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maral427 Fri, Aug-17-18 17:12

Hi janet! You really are doing awesome!! Keep it up!! Never had chia pudding. Is it good?

Tomorrow will be my 14th day on phase one. Weigh in is sunday . I am thinking of doing another two week run of phase one before going into phase two. I am really hoping for a good loss on weigh in day. I exercised more this week then the first week. I used the fitness center at work on my lunch hour everyday. It makes it easier. In a few weeks I start classes. I have decided to go back to school in order to change careers. Hoping to stay on track they it all

maral427 Fri, Aug-17-18 17:26

Janet here is a link that will give you a crash course on the south beach diet book. Check it out. Hopefully it might be of some help to you!

When following the.plan i don't normally count calories. The best aspect of this is with the and I don't have to. I usually start out with 3 to 4 ounces of protein and then add veggies . I measure and weigh my food so that I don't over do it with my portions. If I add reduced fat cheese i keep it to 1/4 cup etc..

janetkind Fri, Aug-17-18 18:57

Thanks Maral.
I will read. Yes. Chia puddy is good and easy.
Chai seeds are a good fat also.
I measure protions also. But I have to know cals.
Even now Still having a hard time with satying on track with my eating. Just for some reson hard.
I like to get on scale to just see how bad. but then I know will really mess with head.
I also think the older you get it is harder to lose weight then when younger.
Really comes down to surport and how much you really want to lose weight and get healthier.
Foods are a great healthly tool and can heal the body.
Just some times hard.
Keep doing a great job as you are. looks like you came a long way also.

maral427 Sat, Aug-18-18 13:17

Just did a bunch of prep work. I Hardboiled eggs and made zucchini soup and egg cups with onion, bell pepper and mushrooms. I'm am going to do another round of phase one for two weeks. i would like to be under 200 by the end of the month. Tommorow is weigh in. wish me luck!!

janetkind Sat, Aug-18-18 14:56

First of all Good luck on weigh in.
Today I bit the scale and I thought worse, But could live with it.
Guess I have to.ha
I got on and was 128 {1st.Aug. was 125
So I have to get busy and reset. I keep saying reset and do good for few days and then fall.
So Sept. 1st. like to be 123{But 125 would be better then now.
Today reset after I saw scale.
I may have to try those egg cups and the soup looks great.
I was reading on line on South Beach.
I guess if you look at type of diet I have been on for 5 years is> Flexitaran diet.
Good carbs, good fats and lots of veggies and nuts{Limit and chesse and lean meat{Some and veggie burgars.s.
I also take B 12 s. and you get the picture. Good
Going to make eggs.
I have not been useing much on low fat or non and use{Limit on reg. fats instead.
What do u think? I read now that is the way to go. for low fast stuff is bad and sugar added. I read alot on health and diets.
Keep posting.

maral427 Sun, Aug-19-18 05:56

hi janet. The fat free stuff is not good for you. It replaces the fat with either chemicals or sugar. Reduced fat isn't bad for you. You are doing really well at maintaining a healthy lifestyle!!! I really need to step up when it comes to taking my vitamins. Thank you for your posts! You are an inspiration! You a really are doing fantastic!!!

janetkind Sun, Aug-19-18 09:32

Thank you and the same goes for you.
I think the same with low and non fats. Full fats are heathierbut have to limit those too.
I use healthy fats.
I got on scale and lost 2 of the lbs I hadput back on.
More to go.
Maybe just maybe I will be the same weight as 1st. Aug. or better yet 123

I made boiled eggs yesterday.
I hope we get others to join in. But it sure helps me reading your post.
We can do it.


maral427 Sun, Aug-19-18 10:30

Janet!! That is awesome!! Fantastic job on your weight loss!! You are doing amazing!!!

janetkind Mon, Aug-20-18 09:25

Today holding weight.

maral427 Mon, Aug-20-18 16:49

We went to the farmers market yesterday. Got lots of wonderful fresh veggies. bought tons of bell peppers and tossed it in our freezer. Also picked up some huge cucumbers fresh green beans and zucchini. waiting for spaghetti squash to come in season. I plan on buying as much of it as possible for the freezer. It is very expensive here sometimes seven bucks a squash. I can get it from the farmers market for $12 a half a bushel. My future mother in law cooks and freezes it and that is my plan.

Going to make zoodles and a double batch of zucchini soup tonight for the freezer. Yesterday I took some of the peppers and made two meals of low carb stuffed peppers for the freezer.
With working full time and Going to classes in a few weeks I am very worried about not eating healthy. Last time I was in school i put on a ton of weight from eating junk. I am trying to plan ahead so I can just pull stuff out of the freezer on nights I have classes. This week I am going to make a turkey breast. I will probably use what is left for some low carb casseroles for the freezer.

Over the labor day holiday we are going to Washington dc for the weekend. We have a fridge in the hotel room along with a microwave. I will be bringing my protein shakes Crystal lite and some healthy snacks. We are planning on eating at outback steakhouse out there. I plan on sticking with steak steamed broccoli and skipping the bread. One night we are just having sandwiches so for me that is deli turkey or ham on lettuce. Not sure what we are doing for dinner the other night we are there. I'm pretty confident we can find a place for dinner that is healthy. The hotel has breakfast included but I am not sure if it's just carbs or something healthier. I have to check into that.

Janet-glad to hear you are doing well! I listened to you and bought a big box of morningstar farms veggie burgers from my local warehouse club. They will be very convenient. Hope you are doing well! Check in again soon and keep me posted on how you are doing

izzyfit Mon, Aug-20-18 17:40

Hello girls, you both are doing fantastic! We moved in to out new house last Thursday and we are half way unpacked. Today was supposed to be day 1 of SBD but still had lots of leftovers from the weekend so I had that for dinner (rice, tomatoes, fish and corn)

I am planning on food prepping some veggies for the week and I also have lean grass feed ground that I might cook to eat with salads. I was going to weigh in today and see how much weight I have gained, but I haven't unpack the scale.

Janet, I love chia seeds. I usually put it in my morning smoothies or when I make overnight oats, but I have never made chia puddin. How do you make it?

Maral, that is a lot of money for a squash :( I love zoodles and spaghetti squash. I either use the Classico tomato and basil sauce (doesn't have added sugars) or make a my own sauce.

janetkind Mon, Aug-20-18 18:53

Hi, Izzy,
So good for you to post. I was wondering when and if you would.
I'm doing good last couple days.
Today cals will be for day>950 cals.
Going to stay 1,000 or under for next 4 weeks. We grow Engish cucumbers, Green beans, Green peppers.
I just got 2 squash. and will make noodles also.
I love Veggie burgers Wrapped in lettuce leaves.
I also love fresh bean burgers.Lots of veggies and all the good stuff. You know you can eat well and very healthy.
I still eat can soups{Light . found 3 that I love and I do that because I know cals with that.
On chia seeds. I started back on those.
I love it even when u make a gel. You can do water or {I use cashuw milk. 1 c. 25 cals.
In fact I have to look at recipes on puddy.
I just made yesterday and today.
Chia mixed in yurget tand if you like you can add few berries.
And stir and let set. and really good treat.
I have to get my recipes out on Green smoothies.
I use and have for over 5 years Turmeric.
Chia if you read are really good.
You know is it not a funny thing. That when we get healthy and we feel good and start to look great Just how much we really get into it.Also All deit plans work. It is really how we stay with it and do it.

I know last couple days <I feel like me.
As we age it slow down. and harder. so do it now and stay with it.
Keep posting. It helps so much. Glad you are here both of you.


izzyfit Wed, Aug-22-18 12:16

Yesterday was a busy day unpacking and organizing. My arthritis flare up and I am in so much pain do to inflammation. I do hope that now that I won't be eating refined carbs and sugar the inflammation will get better.

My eating was as I planned but I need to increase my water intake. I usually drink 100 to 110oz daily but lately I been struggling to drink that much water. I think because I am very busy unpacking and running errands. My goal today is to drink at least 84oz :)
I hope you both are having a great day.

maral427 Wed, Aug-22-18 17:17

You are doing great with your water. I get in my 64 oz it I think I maybe need to step things up when it comes to water. You have been very busy! Unpacking is a lot of work. Please be sure to get some rest and relax especially if you aren't feeling well.

Janet! How are you?

izzyfit Thu, Aug-23-18 04:08

Good morning, I couldn't sleep well last night and I am up since 4:20am so today is going to be a long day.

Today is a running day errands and then I have to head back home to keep unpacking upstairs and do some laundry.

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