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IdahoSpud Wed, Aug-10-22 21:42

Doing this from memory - which is getting sketchy these days :)

Shoulders and Cardio
Dumbbell side raises: 7lbx10,10,10
Dumbbell front raises 7lbx10,10,10
Bent-over Dumbbell side raises: 10lbx10,10,10

Barbell military press (bare bar): 40lbx7. Nope, delts were already spanked pretty bad from the first exercises.

Arnold presses (after a rest): 20lbx10, 15lbx5, 10lbx7

Reverse crunches: 15,12

Side bridge holds: 20sec, 15sec

Cardio Elliptical - easiest setting
1.5 miles, 12 minutes, avg heart rate 168. Not bad for an old guy.

IdahoSpud Thu, Aug-11-22 21:24

Hammer curls: 15lbx10,10,10
Standing dumbbell tricep extensions: 15lbx10,10,10
Lying cross face extensions: 10lbx10,10,10
Concentration Curls: 15lbx10,10,10

Wrist curls 15lbx10,10,10
Reverse wrist curls 10lbx10,10,10

Elliptical, easiest setting
2 miles, time 15:33, Avg Heart rate 167

IdahoSpud Fri, Aug-12-22 03:28

Cardio; 1:30 AM (at work)
walk for 2 miles. 31:35. avg speed 3.8 miles/hr.

IdahoSpud Tue, Aug-16-22 21:03

Elliptical 2 miles. 14:55 Avg heart rate 156

IdahoSpud Wed, Aug-17-22 21:00

Chest back abs
Wide grip bench press: 90x10,10,10
Landmine Rows: 50x10,10,10
Plate shrugs 45x15,15,15
flat sit ups 10,10,10

elliptical easiest setting
2 miles,
time 15:15,
Heart rate 168

IdahoSpud Thu, Aug-18-22 21:31

Leg day
Deadlifts: 130lbx10,10,10
Single leg calf raises: 16,12,15
Good Mornings: 90lbx10,10,10
Leg extensions: 50lbx12,12,12
Hamstring curls: 35lbx10,10,10
Pelvic lifts feet together: 10,10,10
Pelvic lifts feet apart: 10,10,10

Cardio/Core (over with very quickly, LOL)
Clean and press bare bar (40 lb)
20 reps, time 1:23, Heart rate 146. Figured I should quit because shoulders are tomorrow
Elliptical 5 min. 0.6 miles Heart rate 161

leg day is pretty cardio intense anyway, so not much cardio after.

IdahoSpud Sun, Aug-21-22 09:19

Yesterday: Shoulders, abs, cardio
dumbbell front raises: 10lbx10,5 7lbx5
dumbbell side raises: 10lbx10,5 7lbx5
dumbbell bent over raises: 15lbx10,5 10lbx5
Arnolds: 15lbx10,10

decline sit ups: 10,5 (too tough, finished flat) 5,10

cardio: Elliptical easiest setting
2.5 miles
time 18:45
heart rate 168

IdahoSpud Sun, Aug-21-22 21:49

DB Hammer curls:20lbx10,10.10
Barbell skull crushers: 30lbx10,10,10
DB cross face extensions: 15lbx10,10,10
Barbell Curls: 30lbx10,10,10

Finisher, triceps: Narrow grip bench press bare bar 40lbx20
finisher biceps: concentration curls: 10lbx20

Wrist curls 15lbx15,12,10
Reverse wrist curls 10lbx15,12,10

IdahoSpud Wed, Aug-24-22 16:23

Chest, Back, Abs
Wide Grip Barbell bench press: 110lbx10 90lbx8,5 (triceps fail)
Dumbbell flyes, decline, flat, incline: 20lbx10 each
Cable lat pulldowns: 100lbx10,10 80lbx10
Plate shrugs: 45x15,15,15
One arm dumbbell rows: 30x10,10,10
Flat sit ups: 12,10,10

1 mile, 7:27 min
Heart rate 165 avg.

IdahoSpud Fri, Aug-26-22 11:09

Yesterday was leg day - picking things up to the point of day-after soreness. Chest and back are a bit tender from the previous workout

So yesterday:

Good Mornings: 110lbx10,10,10
One leg standing calf raises: 60 of them. 10,10,10,10,10,10
Dumbbell squats with 30 lb dumbbells: 60lbx10,10,10 (I think I will be doing these from now on instead of Barbell squats. Safer and easier on this old bod.
Deadlifts: 140lbx10,10,10 serious cardio. heart pump
Hamstring curls: 40lbx10,10 35lbx10
Sitting leg extensions: 90lbx10, 80lbx10, 70lbx7(to failure)
Lying pelvic lift, knees and feet together: 10,10,10
Lying pelvic lift, knees and feet spread: 10,10,10
Lying side leg lifts: 15

IdahoSpud Fri, Aug-26-22 21:19

Shoulders, Cardio

Dumbbell front raises 10lb x10
Dumbbell side raises 10lb x10
Bent over dumbbell side raises 15lb x10

Military barbell press, bare bar (40lb) 10,10,10 (these did the trick)
Arnold presses (finisher): 15lb x4,7,7,10

Elliptical, easiest setting
2.5 miles, Time 18:19, Avg heart rate 167.

Hahaha just used an online calculator to determine max heart rate at 100% effort. 159. Ooops.

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