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izzyfit Wed, Aug-29-18 16:04

hello Janet and Maral (Lisa?) I started a new thread for the month of September but I guess we were not allow to start a new thread :(

Janet I do hope you are feeling better today. Drink lots of cranberry juice, I heard is good for bladder infection.

Where are you ladies from? I am from Colombia but I live in Orlando, FL and if you use Instagram, you can find me as izzydreams

Hope you all are having a great week!

maral427 Wed, Aug-29-18 16:21

Izzy congratulations on the amazing weight loss! You are doing fantastic!!!!

Janet i am in!!I am totally in for a healthier and lighter end of the year!!!I agree. There are times I am bad with exercise but I know it is better to exercise than not!!

Hope you all are having a great day. Will check in again soon!

janetkind Wed, Aug-29-18 16:51

Hi Girls.
Today went to y and I walked 4.5 miles.
My calaries today will end at 960
Tomorrow will do 4.5 miles.
I need after I get this bladder infection over with. I will get into ab crushes and some weights?
IJust have to see how this will all work out on getting those sauna in. I love them.
I should get walking here at home out side ~ on tredmil
That way I can use the sauna and steam room.
I have everything here. But u know how that goes.
Izzy are you on on. seeing what we can pull off for this year.{End is near.ha

What kind of thread was you thinking?
On exersice that is hard part to stay with. But hey if we do not will seem to Spread out.ha
Have a good night.

janetkind Thu, Aug-30-18 13:08

Hi .
Still doing good.One more day of this month.
And Sept. we start again{Only better.
Going to walk .
South beach> Is high protien, low carbs and low fat.
. Are you doing straight by book/ I now think that low fat is not good or healthy.{Maybe limit to save cals? But Is it not better and healthier to add healthy fats[Just have to limit .
How about adding veggie burgars,and Nut milks?
How about learner meats?

maral427 Thu, Aug-30-18 20:49

Hi janet- it might help you to read the sticky up on top about the plan and South beach diet food lists for each phase. My favorite things I seem to eat are lean meats such as boneless skinless chicken breast, tilapia, salmon, tuna, lean ground turkey or ground beef. I also can eat beans and I regularly have Morningstar farms veggie burgers. Your fatsinclude healthy fats such as olive oils. Unsweetened almond milk is also on the list of things you can enjoy. I regularly have nuts or natural peanut butter as a snack along with a nice variety of veggies. I am not an expert but if you have any questions i would be more than happy to answer them.

izzyfit Fri, Aug-31-18 06:29

Janet, I do pretty similar like Maral described above. I keep my meats to lean cut. I tried to eat grass-fed and organic as much as I can but that is not required. twice a month we eat bacon and we tried to eat regular grass-fed sugar free bacon. I also used Ghee or grass-fed butter on a daily basics to cook my meals (mostly breakfast) other fats I used are extra virgin olive oil, avocado and coconut oil. I am not a fan of avocado but I do eat it once in a while in a homemade guacamole version or in my smoothies.

I do try to limit the quantities, so If I am eating almond butter I would not have avocado. My cooking fats I try to limit just 1tbs per meal. In breakfast I used like 1/2 teaspoon. I do use nut milks in my coffee and sometimes in my smoothies. I do not measure or count that as fat because is more water than nuts what you are consuming.

Another thing you need to keep an eye of is the cheese. You can over eat on cheese and your calories can go really high.

maral427 Fri, Aug-31-18 15:53

Hi janet and izzy!! How are you both doing today?

Izzy I didn't mean to ignore one of your previous posts. I live in Hamburg ny a suburb of buffalo ny. Not too far from where the buffalo bills play. You are so fortunate to live in orlando. I am very jealous. I am a Disney fantatic! I used to go down there yearly. Now prices have increased so substantially that it's been a couple of years. Fiancee and I are planning a trip in the next year or two as I have been seriously missing it.

Janet-what are you up to?

Tomorrow we leave for Washington dc as I have never been. I am charging up my fitbit so over the weekend I probably will be posting steps rather than what I do for exercise. We plan on doing a ton of walking. I called the hotel and they will be serving scrambled eggs among other things. I sauteed some veggies to mix in with my eggs (onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato) and bringing my reduced fat cheese. Also plan on packing some nuts and other things I eat for snacks. We are also packing deli meat and lettuce and protein shakes/v8 juice just in case. I have plans for dinners. Thank God for coolers and hotel fridges. I will be posting my food because I really want to stay on track while on vacation.

Hope you both are doing well!! Please post and let me know how you are doing!!

janetkind Fri, Aug-31-18 19:07

Hi, Girls.
I live in North West Indiana.
I as i read do eat like you both.
I use Avcoado oil And eat 1/4 of a Avco. each day
I eat some times 1/4 nuts.
One serveing of dark Choc. about 45- days aweek. Depends.
All out meats are lean. and I really dont eat much meats. But when I do Grilled chicken breast 4oz. and Tonight we went to Five guys and I got hambugar wraped in letunce leafs.
On peanut butter dont eat much. But Husband does and the natural with oil.
I dont really eat breakfast but do grab boiled eggs 1-2
I love veggie bugars and puthose in salads and good.
We buy alot and most all things when we can find Orgainci.
I do still have every day can soups[I know but I know cals on whole can.
Today walked and jogged 4 miles.
I bet Lisa , You and your man will have a great time and We know how well u have planed on the food. Good for u.
I use in smoothies {We I make them and Yes need to keep doing. I like the cashew milk.1 c.25 cals.
I also eat beans 1/2c.or at times or 1c.[That is when I have no meat.
I also eat berries.
Kinda gives u a picture. I say we are all on same page.
Now Sept.1st have to get busy and also see how much can loose before New year.
If I lose 2-3lbs a month be happy.
Have a great weekend and stay on track. weigh in Sept.1st.

janetkind Sat, Sep-01-18 08:13

Lets get this new month moving down.

maral427 Sat, Sep-01-18 17:50

Hi jane t and izzy! Janet thank you for posting!! Made it to the hotel! Tomorrow we are planning on visiting a s many museums as possible so I will be posting for but steps instead of what I actually did. Did fine on my eating today as well. Tonight I'm going to workout in the hotel fitness center. We were in the car for close to seven hours so not much opportunity to work out.

Speaking of fit bit do either of you have one? was wondering if I could send you ladies a friend request on fitbit. They have races in there and whatnot. Let me know if interested.

Starting phase two tomorrow of South beach diet. I'm a little apprehensive of adding in carbs. Talked to future mother-in-law who has lost 70 to 80 pounds on South beach diet and has kept it off for over a decade. She suggested add whole grain carbs only two servings a week (oatmeal, piece of fruit for example) and the rest of the week eat like I Have been. I'll give it a try and see how I do on the scale.

Have a great evening ladies. Will post soon

izzyfit Sun, Sep-02-18 08:19

Good morning ladies! we are staying home the long weekend, yesterday we took the boys shoe shopping...worse thing ever, they both hate shopping :( Today, the boys are having friends over and I am going shopping for Fall decor. In the evening I need to meal plan so I can go to the grocery store tomorrow and maybe do some meal prep.

Maral- I hope you are enjoying your trip to Washinton, DC. DS2 is planning on going with the school next year on May but we are deciding if we let him go with the school and the 4 of us go as a family during Spring break.
We don't go very often to the parks but we tried at least once every other year, it is way too expensive.

I am so jealous of your dedication. The first time when I did SBD was about 9 years ago and I was very dedicated and motivated. I lost a lot of weight but then I stared to get comfortable and slowly brought all my old habits back and started yoyo dieting. This time it is harder for me to stick to it 100% I just keep making excuses :(

Janet- yes, we are all in the same page :) we need to keep each other accountable. The most important is that we need to keep trying, I know we can do it!

Nemaste Sun, Sep-02-18 10:04


Izzy, so sorry I havenít posted, I thought the thread went dry. So happy to see people posting here.

I havenít been on plan but I have made a commitment to stick to SBD for the next month. After that, I will reevaluate. Iím having such a hard time sticking to any plan but I know this works so as of tomorrow Iím in. I really need to do this! Iím at the point of no return.

janetkind Sun, Sep-02-18 14:27

Welcome Nemaste, So good taht you will join us. As we are all try our best. This month for us ,Is to stay on track, and keep posting. I Was having a hard time and still fighting it. Do not know why>
Also get that body moving. Keep close track this month on eating good foods. And Like I said> Welcome.

maral427 Sun, Sep-02-18 16:09

Hi namaste! So glad you are here!! Welcome!! I look forward to getting to know you and reading your posts!!!

Nemaste Mon, Sep-03-18 03:57

Originally Posted by janetkind
Welcome Nemaste, So good taht you will join us. As we are all try our best. This month for us ,Is to stay on track, and keep posting. I Was having a hard time and still fighting it. Do not know why>
Also get that body moving. Keep close track this month on eating good foods. And Like I said> Welcome.

Thank you Janet. :) Iím committed to staying on plan, although I will remain in phase 1.

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