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maral427 Tue, Aug-07-18 07:54

Spent a lot of time on Sunday doing meal prep for.the week. I think I am going to make things simpler for myself. In the evening when I make dinner (usually a protein and a veg) I think I am going to make a little extra, full my meal prep containers and just toss them in the freezer. I just will label the containers with masking tape so I know what I am.grabbing.

Next week I want to make some.homemade hummus,hardboil some eggs and I have nuts for snacks. Having the containers done for during the week.seems to make things so much easier. Especially during the work week!!!

janetkind Tue, Aug-07-18 08:56

I was reading your site about the South beach diet.
Hope this site keeps going and you all post often. Even on days when we have slips.{And we all do at some point.
I may do this with you. I have sliped and I need to get back and do something, Before I really fall of plan.
We do need veggies and leaner meats{I think and watch those bad carbs.
I think instead of low fat or non, That we need {limits like good healthy fats. Like 1/4 of a avaco.~1T. good oils. Berries are great also and lower sugar.
Yourt is good to. But read on them too and get good one. and add your own stuff.Beans,1/2c go great in salads and adds protien.
Rise and get the salts out anddrain.
Eggsare filling also.
Nuts{1/4 c. are good too.
Play with want works for you.
I also detox in sauna and steam room. and 1f is good too.
I just need to stay on track and get back to exercising and detoxing.

watch and measure those salad dressing too.
I think also{Green smoothiesare great too.
Read lables.I also eat veggies bugars . If you do go out or want a reg. bugar wrap in lettuce leaves.
They are so many plans out there. They all work. just have to keep going.
Posting helps too.
And move that body. You have to work those muscle and build them.
walk.Do something.
Calaries also count and so do protions.
Green bananas have less sugar also.
. Keep posting.

maral427 Tue, Aug-07-18 14:33

Hi janet! Glad you are here! It's wonderful to read your posts and have another person posting with me :)!!
I really appreciate your suggestions. I think you have gotten the wheels turning in my head lol!!

Thank you for mentioning veggie bugers! I love them and have them on my shopping list for next week! Which ones do you prefer? I like the Boca or the Morningstar farms burgers.
You are also right about the beans. I am thinking of cooking up some lean ground turkey with seasonings and throwing a drained can of black beans in it. I could then make a taco salad with lowfat cheddar and lettuce. I don't mind eating that every day!

Dressings i limit to a tablespoon of south beach friendly dressing but maybe instead I could try olive and vinegar instead? thinking that would be a good way to get healthier oils in!

Thank you for the great suggestions and welcome!

janetkind Wed, Aug-08-18 16:28

It is hard to lose weight and harder at times to stay with it.
And the scale.can play with your head. Just have to reset mind and just keep going.Fine what works for you. You may have to do 2 diets together but as long as you are looseing and feeling good.ok
The other key is to move that body.And weights also to build and keep muscle
You seem to be doing good.
On veggie bugarsI like Morning star. I like humus also on rice cakes. Soups are good also.
Just know that the way to health is slow and you have to really want to do it.
Health and being well is so much better then the bad foods that have gotten all us fat.
Are bodies do well with healthy carbs. greens veggies fruit. healthy fast and yes exerscese.
The more you get fit the more you want and one day u also will say I did it. But then the hard road comes and you have to fight not to regain. Read lables. Read health books. get surport.
cook as healthy as you can. and when u do go out there are choices.,
Good luck.
Hope we get more to post as it helps.
I also have to keep reseting and get back on track.
So looks like if reading right you have come far already. great job.

maral427 Fri, Aug-10-18 14:01

hi janet,
thank you for your encouragement and support. you are welcome to join in!! thanks again for posting!!

maral427 Sun, Aug-12-18 19:37

Today was another good day! I noticed that I really wasn't hungry. I didn't really do food prep today as I am working on eating the bean less chilli and the taco cauliflower rice i made. It just seems easier to pack leftovers than to spend the afternoon doing meal prep. I just have to hardboil some eggs for snacks. I finish 14 days on phase one saturday. I am thinking of doing another round of phase one after I finish this one.

maral427 Tue, Aug-14-18 18:03

Not sure why but I was very hungry tonight. Had extra salad tonight. Kind of weird that I really enjoyed salad of all things lol!! Hope everyone is having a good night

janetkind Tue, Aug-14-18 22:13

You are doing a great job.I'm also doing good Wed. will be going on day 4.
Have not gotten on scale, As it misses with my head.
salads, soups Green smoothies.ect..
Lots of veggies and some low sugar fruits .
also just got back into walking 32 4 miles.
And in month or so start back into detoxing and some weight training.
Good job on what u are doing.

izzyfit Wed, Aug-15-18 16:01

Hello Maral and Janet. I joined this thread in June I believe, but only posted twice. It is nice you kept it going.

This past two weeks I haven't stay on track, we are moving and the the stress is real :) I have made good choices, but have also eating more than planed. Next week I am hoping to get back to meal prepping and get back on the low carb wagon.
I don't follow SBD 100% instead I do a mix of few eating plans (SBD, Paleo, Whole30) I do eat low carb, moderate healthy fats, gluten free and no added sweeteners ( I don't eat anything that is low fat or sugar free) and I also keep it sugar free.

Starting next week I will do my best to post every day.

izzyfit Wed, Aug-15-18 16:10

Janet, that is great it seems like you are in the right path. Do you get hungry when you eat soups? I love soups but for some reason, I get hungry like an hour after. I tried just to eat chili or stews instead of the watery soups since those fill me up for longer times.

Green smoothies are my best friends. I usually have one daily. I drink half with breakfast and the other half after I work out.

Well done Maral! they don't recommend that you stay too long in Phase 1 but I have done 3 weeks and then on the 4 week I do half Phase 1.5

maral427 Wed, Aug-15-18 19:33

Hi izzy! Welcome!! Glad you are here!!Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!!! I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you as well!

janetkind Thu, Aug-16-18 14:16

Hi, Every one.
So nice to see others post{as It helps so much to keep going.
As we know it is hard. I Have done so great last 5 years with staying with a healthier plan and exersice.
But For some reson this year is the haredst.
I soups I blend mine and those ones I have are creamer it seems to me.
Plus I found if I use 1/2 c. white kindey beans {Blend with one of those hand blenders. It works great.
I also have gotten off low fat to non fats{and just use the real kind.
I also eat healthier fats{Limit like avacaocas and Avaco. oils.
I have to get back to green smoothies for i love them. I Just started this week walking{ Used to do 6-8 miles. and I was able to jog 6 miles.
But Like I said fell off that for 8 weeks.
Today went and got 4 miles in. and on last lap i jog.
Tomorrow go and see if I can get 5 miles in and maybe 1-2 machines.
Then down to sauna and steam room.

I just started coffee{Ice and the bad thing i do is diet pop.
I should see if I have sB book[But I think I do close to it.
Lots of veggies, good fats. low sugar fruits, Little meats.
nutsand so on.
I have so many books on green smooties .
I also use vitamans.
I just need to reset and just keep reading .
If I can make this year{Then I know I can make goal.
I have already. Just like to be 110lbs.
Keep posting.
I have all diet books.
I like dr. Oz. also
Calaries I think are very much the key. Nice this is getting us to talk.

maral427 Thu, Aug-16-18 15:25

Hi Janet!! Thanks for posting!! You are doing fantastic with your food and working out!!! Four miles is awesome!!! You are doing great!! Glad to see your posts!!

janetkind Thu, Aug-16-18 17:00

Thanks Maral,
Last year I was walking 8 miles That is the most I have done.
Do you keep track with what you eat{Like cals>?
I do.
But like I have said I have slipped and gain some. Now have to get rid of that and hope on sept.1st. will be back on track or better yet 1-2lbs less.
But for now Not weighing in till the 1st. and just keep at it.
You are doing great also and I see you exersice also.
You really have to add some type of exersice. We can not lose muscle. Muscle burns fat.

janetkind Fri, Aug-17-18 13:51

I walked* 7 miles today.
Was going to push to get 8 miles in. But had to just walk 7 miles.
Was also going to get in sauna but as I said had to cut short.
I want to get back into saunas and steam rooms and keep walking.and weights.
But If I try to work in sauna that cuts walking time{with only 3-4 miles.
We will see.
I have a tredmil at home that I could use to get those miles in.
We will see.
How are you all doing? Just keep posting. even just to say hi. It helps.
I may make some chia pudding{Have not had that in long while.
I thought I had the Sb book but don't.

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