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IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-10-05 14:27

Oh cool - an abs challenge! I'll post a pic if you do!!! Five weeks!

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-10-05 14:28

This morning - dropped the truck off for repairs and walked home. (headlights weren't working, which is a pain in the neck)

approx 3.5 miles. 1 hour. Fast walk.

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-10-05 23:39

The night of 100 squats
Lower back, Legs, butt. About 80 deg f and humid in the garage. A slow and tedious workout :(

Good Mornings: 220x10,10 200x10

Squats: 230x10,10,10 200x10,10
Wide stance squats: 220x10,10,10,10,10
Stationary Dumbell Lunges (in front of a fan!!!): 60x5,5,5,5,5
Finisher - Leg extensions: 120x10,10,10 100x10,10

Barbell standing calf raises, toes on plates: 200x10,10,10,10,10
Dumbell seated calf raises, toes on plates (per leg) 100x10,10,5,10,10,5

(only three sets after this point - was getting tired and shaky)
Straight leg deadlifts: 250x10 220x10,10
Pelvic lifts, knees and feet together with 100lbs: 10,10,10
Pelvic lifts, knees and feet apart with 100lbs: 10,10,10
Hamstring curls: 70x10,10 60x10,10

galatia Sat, Jun-11-05 05:58

Five week ab challenge! Let's get shredded!
I kid myself about a lot of things, but ever having shredded abs isn't one of them :rolleyes:. I wish! But I know that's just not gonna happen. However-- I will join you on the challenge-- my goals just won't be quite so impressive. Hold on a minute, let me go measure my waist and tummy.....waist is 29.5 / tummy is 32.5 so maaaybe I could lose an inch in 5 weeks. I'll get a little dangerous and say-- in 5 weeks my waist will be 28 and tummy 31. So what do you think of that? You get shredded and I lose an 1.5 inches in my waist and tummy :). Pammie-- want to join us? :)

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-11-05 22:06

Abs abs abs! :)
Cool Galatia! I'll get some measurements too. But really I just want to see abs.

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-11-05 22:11

Delts and abs (intensity tonight)

Lateral Raises: 25x10,8,5(f)
Front Raises: 30x10,8,6
Bent over lateral Raises: 10,8,6 (had a couple of pauses in there)
Barbell upright raises: 110x6,6,6,6,6
1st finisher: Arnold presses: 30x10,10,8(f)
2nd finisher: Shouler rotations: 30x10,10,10

Dragon Flags: 10,8,6,6
Oblique situps: 16,15,15
Bicycle crunches: 15,15,15
Ab roller extensions: 12,12,12

Cardio: Pathetic run (calves were *wasted* from last night) 1-1/4 mile (2km) 10:15

pammiejoe6 Sat, Jun-11-05 22:32


Pammie-- want to join us? :)

why the hell not...heheheeeee

lets see....waist is 36...hips are 46....hehe good gawd!! good thing i like ya'll....didnt really like this measuring tonight...LMAO

ok so in 5 weeks i would like to be 35 waist and at LEAST 45 in the hips......sheesh louise am i hour glass or WHAT???:lol:

GREAT FREAKING JOB on the workouts spud!

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-11-05 22:55

Interesting. I've never measured myself before tonight! I wear wrangler jeans with (allegedly) a 34 inch waist. The smallest measurement I was able to get around my entire waist *area* was 36! So how do I fit into 34 inch jeans? :confused:

The widest part of my entire belly, just above the navel, was 37, and at the navel was 36-1/2.

Here's wishing all of us the best!!! :hyper:

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-11-05 23:43

Something else cool: I ordered a Tanita scale that reads %BF. That ought to be interesting. The spring scale I have at home says I weigh 175 lbs (nekkid). The digital scale at work used for shipping says I weigh 189 (with clothes).

I doubt very much that my clothes weigh 14 lbs, so one of these scales is off about 10 lbs, hopefully the home one. My goal is to get into the 'obese' range on the BMI scale, but with about 8% bodyfat :)

galatia Sun, Jun-12-05 05:15

Great, Pammie's in ! I hope we are all successful! I know what you mean about pant sizes-- clothes sizing in general is confusing-- in women's clothes, depending on how much you're willing to pay, you will wear anywhere from a 4 to a 12. Now that gets confusing .
But really I just want to see abs.
Yeah....I wanna see abs too-- but on the "off chance" that I don't ....I want something telling me something happened, and hopefully something good . O.K. then we're all set-- measuring has been done, eating plans in place, exercising commencing in earnest .

pammiejoe6 Sun, Jun-12-05 07:04

heheh YAY US!

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-12-05 22:32

Glad to have company in ab misery, girls!!! Let's burn some off! (after today - I already blew it and had too many chips and enchilada suizas at my favorite Mexican Joint this evening. I'll be good from now on - promise!)


Wide grip pullups (I know, it's a Lat exercise - but it *really* hits the biceps hard!): (rapidly) 8,7,6,5,4
Seated twisting curls: 30x10,7,8
Olympic bar curls: 100x1 80x5(f),5(f) 70x8
Hammer curls: 30x10,8,10
1st finisher - cable pulls to face (slow negative): 60x10,10,10
2nd finisher - incline curls: 20x10,10,10

Close grip bench press (rapidly): 170x8 160x7 140x10
Kickbacks: 30x8,8,6
Standing one arm extensions: 20x10,10,8(f)
Lying cross-face extensions: 20x10,10,10
Skull crush/negative bench press combo: 50x10,10,10
Finisher - reverse grip cable press downs: 45x8,10,10

Dumbell wrist curls: 10, 6(f), 5(f)
Reverse dumbell wrist curls: 10,10,7(f)

pammiejoe6 Sun, Jun-12-05 22:40

whohooo way to go dude!

hey im not changing up my workouts since i am only into week 2 of Full Body Fat Loss. but i think after week 3 i will design my own if i can. i am so used to doing a large amount of work when i workout this easy stuff is a little TOO easy ( although the metabolic days are NOT easy)...we'll see how it goes!

BTW spuddy, i had everything deleted "over there" today...its the end of that chapter for me!

talk to you soon!

pammiejoe6 Tue, Jun-14-05 07:03

Pammie! You hot!
:lol: :o

i know you are but what am i?:lol:

awwww youre too sweet babes....thanks for that!

galatia Tue, Jun-14-05 07:22


I already blew it and had too many chips and enchilada suizas at my favorite Mexican Joint this evening. I'll be good from now on - promise!)

Oh wow-- chips and hot sauce.....I LOVE mexican cuisine. Yes, I know you said enchilada suizas, but my brain took liberties .

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