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janetkind Thu, Aug-23-18 14:41

Hi, Lisa and Izzy.
Today is such a wonderful nice day. Husband and I went for a 3 mile walk.Now that it is cooler out, I'm ging to get going on my walking.
and at least do 4.5 miles.
Then This coming Monday get back to the Ymca{Such a great place.
And Since I should be walking outside till weather gets bad.I can at the Y{Every other day use the sauna and steam room {For Detoxing.
and Also since I do have a gym with tredmil and bike and weights. I can do that here{Home.
Also do at least 2 days a week{Get back in ab crushes.
I was disapointed this morning with scale{Was up 1lb.
And I have been true with cals and types of food. Yesterday cals.1,065. That always throws me off> But since I have both of you girls to report to> I just said DoNot over eat.At some point scale will be good.
And I have week yet before the 1st.
It is never easy is it? No matter how much you have lost or want to.
This year has been the hardest for me yet.
No matter what plan we are on.You have to keep at it.
As we age it gets harder to lose it.So if you are starting or half way there> Keep going or we seems to all find that wrong diet road.
Today was going to make salad but I may just make a Green smoothie and a big one too.
I use plant base protien So we will see.
Izzy You are working hard but do take easy.
Plus when u get your new place intack It will feel so nice.
Do come and keep Lisaand I posted . We are now Diet buddies. and when we fall off{Maybe me I seem to do that.Ha
Just grab hands and pull us along.
Like I said. Any one whom reads our post >Do drop in .Any plan works and as long as we work it and post then we all get healthy and learn and just makes that scale. seem better.

maral427 Thu, Aug-23-18 20:08

Hi janet. I have a silly question. How does steam room and sauna help to detox the body? Please don't bring frustrated with the numbers on the scale. The body's weight normally fluctuates. You are working out eating healthy and taking care of yourself. That is going to show up on the scale in the long run! Keep up the good work and don't give up!! You got this!!

janetkind Fri, Aug-24-18 09:46

Hi Lisa,
On the sauna it is a drier heat.
Detoxing that way or steam will help get rid of the toxin in the body. I go in sauna for 40-60 mins and then in in pool to cool down and if I have time then I try to do 5mins in steam room.
I would love and have thought about buying a sauna for house. But you know how that goes. If u have one how often would I use.ha.
So starting Monday will start going in. Just makes me feel better.
I have talked to Drs. and they said go for it.
But listen to body. As I have been known to go over broad and push myself.
I had my galbladder out in May and that was a surprise.
But doing great.
I take no meds. and aging very well. But I still want to hit on scale 110
I also was into fasting .Few months ago and did 7 day fast[with nothing but water. That was hard plus I did sauna.
Just really pushed.
Now that said. After I had galbladder out I thought maybe I did something beacuse of fasting. I may do if fasting , and see.
ButIm happy with what I have done since 2013 when I strted this road to health and getting body back.
Im small bone and 4ft.11 so weight for me is 90-123lbs.
I was 120 few months ago and then That is were I started to slip{and still having a hard time to get back to 123
Day before scale was 126
Did not weigh yesterday or today. Through yesterday I sliped but not today.
It is hard. Just do not know why now.
You and Lizzy help alot. So with you we can.


izzyfit Fri, Aug-24-18 20:04

Janet, don't stress out too much about the scale, like Maral said the weight fluctuates all the time. Your body could be holding some water and when you less noticed the weight will come off. You are very close to your goal weight and I have read that losing the last few lbs is very hard. You are lucky that your Y has the sauna, ours is small and doesn't have one, the close one with a sauna is like minutes away.

maral427 Sat, Aug-25-18 06:19

Good morning ladies!! Hope you are all having a good morning so far. I have done three weeks on phase one. I have read you can do up to two months on phase one. I am not sure if I want to do phase one for two months. I think I need to read up on it a bit more and look at the foodlists. From my understanding you eat just like phase one but add in a whole grain or piece of fruit once a day to start and then gradually add in more as weeks go on depending on your weightloss. Really need to read up more on this.

janetkind Sat, Aug-25-18 09:21

Lisa, Just listen to body.If You decide to go into the next window of the plan .Just add one thing at a time. and see how that does for 2 weeks. and if not yet u can go back to window 1 for tow weeks and then see and just play around.
But I think u will be fine trying window 2
Also when u add fruits Go for low sugar ones for while. Like berries.

You have really did great. Look how far you have came. Stay with good heahthy foods and choices.

Izzy, Our Y is the best around. Pools sauna and u name it it is there. and classes all u can think of. Track up stairs

It is really nice.
I love the sauna as I have said. Just feel great.
How are u doing? Keep posting. Have to call shor t.

izzyfit Sun, Aug-26-18 15:21

Maral, yes you are correct. Phase 2 you start introducing some carbs, 1 at a time to see if you can tolerate them. In the book tells you which ones are better to start since some of them will raise your insulin and will trigger cravings. What I did before when I first did SBD, after a month on Ph1, I decided to do a mix of PH1 and PH2. this way I continue to see a weigh loss and was able to avoid the triggers. You need to see what works best for you.

izzyfit Mon, Aug-27-18 11:16

Happy Monday, I can't believe that August is almost over.

I weigh in this morning and was down 3 lbs :yay: This week I plan on eating salads for dinner every day. I want to make like a salad bowl... lettuce or spinach, roasted peppers, onions and mushrooms, beans and either lean grass fed ground beef or slow cooked shredded chicken. I have too many peppers and mushroom in the fridge that I want to use before they go bad.

How is your Monday going, any plans for the week?

izzyfit Tue, Aug-28-18 05:57

Daily Daily Chat- September 2018
new beginning
new focus
new intentions

doreen T Tue, Aug-28-18 06:08

Originally Posted by doreen T
Nice to see you starting a log :thup:. If I may request please that you keep to this one thread ongoing, instead of starting up a new thread each month. I can change the title for you if you wish :rose:

Thank you,

Just reposting my request from the first page of this thread :exclm:. Please do not start up new threads each month .. keep this one thread ongoing until it reaches the standard 2000-post limit, then start a new one :idea:

izzyfit Tue, Aug-28-18 06:16

Good morning, any plans today?

Yesterday, was ok, I didn't do much. Stayed all day in the house waiting for the painters to come and paint a door that was replaced. Today, I need to do laundry and sweep the house. The boys are staying after school in Math and engineering clubs. I need to clean the fridge and make a grocery list to go to the store tomorrow.
I hope you both have a great Tuesday.

janetkind Tue, Aug-28-18 16:42

Hi; Izzy and Lisa.
Looks like you are doing well and have a plan ahead.
Sept. We be a great month for us girls>{Hope
I have a bladder infection and got med.s for it. Had 5-7 days. thought I could heal it. But No. So called Dr. and he got me med.s. sent in and also I went in and had pee checked. Will find out in couple days the reults.{ I know I do.
Then after I get this done.Going to go have blood work done{Just to see if ok. and Get a check up. So far no meds for me and doing great so far.
Just have to reset and make Sept and months ahead good ones.
Today was 127 and yesterday also. I hope to be at least what I was Aug.1st and be at 125{ I see u and Liza have fit bit>I do also but do not use.
I think they are not that true For if u have on in car it counts that too.
What do u all think?
Not much going on here other then trying to get thinner and it is hot and muggy.
Wed. is gym day. so doing 4 miles. And when it get cooler going to get in that sauna.
Glad we girls are in this together.
Liza how is that new gym? Is it open yet.?
Keep it up and lets make this year count{Less on scale .

janetkind Tue, Aug-28-18 16:44

Drum roll for you Izzy. 3 lbs gone. You keep it up.
Great job.

maral427 Wed, Aug-29-18 08:48

Originally Posted by doreen T
Just reposting my request from the first page of this thread :exclm:. Please do not start up new threads each month .. keep this one thread ongoing until it reaches the standard 2000-post limit, then start a new one :idea:

Thank you for letting us know!! Will do!! :)

janetkind Wed, Aug-29-18 09:27

Good Morning Lisa and Izzy.
Doing ok last couple days.
I just edited my weight and will each time I lose or Gain. So keep watch .
I hope at least anothe r1-2lbs and Sept 1st. and each month after{Till Jan.
I have to get my mind back at what it was and how I got to this road.I want to age the best I can and be as healthy as I can be.
And to get there, we all just have to keep going. Our bodies and learning new ways to help it is a great thing.
You read also at places and books >They say we do not need exerisce to lose weight.
I think it helps on both ends. Also types of foods and types of carbs and We need good fats. If We kinda think to eat to feed our cells. then we would not head to junk food.
Now that is not to say We can always not have some of that not so healthy foods.
But Just not all time and to watch those slips and how long. and maybe slips that we get our self into.{Yes Janet Listen to that one.hha.
Girls for the rest of this year> How about that we use this time to get our self back on road and relearn things and see if we can be little more lighter and healthier.
Hope that we can get others to come here and join in.
All plans work and we can learn from those two.
Glad we have each other to talk to . I for one need this.
So keep marching on. Life is really great when we reach goals and just feel good.

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