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pammiejoe6 Wed, Jun-15-05 17:49

hehheeh gawd i had chips last night with salsa...YUMMMMMMMMM:lol:

IdahoSpud Thu, Jun-16-05 05:46

Hi Galatia and Pammie! Since we seem to have a Mexican theme going here, Que Pasa?

I've missed two workouts. Work has been pretty physical lately - I work in a power plant and we've just started up after a month of downtime for repairs.

Nothing worked right! We'd get one unit up and the other would trip. Did lots of running up to the top of the boilers and turned a lot of *big* long-winded valves.

Yesterday I was told to be in an hour early, so I set my alarm clock to wake me at 3:00 AM instead of 4:00. I was in a zombie state because my daughter had a nightmare at 1:30, and I couldn't sleep afterwards. Head was spinning around and around about work.

My shoulers ache. I think they're inflammed again. Hopefully the naproxen should knock that down before workout tonight. Thankfully I got a full night's rest.

BTW the Tanita scale arrrived. Yesterday it said I was 182lb and 11.8% BF, and this morning it sais 180 and 14.5% BF. Looks like BF is difficult to measure properly.

galatia Thu, Jun-16-05 07:26


BTW the Tanita scale arrrived. Yesterday it said I was 182lb and 11.8% BF, and this morning it sais 180 and 14.5% BF. Looks like BF is difficult to measure properly.

Yes.....I have a little Sportline bodyfat calculator-- I've read how it works-- something to do with hydration in your muscles vs fat-- huummmm, I forgot exactly what I did read :confused: -- but I have it in my mind that I should use the calculator in the morning after drinking a good bit of water, but before eating. How do you use yours?

IdahoSpud Thu, Jun-16-05 09:53

Originally Posted by galatia
I have it in my mind that I should use the calculator in the morning after drinking a good bit of water, but before eating. How do you use yours?

I've only gotten on it twice so far, so I'm not certain yet! It's likely that I'll do what I've always done though: Just get out of bed, go potty, and hop on it. At least the initial conditions will be fairly consistent. They may all be *wrong*, but they'll be consistent!

galatia Thu, Jun-16-05 16:27

self diagnosis...
I'll tell you what I think I did. I've been doing a lot of hanging from the high rack by my hands-- and I think I must have strained my wrists and right at my elbows. If I just twist my hands it really hurts, but if there is weight bearing down on them, they don't hurt :confused:. I am, however, glad they don't hurt when there's weight bearing down on them. I just really have to be quick with momentum getting them into position. :)

pammiejoe6 Thu, Jun-16-05 17:07

ouch girl! hope it feels better!!

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-17-05 08:22

Exhausted again :( No workout last night again :(

At work I got some exercise though - moved a lot of 55 gallon drums around, cleaned up the oil storage area, and came home stinking like diesel fuel and waste oil (lovely thought). The wife made me undress in the garage and go directly to the shower, hahaha.

Shoulda gone to college. I could've been the MBA who keeps saying how overpaid I am... Naw. I *hate* accounting. And MBAs!

pammiejoe6 Fri, Jun-17-05 13:27

get some rest spud!!:lol:

FabByFifty Fri, Jun-17-05 20:43

Thanks for visiting my Gym Log! and Hey if you have any suggestion for me, I am all ears and need all the help I can get!
Thanks alot for the support Mark! :) ;)

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-17-05 23:17

Heya Brenda! Thanks for stopping by here as well. We're all here to help one another, right? You go girl! I'll look your routine over, but since Galatia already commented, I'll defer to her... she rocks! :)

Tonight's workout - Chest, Upper Back, Abs:

Wide Grip Bench press (rapidly, so my spotter could leave) 180x5 160x6 140x10 120x10,6
Incline Flyes: 35x 10,7,8
Forward leaning dips: 10,10,10
Decline Flyes: 35x8,8,5(f)
Decline wide pushups: 8,8,6(f)

Pullups (rapidly): 8,7,6,4(f),4
One arm dumbell rows: 100x8,8,8
Bent over barbell rows: 110x8,8,8
1st finisher - lying straight arm pullovers: 50x10,10,10
2nd finisher - Wide grip lat pulldowns, slow releases: 120x8,8,5(f)

Barbell shrugs: 210x10,10,10
Plate shrugs (7 shrugs, 7 forward shoulder rolls, 7 reverse shoulder rolls) 45lb.
Barbell cleans: 60x10 70x10,8,8

Dragon flags (rapidly): 10,7,6,4,3
Reverse crunches w/ankle weights: 20,20,20
Oblique situps: 15,15,15
Ab roller extensions: 12,12,12

Feeling much less strong lately. I guess that's due to the low blood sugar levels from eating LC again. On the other hand, I'm getting much better definition and beginning to lose that 'muscular but soft' look. We'll see what things look like in another month - right Galatia and Pammie? :)

galatia Sat, Jun-18-05 06:42

Thanks for the tip on painkillers. I hope I don't have to resort to that, but if I do, at least I'll know where to start. And please feel free to help Brenda all you want-- believe me-- you're not stepping on my toes. The more input a person gets, the more likely they are to find what works for them. Like you say-- we're all just trying to reach our goals and, if we can, help others to reach theirs :). I get paid the same either way ;). I keep wishing someone could take control of me and tell me exactly what I should be doing. And then, of course they'd have to move in with me and force me to do it :D! It's an impossible job :rolleyes:. Sounds like I'm going to have try harder this week if I'm to keep up with you. I do so well 90% of the time-- it's that 10% that's keeping me down. Well we're at the end of the week now, tomorrow starts a brand new week with no mistakes-- ARE WE READY!!? yes :rolleyes:.

pammiejoe6 Sat, Jun-18-05 06:58

im ready im ready! heheheeee

im relaxing today and tomorrow but MONDAY...MONDAY i am kicking into high gear folks....gotta get this 14lbs off me so i can be back in onederland! whohoooooooo! hehehheheeeee

race ya!

FabByFifty Sat, Jun-18-05 07:29

Good Morning IdahoSpud!
I hope that you have a wonderful Saturday!
Debbie was just in my gym log giving advise about a diet while lifting.
Her advise was to ask you! :)
So, I am. I am on Atkins right now, but am getting a lot of No's with the low carb intake while lifting.
If you can help with this, or have any suggestions I would really appriciate it.

Thanks and have a WONDERFUL DAY! :)

pammiejoe6 Sat, Jun-18-05 08:14

BTW Happy Father's Day tomorrow hun!

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-18-05 20:38

LOL! I'm *so* glad that none of us are certain we have all the answers, and assume that they'll work for everyone...

A little humility goes a long ways, and humility seems to be in very short supply among people discussing exercise and diet, if you know what I mean! :)

Brenda, when I have a few moments later tonight, I'll share a little of what I've learned (mostly the hard way, hahaha) with you, Kay?

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