wrapper off the pepperoni before slicing... well, just watch and make sure they do.)

* This dish is really hard to screw up! I have at various times forgotten half the ingredients, left out the sauce, underbaked it, overbaked it, and generally although there's an 'ideal' norm, even the disasters taste pretty darn good.

* Small variations in quantity of heavy cream, or mixing some jack cheese in instead of others, or things like that can equal a decent difference in carbs overall. Adding more meat into the crust and the topping can up the protein sufficiently without adding much if any carbs, that when you're really starving or really trying to keep carbs low, less of it pan-wise is more filling and lower in carbs.

* It freezes and reheats beautifully. But... don't freeze it for very long. I recommend doing the 'diff flavors in one batch' option so it's sure to get eaten soon without any sameness/boredom. Although that is hard to come by for this dish frankly!

I might add that most of my experimentation with this dish has been done during a long term when I was NOT lowcarbing. It's great! So far the mock fried rice, mock danish and this Deep Dish Pizza Quiche are the three fave recipes I've found. ALL of them are yummy enough to eat regardless of whether one is low carbing, and will generally be scarfed down by anybody still breathing, no matter what they think about LC food. :-)

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