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IdahoSpud Sun, May-29-05 14:33

Que pasa Pammie? :)

pammiejoe6 Sun, May-29-05 15:07

Originally Posted by IdahoSpud
Que pasa Pammie? :)
oh not too much...just finished my workout and am feeling great!! how bouts you?

IdahoSpud Sun, May-29-05 20:18

Me? I just finished working 15 straight twelve hour days. Right now I'm feeling a little drained... Like I just ran a marathon but never got the reward of crossing a finish line anywhere :)

pammiejoe6 Sun, May-29-05 20:49

Originally Posted by IdahoSpud
Me? I just finished working 15 straight twelve hour days. Right now I'm feeling a little drained... Like I just ran a marathon but never got the reward of crossing a finish line anywhere :)
ewwwwww...well get some rest doll! ill catch up with you soon!

IdahoSpud Mon, May-30-05 23:16

Lower Back and Legs (Hi Pammie!)

Going a little light - it's been a couple of weeks since I was able to lift. Been on induction-level carbs to attempt to get a little cutting in while unable to lift. I have some very stubborn little love handles. The ultra LC seems to be working, as I've noticed some improved definition, so far mostly in the arms and legs. I think I'll keep up the LC for a while, although it's definitely affected my strength.

Good Mornings: 180x10,10,10

Squats: 200x10,10,10
Wide stance squats: 230x10,10,10
Walking lunges: 10,10,10
Finisher - Leg extensions: 120x10,10,10 - kewl, had veins popping out on my lower quads, and could actually see the muscle fibers twitching!

Standing Barbell calf raises on plates: 180x10 200x10 180x10
Seated dumbell calf raises on plates (per leg): 100x10,10,5(f)

Straight leg deadlifts: 230x10 180x10,10
Pelvic Lift, knees and feet together, with 80lb plates: 10,10,10
Pelvic Lift, knees and feet apart, with 80lb plates: 10,10,10
Hamstring curls: 70x10,10,10
Side leg lifts with 10lb ankle weights: 10,10,10

pammiejoe6 Tue, May-31-05 21:37

well hang in there!!

do whatever makes you feel the best! i cant stand to do LC too often anymore, although i know its the fastest way to lose weight for me. i guess its all a give and take huh?

way to go on the workout spudinsky!! heheeeee

talk to you soon!!

IdahoSpud Tue, May-31-05 23:11

Heya Pammie! Thanks for dropping by ;) I hear you about going full on LC. Gives me killer headaches, but the definition I'm getting is totally worth it! Another month or two (certainly by the time bathing suit season is over) I'll be ripped! Hahahaha :)

Tonight, Delts and abs (still staying a little light):

Lateral Raises: 20x10,10,6(f)
DB Front Raises: 25x10,8 20x10
Bent over lateral raises: 25x10,9 20x10
Barbell upright rows: 110x10,8,8
DB Presses: 25x10,10,8(f)
Finisher - Arnold Presses: 25x10,10

Dragon Flags: 5,5,5
Bicycle crunches: 15,15,15
Oblique sit-ups: 15,15,15
Ab roller extensions: 10,10,10

1-1/4 mile run: 9:00

IdahoSpud Thu, Jun-02-05 09:05

Wimped out yesterday. Too tired to run or work out (a damn shame because it was arm day). Rest is important as well I suppose... *sigh*

pammiejoe6 Thu, Jun-02-05 21:59

yup rest really is important hun! no worries!!

hey what are dragon flags?

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-03-05 00:09

Yep, I'm darn glad I did rest. Wouldn't have had as good a workout as I did tonight if I hadn't!

Arms (still light - I'll hit it a little harder on the next split).

Seated twisting curls: 25x10,10,10
Barbell Curls: 60x10,10,7(f)
Hammer curls: 25x10,10,10
1st finisher - Cable pulls to the face (narrow grip): 50x10,10,10
2nd finisher - Incline curls: 20x5 15x10,10

Close grip bench press: 130x10 150x10,9
Kickbacks: 25x10,10,10
standing one arm extensions: 15x10,10,10
Combination skull crusher/negative bench press: 50x10,10 40x10
lying Cross face extensions: 15x10,10,10
finisher - reverse grip pressdown: 35x10,10,10

Dumbell reverse wrist curls:15x10,10,10
Dumbell wrist curls: 25x10,10,10

Cardio: 2.5 miles 20:55

Stardust Fri, Jun-03-05 01:43

Wow, you are working hard and it's paying off. I looked in your gallery and your daughter is a beauty.

Maybe we'll meet up in the chatroom again.

See ya

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-04-05 08:08

Heya Stardust (ex-neighbor!) thanks for stopping by my gym log and checking out the pix in my gallery! Yeah, Grace is a cutie - but that's just because she's adopted and doesn't share my DNA :)

I had planned on doing a little chatting from work, but the phone and internet are down over the weekend. Talk about a droll night shift! I did manage to get my truck washed however... :)

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-05-05 08:21

Chest, Upper back, Abs:

Incline Bench Press: 130x10,10 110x13(f)
Decline Bench Press: 130x11,12,12
Flat flyes: 40x7 30x8(f),10
Decline dip-pushups: 10,8,10

One Arm dumbell rows: 100x10 (a co-worker suggested substituting pull-ups instead, thus only one set of these)
Bent over Barbell rows: 130x8 110x10,10
Wide grip pullups to back of neck: 7,5,4 +4 assisted. Difficult exercise. I hate it! But I'll be doing more...
Finisher - lying straight arm pullovers: 40x10,10,10

Dumbell "21" shrugs: (7 forward rotations, 7 reverse rotations, 7 straight shrugs: 30x21,21,21
Plate shrugs: 45lb x 10,10,10

Decline situp with 25 lb plate: 10,10,10
Dragon flags: 5,5,5,5
Reverse crunch with 10lb ankle weights: 20,20,20
Oblique situps: 15,15,15
Ab roller extensions: 10,10,10

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-05-05 21:24

Man oh man are my lats sore! I've never had DOMS like this in my lats... they've always grown, but they've never been sore like this. Who would have thought a few pullups would unleash such soreness? I can hardly wait to do some more!

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-05-05 23:21

Lower Back and Legs (ugh!)

Good Mornings: 200x10,10,10

Squats: 220x10,10,10
Wide stance squats: 250x10,10,10
Walking Lunges w/40 lbs (per leg): 10,10,10

Barbell calf raises, toes on plate: 220x10 200x10,10
Seated Dumbell calf raises: Dumbell on knee, toes on plate (per leg): 100x10,10,10

Straight leg deadlifts: 250x10,10,10
Pelvic lift, knees & feet together, with weight on pelvis: 100x10,10,10
Pelvic lift, knees & feet apart, with weight on pelvis: 100x10,10,10
Lying side leg lift with 10lb ankle weights: 10,10,10

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