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lesscarber Sat, May-06-17 16:36

Sweetish bagel/muffin/cake/bun

I am looking for a sweetish (cinamon, chocolate chips, etc) product to eat in the morning with my coffee (bun, roll, muffin, bagel, etc).

Is there a ready to eat product that I can buy? I live in UK!


Elizellen Sun, May-07-17 03:08

There really is nothing low carb readily available on the shelves that I have found in the sweet pastry line.

Many of us have used the "muffin in a mug" aka MiM recipe to make something sweet or savoury to substitute.

I make a sort of bread using ground linseeds.

My recipe is
4 Tablespoons ground linseeds (flax in the USA)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 Tablespoon oil (I like coconut oil or toasted sesame oil or 1/2 oz melted butter)
1 egg

Melt fat or oil if needed, mix with egg then add the dry ingredients and let sit for a minute to thicken up.
Spread out on baking parchment or put in a microwaveable container and microwave for a minute or so till cooked.

If you want it sweet you can add some artificial sweetener.
I tend to prefer savoury so sometimes add some grated parmesan and/or herbs or spices.

You can adapt this recipe to use more or less ground linseed, or use ground almonds or coconut flour insted or as a mix to vary the taste and texture.

I like it because though not actually being the same as regular bread it does the job of bread. It only takes a few minutes to make too.

Elizellen Sun, May-07-17 03:14

Here is a link to the index post of the "baking" forum

There are many recipes there for muffins, bread and biscuits (scones in UK) as well as cakes and buns, cookies you can choose from.

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