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IdahoSpud Tue, Oct-05-04 01:11

Hiya Rachelle, You did all the work, all I did was acknowledge it :)

Tonight: Cardio
2.5 miles (4 km) in 24 minutes. A new personal record!!!

The ugly truth about the record: That's the *longest* it's ever taken me to go 2.5 miles.

That's OK though. I just got off night shift this morning, slept about 5 hours, then wandered around the remainder of the day in a sleep-deprived haze. That's just how I get my body-clock back to daylight hours.

The fact that I ran at all was mostly sheer stupidity and determination.

Oh yeah, the Air Quality Index was at 137, I think in LA they'd call it a Stage 1 smog alert. It certainly felt like I was sucking in tailpipe fumes. Definitely stupidity then! Tomorrow... Arms!

And holy cow! My inner glutes and hams are sore today. Pecs are *still* sore from the last chest workout too. Nothing but a walking mass of discomfort :) The price of progress!

IdahoSpud Tue, Oct-05-04 19:44

Broke down and went to see a Dr. today about that finger. They took X-rays, and yup, it snapped just beyond the last knuckle. Damn it!

She gave me a splint and a prescription painkiller. How the heck am I supposed to lift with a splint? Guess it'll have to come off for a bit...

IdahoSpud Thu, Oct-07-04 00:52

Arms, Shoulders, Abs:

Dumbell Lateral Raises: 20x10,8,7
Dumbell Front Raises: 20x10,10,10 (yay! first three full sets at this weight!)
Dumbell Bent over Lateral Raises: 20x10,10,10
Barbell Upright Rows: 90x10,10,10
Arnold Presses: 20x10,10,10

Preacher Curls: 50x10,10,7 (failure)
Hammer curls: 20x10,10,10 (need to go up 5 lbs)
Concentration Curls (very slow and deliberate): 15x10,10,8 (failure)
Finish with a set of 21s at 30 lb.

Cross face extension: 20x10,10,10
Flat narrow grip bench press: 90x10,10,10 (need to go up 20lb)
Skull Crushers: 70x5 (too much), 60x10, 50x10,10

Wrist Curls: 50x10,10,7 (failure)
Reverse Wrist Curls: 50x6 40x10,10

Crunches: 20,20,20
Bicycle Crunches: 20,20,20
Oblique Sit-ups: 20,20,20
Ab Roller extensions: 15,15,15

IdahoSpud Thu, Oct-07-04 23:28

Cardio tonight:

2.5 Miles (4km) in 21:35. I set no record tonight - either slow or fast :)

The air quality index is a tangy-tasting 147, due to ozone. If I continue doing cardio in this air, I'll soon have lungs of leather. Good for upholstery later on perhaps... :)

IdahoSpud Fri, Oct-08-04 15:47

Oh lovely... managed to screw up my left achilles tendon while running in the smog last night. I'm getting old and falling apart!!!! :)

IdahoSpud Sat, Oct-09-04 14:19

Chest & Upper Back:

Dips: 10,10,7,rest,10
Flyes: 40x10,7,5(failure),rest,5(failure)
Wide grip decline pushups: 10,10,6(failure),rest,5(failure)

One Arm Dumbell Rows: 100x8,6,5(failure)
T-Bar Rows: 145x10,10,10

Shrugs: 180x10,10,10

Dumbell Standing external rotation: 10x10,10,10
Dumbell Lying external rotation: 10x10,10
Dumbell Lying internal rotation: 20x10,10,10

Forgot my exercise mat, so no ab work right now. I'll take care of that when I get home tonight.

IdahoSpud Sat, Oct-09-04 22:57


Crunches: 20,20,20
Reverse Crunches w/ankle weights: 30,30,30
Crossover Crunches: 20,20,20
Side Bridges: 90secx3
Ab Roller extensions: 15,15,15

Tried to go for a run but the achilles started twanging. Stopped after 1 minute.

IdahoSpud Mon, Oct-11-04 00:22

Legs, Butt and Low Back... and holy cow are my glutes sore!

Squats: 210x10,10,10 160x10
Wide Stance Squats: 160x10 210x10,10 160x10
Lunges: 100x8,8,6,4 (new max weight)
Leg extensions: 120x10,10,8

Barbell Calf Raises: 160x10 180x10,10,10

Pelvic Lift, Knees together w/100 lb: 15,12,12 (new max weight)
Pelvic Lift, Knees apart w/100 lb: 15,12,12
Straight Leg Deadlifts: 230x10,10,10 210x10
Side leg lifts w/ankle weights: 10,10,10

Hamstring Curls: 85x10,10,4(failure)

Good Mornings: 170x10,10,10

Interesting... while doing the second set of leg extensions, I felt a twinge in my lower stomach muscle. Then on the next rep, *something* gave. Muscle tear? I dunno... Not the exercise you'd normally think of injuring a stomach muscle, hmmm.

liftnlady Mon, Oct-11-04 09:02

hey Spud thanks for the well wishes in my journal...100 lb lunges no wonder your butt is sore....eeeesssssshhhh !!

IdahoSpud Tue, Oct-12-04 22:11

Hahaha lift'n. It felt like I'd had a tetanus shot in each cheek the last couple of days, and I was walking like it too! :)

No exercise last night. Needed a full eight hours sleep. Today was rough at work - one of our three person crew at the power plant was out sick, right when we had one of the units down. I worked my arse off all day opening and closing big valves, unbolting doors, climbing up and down platforms, and walking all over the plant.

So - no workout tonight either :( Must... rest... now... Arms tomorrow. Bicep blasting anyone?

IdahoSpud Thu, Oct-14-04 00:31

Shoulders and Arms. Decided to blast the entire upper body - skipped abs because all that took so long. Abs and cardio tomorrow then.

Lateral Raises: 20x10,10,10 15x8,6(failure)
Front Raises: 20x10,10,10 15x8,6(failure)
Bent Over Raises: 20x10,10,10,10,10
Arnold Presses: 20x10,10,10,10,10
Barbell Upright Rows: 110x10,8,8 90x10,10

Curls: 70x10 50x10,10,10,10,6(failure)
Hammer Curls: 20x10,10,10,10,8(failure),6(failure)
Reverse Curls: 40x10,10,10,10,8(failure),6(failure)
Concentration Curls: 15x10,8,6(failure),6(failure) 10x10,8(failure)
Set of 21s at 40lbs

Wrist Curls: 60x10,10,10,10,7(failure)
Reverse Wrist Curls: 40x10,10,8,7,7

Cross-face extensions: 20x10,10,10 15x10,9(failure)
Skull Crushers: 50x10,10,10 40x10,10
Kick-Backs: 30x10 25x10,10 20x10,10
Bench Presses: 130x10 110x10,10,10,10

IdahoSpud Fri, Oct-15-04 04:50

That blasting session *really* put a hurt on my biceps. Shoulders and Triceps are sore as well, but not as tender. Seeing better definition almost every day now as the BF thins out!

Morning walk: Dropped my truck off for detailing and walked home - 4 miles.

Cardio: 2.5 miles (4 km) 21:45

Crunches: 20,20,20
Bicycle Crunches: 20,20,20
Oblique Sit-ups: 20,20,20
Ab roller extensions: 15,15,15

Injuries update:
I was concerned about working the abs after I felt that muscle tear the other night. I did notice a slight twinge in the abs, but it wasn't really painful, just an odd sensation. I think it'll be OK.

The broken finger has, for the most part, stopped hurting - except when I bang it against something or when I forget and try to lift something heavy. I've not worn the splint for a couple of days now. I'll pay dearly for that if the finger gets whacked again :) It's still pretty swollen though, and looks like it's going to heal with a little bend in it.

Achilles tendons are stiff from last night's run, but don't feel too sore. If my bi's and tri's are still tight and hurting tonight, perhaps I'll go for another run instead of working the chest/back.

Shoulder Joint pain comes and goes. Old rotator cuff injuries are nasty. Some days lifting my arm to get a glass from the cupboard is insanely painful. Other days, nothing. It may be time to have this repaired.

IdahoSpud Sun, Oct-17-04 00:41

I intended to work out tonight, but I'm feeling extremely lethargic, and my arms are still just a little sore and stiff from the blasting I gave them a couple of nights ago. So it'll have to wait one more night...

IdahoSpud Tue, Oct-19-04 04:26

I'm debating about whether or not to take a week or two off from lifting, and just doing some cardio. I'm starting to feel worn out, and the big-time lifters all say you must take a break now and then.

It's also become more difficult to have a positive attitude about exercising. So I think it's best to take a breather instead of completely burning out! Comments are invited... Do I keep going or take a short break?

Chipperoo Tue, Oct-19-04 10:13

Hey dude, I'm a big believer in a week off every 8-12 weeks. It definitely hasn't hurt me. And yes, I think it's a good idea when you're feeling like you are to take some time off. If I were you, at your bodyfat level, I would NOT do much cardio during that time either, you don't need it that bad and it's a good idea to give it all a rest. Maybe just 2 or 3 LIGHT sessions during the week.

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