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JEY100 Fri, Dec-14-18 03:49

Keto Diet #1 Diet trend...again
The Keto Diet yet again far outstrips other diets according to the Google trend data. (I haven't heard of #2 and #3...Dubrow and Noom?)

Previous CNN thread also about Keto in Google trends:

A few days ago, Business Insider had an article about the diets Millenials want to try in 2019. Ridiculously small sample of 18-29 year old, but Generic Low Carb had the most interest, with Keto third, and Paleo, Atkins, Whole 30, IF, GF also listed. May indicate a general awareness that cutting carbs is more beneficial than cutting calories.

GRB5111 Fri, Dec-14-18 07:19

This is a good observation about increased awareness of the results from cutting carbs. I've been hearing it increasingly from friends, family, and others in conversations without me initiating the conversation. Results are the impetus and most powerful incentive here, as eating to fullness without the carbs and processed junk works, as many on this forum already know.

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