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bkloots Wed, Jan-21-15 10:21

Jari Love Ripped & Chiseled
New workout in my library! :thup:

This morning I did my new Jari Love workout, which arrived in the mail yesterday. I've enjoyed her original "Ripped" workout for years, and very much so in the recent few months--at least once a week, and often twice. So I was ready to tackle a different one. This is called "Ripped and Chiseled" (that's marketing talk). However, one of her exercise companions is a 57-year-old woman who is definitely ripped and chiseled! So are Jari and the two other exercisers, one male.

It would take a genetic revision for me to get ripped, let alone chiseled. But I like the pace and the intensity of the workout just fine. Jari's dietary focus is on portion control and low-fat. But that's okay, as those instructions will work fine for most people. I get plenty of "burn" from the workout, and I trust it's all fat. ;)

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