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MarianneK Sat, Sep-10-16 18:27

MarianneK's Exercise Log
Oh gosh, I really need to do this.

Lol, but not today! I will start tomorrow with some HIIT. The thing I love about HIIT is that the workouts are so short!

I am well aware that exercise is not critical for weight loss, but I always feel better and stronger and happier when I work out regularly.

I'm not going to make any schedule for myself, but I hope to be able to put something down here every day, even if it's just a walk around the block with Walter (my dog).

See ya tomorrow! :wave:

MarianneK Sun, Sep-11-16 15:45

A bit of walking today.... 2 short walks with Walter, and a lot of walking at the German festival. Not very strenuous, but hey, it's Sunday! ;)

MarianneK Mon, Sep-12-16 17:04

45 minutes brisk walking at work, including 16 flights of stairs.

MarianneK Tue, Sep-13-16 16:59

About 30 minutes fast walking and stairs at work (8 flights)

MarianneK Thu, Sep-15-16 04:28

Wednesday - about 25 minutes fast walking, 8 flights stairs. I need to do some bodyweight workouts and HIIT.

MarianneK Thu, Sep-15-16 15:10

Thursday and Friday - 20-25 minutes walking and some stairs.

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