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galatia Mon, Sep-13-04 05:47

Hi....your workouts look really good. And if I were going to suggest a shoulder movement it would be Arnies too. :)

IdahoSpud Mon, Sep-13-04 06:12

Hiya Galatia!
Thanks for dropping in again, and thanks for your vote of confidence in my workout. I was *so* happy trying the Arnies out. My rotator cuff was really painful, and when that happens I can't do dumbell front raises and lateral raises at all. Therefore I was looking at no deltoid workout, and forget about shocking them.

The arnies were painless in that respect... Not so painless in the delts!

caverjen Mon, Sep-13-04 07:15

Thanks for the compliment in my journal! Hey, I NEVER thought my abs would be flat. I even had a trainer tell me it was a lost cause. Low carbing helps a ton, as does Pilates. Traditional abs exercises just work the rectus abdominus, which will give you a 6-pack but not flatten the abs. Your work-out program looks awesome! I assume you are doing a bulk now? I used to run stairs at work too, HIIT style. I had to stop when they threatened to drag me off to the psych ward!


IdahoSpud Mon, Sep-13-04 07:51

Hiya Caverjen,

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. You had a trainer tell you that it was a lost cause, and you still got your abs to show? Wow, I'm even more impressed than I was! You're my hero!!!

LC and Pilates did the trick, though? I've done LC but don't know anything about Pilates. Guess I'll have to read up on it a bit. Right now I'm actually cutting with an EC stack, while trying to maintain/gain a little muscle mass. So far so good.

As far as the stairs at work, I like to do that on night shift, when it's cool and nobody can see me turning green! :)

IdahoSpud Tue, Sep-14-04 02:27

Nothing tonight. I had thought to do some cardio running up the boiler stairs. Unfortunately the glutes are still sore from the lunges on Sunday night. What a burn, yeeehaw!

IdahoSpud Wed, Sep-15-04 02:48

Short and sweet tonight: :)

Dips: 10,10,5 (failure)
Flyes: 30x10,8,8
Wide decline pushups 10,6,4 (failure)

One-arm dumbell Rows: 90x8,8,8
T-Bar Row: 130x10,10,10 (loss of form)

Crunch 20,20,20
Reverse Crunch w/15 lb: 20,20,20
Crossover Crunch: 20,20,20
Side Bridges: 3x90second hold
Ab Roller: 15,15,15

Cardio this evening, perhaps. Coming off night shift in a couple of hours, and it'll depend on how much rest I get today.

EDIT: Went ahead and ran up and back down the boiler five times 12:21. Brutal... and yet, cardio on the clock is better than cardio off the clock, hahaha.

galatia Wed, Sep-15-04 07:14

Hi. Thanks for telling me what your experience with Creatine has been. I have some things coming up the next few weeks that I don't want to be fat or feel bad for, so I plan to go back to, at least finishing off what Creatine I have, in the middle of October.
I can't believe how bloated it has made me, and it doesn't seem to be going away too quickly either . Well, we are bracing for Ivan today, so I need to go so I can worry properly :rolleyes: . Talk to you later.

IdahoSpud Thu, Sep-16-04 00:22

I tried to be a good boy and work legs tonight, but...

I started a set of squats and realized that my quads were still pretty tender from last night's boiler climbing, and that I was physically overall tired from coming off night shift and only sleeping 5 hours today. Felt weak and lethargic...

Decided to rest up a bit and work the big muscles tomorrow. Feeling guilty...

IdahoSpud Thu, Sep-16-04 23:19

Legs and Butt: (blasting the calves)

Squats: 230x10, 255x10,10 (need to buy more plates for this already)
Lunges: 80x10,8,6
Leg Extensions: 120x10,8,9

Good Mornings: 160x10,10 170x10

Single Leg Calf Raises - body weight 170 + 80 lb dumbell: 15,13,10. With 60 lb dumbell: 10,10,10,10

Glute pushups knees together w/80 lb plate: 15,15,15
Glute pushups knees apart w/80 lb plate: 15,15,15
Side leg lift w/10lb angle weight: 15,12,10
Hamstring curls: 85x10,8,5 (failure)
Deadlifts: 210x10, 230x8,8 there I was earlier tonight, outside, laying flat on my back between sets of glute pushups. Staring straight up at the constellation Cygnus, and wondering why in the world I'm doing this to myself...

IdahoSpud Fri, Sep-17-04 13:21

Aw heck... I finished showering after exercise at about 11:00PM last night. Had to get up for work at 4:00 AM. Unfortunately my body still thought I was on night shift, and I couldn't sleep. I got maybe two hours. Currently operating a 500 megawatt power plant in a fog of sleep deprivation. Hey, at least it isn't a nuke :)

Don't think I'm going to work arms tonight! I think I'll go directly to bed instead. Arms tomorrow...

IdahoSpud Sat, Sep-18-04 14:19

Shoulders and Arms:

Lateral Raises: 20x8,6 15x6
Front Raises: 20x8,6, 15x7
Bent over Lateral Raises: 20x8,6 15x6
Barbell Upright Raises: 90x8,6,7
Arnold Presses: 20x8,8 15x10

Wrist Curls: 60x10,10,10

Decided to add these in because my rotator cuffs have always been painful, and much more so since I began lifting.
Dumbell lying external rotation: 5x10,10,8
Dumbell lying internal rotation: 15x10,10,10

Curls: 60x8 50x10,6 (failure)
Hammer Curl 20x10,10,10
Reverse Curls: 50x8,6,4
Concentration Curls: 20x 8,6,4
Finish - 21s at 35lb

Cross-Face extension: 20x10,8,6 (failure)
Skull Crushers: 50x10,10,7 (failure. Result: Skull crushed. Hopefully that'll help explain away some of my future behavior)

Crunches: 20,20,20
Bicycle Crunches: 20,20,20
Oblique sit-ups: 20,20,20
Ab roller: 20,15,15

Must've blasted the delts pretty good because I was shaky and it hurt getting a glass out of the cupboard just now.

J.K. Sun, Sep-19-04 16:28

Must've blasted the delts pretty good because I was shaky and it hurt getting a glass out of the cupboard just now.
We should help each other. This is the way I feel trying to pull myself up into my truck after doing legs.. lol

Thanks for the drive-by, Mike. As always, good to see ya, and thanks for the support. Delts have actually been on my mind lately. It's pretty easy for me to work the front and mid, but a bit difficult to work the rear. Problem isolating. But at least I'm workin on it.

Anyway - nice to see you rocking along. Again, thanks for stopping by.

And cheers!

IdahoSpud Mon, Sep-20-04 23:44

Chest and Upper Back:

Dips: 10,10,6 (failure-tricep)
Wide grip decline pushups: 10,10,7 (failure-tricep)
Flyes: 35x10,7 30x7 (new max weight)

One arm dumbell rows: 90x8,8,8,8
T-Bar Row: 145x10,10,10 (new max)
Lat Pulldowns 120x10,7,5

Crunch: 20,20
Crossover Crunch: 20,20
Reverse Crunch: 30,30
Side Bridges: 90secx2
Ab Roller: 20,20

Finally beginning to get some results in the stomach!!! A hint of vertical cut is beginning to show! Six-pack by Christmas, maybe??? Sooner, if I get off my butt and do a little cardio now and then...

IdahoSpud Thu, Sep-23-04 07:14

Skipped working out the past two nights after work - feeling very tired this week , and felt that rest was more important. I covered a co-worker's vacation and am currently working my 7th straight 12 hour shift. Tomorrow is the last one!!!

This week & weekend I found it impossible to get up at 4:00 AM for work, get home at 6:30 PM, spend time with the family, and then attempt a workout. I usually finish showering at 10:30-11:00 PM, which only leaves 5 hours for sleep. It's one thing to do lose a little sleep when I only have to work 4-5 shifts; it's altogether another thing when I have to work eight in a row.

My little girl is getting clingy too - when I'm home, she constantly hugs my knees tight... she doesn't know too many words yet, but I think she's telling me that I'm working too much.

IdahoSpud Thu, Sep-23-04 23:13

Legs, low back and butt:

Quick and dirty

Squats: 210x10, 230x10, 250x10
Leg Extensions (3 sec holds): 120x10,10,10

Good Mornings: 160x10,10,10

Dead Lifts: 210x10,10,10
Side leg lifts w/10 lb weights: 15,15,15
Hamstring Curls (new max): 85x10,8,5 (failure)

Calf raises w/barbell: 210x10,10,10 (ouch)

Skipped glute pushups to shave a little time off for sleep. Tomorrow is my last shift. That means tomorrow night I'm going to shred the triceps and maybe forearms too. And then I'm going to have a glorious late sleep! :) At this point, any time beyond 6:00 AM would be considered a good night's rest.

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