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Lori_:) Sun, Nov-28-21 04:23

LC Our Way #6 - "Getting a jump start on 2022"
Here's our new thread!


Good Morning!

Got the hunter up and out early this morning. This is one of the few Sundays of the season when they can hunt. Oh joy. We had some snow overnight and he was so excited to go out in the woods with a fresh coating of snow. As long as he's happy. Today is his 70th birthday! What??? How on earth did that happen?

He requested apple crisp rather than a cake, so I'll be making that this morning. This afternoon the Dr. & his wife are coming to see Betty's house again. His wife hasn't been in to see it before. She owns a restaurant in town and was unable to come with him the last time due to staffing issues. Anyway, I think things are going to get a bit more complicated now. More details etc etc. I just hope it all works out in the end.

Nic.....Thanks for letting us know that you made it to DE. You have a fun few days coming up. Will you be there for the week? Thanks again for sharing the pics of your lovely family.

Trig....I'm sure you're still working on getting things sorted from your trip. There's always laundry etc to take care of, isn't there? Did DH get some fishing in while you were at the beach?

Jaz....Hope your Sunday is relaxing. Is the weather cooperating for a nice beach day?


I have some time to enjoy my coffee before I get started on the apple crisp. I have to go see Betty this morning and get her some breakfast and then run to the grocery store for a few things. The day will fly by.

Whirrlly Sun, Nov-28-21 06:44

Lori thanks for starting a new one :)

Happy B day to your hubby, and getting to hunt on his bday to boot. I bet he loves that!

Snow. Did you say snow? omgosh already? I'm not even there and I am nervous about your snow HAHA

Hope the wife is interested and the house issue moves ahead in fine form.

Sounds like you got a busy enough day to just make it go poof, but be sure to get some down time with a fuzzy blanket and Gabby on your lap :)

Nicco.....over the bridge and across the waterway to DE house we go! You lucky duck.

Hope your Craft fair thingy is as good as it sounds, I bet in that area they 'do it up right'. We got that Southern Christmas show in Charlotte. omg the crowds, it is a big time thing.

Give us a good report about how fab it was when ya get home.
Enjoy your day.

Jaz, what are you up to? Is your weather still holding decent?
we are brrrr at night for sure but day the sun I have to say gives us a little relief from it all. Waiting for that big darn flip to come to super chill, blah HA

----------today is pork chops I am defrosting for dinner later.
not sure on first meal.

get this, I check freezer and I am OUT of steaks. So next few sales of any good steaks I am jumping on them :)

finishing up laundry from trip and unpack fridge and more, goof around stuff, moving slow tho.

then I do have to hit the grocery fast. The other 2 are saying there is NO food in the house HAHA, ugh......

be good all, enjoy your fine day!

Jaz66 Sun, Nov-28-21 07:45


So NICE to hear you are all where you need to be and feeling better!

OMG NO STEAKS!!!!!! Where is that ROFL emoji when ya need it!
I hear ya on needing to go to grocery. I will go maybe tomorrow. I gotta empty the fridge out here.

So glad you are feeling better. Have you unloaded the RV? What a trip........... Hopefully next time around will be much better! When is your next trip?

YES and YES the weather here is Brrrrrrrrr but warms up in low 70's day time. I have YET to put on shoes or anything heavier than a jacket. Flip flops are still working for me! I tell ya to be able to wear flip flops 10 months of the year= priceless.

Lori- Ahhhhh happy birthday to your hubby. I am hopeful the Dr. wife likes the house. Truly is she does and they move forward it should not be over the top. However there will be inspections unless you clause AS IS- I would. With a 100 year house.......... yeah.

Hopefully it is a smooth transition.

Ohhhhhhh on snow. NO THANK YOU! Take a pic for me though. I haven't seen snow in about 5 years and then it was gone in a few hours. 13 years ago I saw snow - real snow. I said never again! :lol: :lol: :lol: I had a Black & Decker snow blower, gave it away, along with the snow boots and ice scraper. Nope- and nope.

I had to laugh. I went to the beach a few days ago (before Thanksgiving) and the shore line was covered in tiny shells that "CRUNCHED" under my flip flop and made that sound. I was thinking-I was in Ohio that would be leaves. Nope- here it is shells.

NIC- How was that rip over "THAT" bridge? Did you say it takes you 3 hours? How long are you staying this time around? Hubby going to join you? Did you take the pups?

Loved your TG pics! Did your kids all leave?
I didn't sleep great last night. I couldn't decide if I was hot or cold.

I am packing up and heading to a different condo. The next on is a 1 bedroom and where I will hang for a couple months. It is surprising just how fast time goes- so it will fly by. Leaving St. Simon end of Feb. or job location whichever comes first.

I have applied to 4 different positions I am hopeful to get a response from. All of those are GA remote. Which again- where to live. I surely do no want to make the mistake I did last time. Tossed a dart on the map and.................I have the Charleston area still hovering around in my head. But I tell you Thanksgiving really brought home to me the importance of family.

I have not seen my DD and grandkids in a year. I have to put something on the calendar. However 6 hours each way is just not sustainable. So............ grandkids or beach. That is the reality. They are growing up and I just see the pic's. I dunno- so torn over it. Have been for a bit!
It would be easier if my DD actually lived in a city. She's out in the middle of NOWHERE - country and a stop light. Actually it's a stop sign between corn fields! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Walmart is THE place to be in her little town! So much to think about. Then there is my some point I will need to at least help, hopefully later rather than sooner.
There is a reason I am 6 hours away! Charleston is 6 hours away. I just keep thinking about that place. I have not crossed it off the list.

No desire to go back to Atlanta. Thing is, this is going to sound REALLY OLD. The south really has such a lack of medical anything. The disparity is real. I never noticed it in Ohio as there is a hospital on every corner. Good hospitals too. Access to great medical care does not exist in the Deep South including here. That matters to me.

I have thought about Greenville again too. Ok- I need to stop thinking about this on a beautiful Sunday morning!
Actually it is warmer here this morning and I will get that beach walk in. I want as many as I can fit in. I want to take this memory with me. St. Simon is in my veins!

Yum on the peppermint coffee. Man oh man good! I might splurge and get another bag! I also have a balsam candle burning. My Ode to Christmas! :lol: :lol:

OK- TIME to get to ONE UNDERLAND and STAY there. Enough of bounce. Just being real. I didn't go carb nuts over TG and happy about it. However, lots of veggies and just eating in general. I also popped down a few Bailey's Salted Carmel in my coffee. :D :D :D :lol: Love some Bailey's on vacay! Pure sugar! It's over- and back on track!

One more Holiday to go. I am not a big New Years Eve kinda person. I seem to always miss the ball by a few minutes- snoring logs! HAHA

Ok ladies- need to start this day.
Back later when settled in next spot.

niccofive Sun, Nov-28-21 07:49

Hello my friends!

Saying it for posterity because it's the best line ever: MY BUTT SAID NOPE! - Trig

Okay, as you were. lol

Lori, I didn't realize that the Dr's wife hadn't seen the house yet. Did he video it or anything? That could be an interesting development. I assume he must know her tastes though...

Happy 70th to your DH! That is a big birthday! Very sweet that you are making him an apple crisp. Did he want anything special for dinner?

Trig- Glad you are home and I guess you are feeling good now, back to yourself? I sure hope so!

NO STEAKS?? OMG girl get out and get you some! I have taken to buying filet at Costco. They cut them big and thick, and sell them in a pack of 4 or something. Then I come home and cut them in half and vac seal them in a set of 2-3 per package and we get several good dinners out of it for less than the price of one night out.

Nice to be back in DE. I did a teeny bit of decorating, just the mantle, but I'd like to do a few other small things around here. This place needs some twinkle lights! Since DH won't make it out here in December I probably won't put the tree up but that makes me sad. I want to but I don't want to actually erect it myself. lol

The dogs are so good on the drive over now. Besides Sophie standing up the whole time in her doggie car seat and breathing all over me. Ha!

They were delighted to get up and head off to the dog park this morning to sniff around and visit with the other dogs. We do like it here!

Off to the craft show in a while. It's indoors but it is mid 50s and sunny so a beautiful day. I'll be driving with the windows open and the music playing to Ocean City!

Lori_:) Sun, Nov-28-21 07:54

Jaz......Yeah....we want to sell Betty's house "As is". She does not have the $$ to make big repairs & the Dr. there! :lol: Taking some off the price for repairs is the way we want to go. Her house is actually 177 years old....can you believe it? Our house is 169 years old! Hard to fathom.

Apple crisp in the oven and will pop up to see Betty as soon as it's done. Won't leave the house with the oven on.


niccofive Sun, Nov-28-21 07:58

Jaz- you are changing condos? Why? Are these furnished or are you having to have all your furniture moved? Will you be in this one until February?

Hard decision about where to settle next. I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. I do know that if I had grands and didn't see them in a year, that would just kill me. If you went to somewhere like Greenville then can you still take the GA jobs? You don't have to stay in GA?

Jaz66 Sun, Nov-28-21 13:25

Getting ALMOST ready to switch Condos.

Yes- I had reserved THIS one because it was 2b/2 bath. Big- for me and son. He ended up not here and I just do not to pay more for just me here on beach. I am not here for a room. I am here for sunrises, palm trees, drapy moss trees and of course sea.

The one bedroom is in PRIME spot and cheaper. It get a ton of light and is right next to my "neighbors". It is also a grand cheaper- with high speed internet. I am GOOD!!!!! 4/5 of my friends are either here already or in route. My bestie is coming in a bit later. She just bought another condo up off Martha Vineyard. She is fixing that one up before she comes down. Love her!

I am actually taking "her" condo here. She will get the one beside me when she gets here. The writer and gal from Pittsburg just arrived. Then the older couple that is on the corner and party like there is no tomorrow is coming next week. Mikey is 80. I aspire to be just like him.
He wears speedo's in Feb to "sun" himself. He cracks me up. His wife is not well, but she is sweet as can be. Then there is the gal that is here year round and her family lives here.

Fun bunch! - I will be back in that section of the complex. I prefer it! I do for the most part just LOVE IT HERE. That is so hard for me to know I can't stay just yet. Yeah...... the grandkids....THEY need to move to Charleston!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Getting hungry. Need to figure something out here. Healthy- LC/ Non-processed.

back at ya

Whirrlly Mon, Nov-29-21 04:21

Lori. I bet your house smells fantastic with that apple crisp cooking :)

Sell as is. We are doing the same when we ditch this place. I am not fixing a thing, I would rather take off a little and let it go, let the next person do the work HA I so feel ya on that.

Those house ages are wild. But with that comes alot of issues sometimes. My grandmother's house in Monclair NJ was like 125 when my Aunt sold it. Omg the electric nightmare was so pricey to bring to code. Older homes are fab, but I wouldn't want the bills for fixing....but I take it your home being older tho you guys probably already did those upgrades and got that handled.

Nicco, windows open, fresh air, music and smiling all the way to that craft fair :) I know you are leading a great vacation home life!

So hubby can't make DE any time in Dec? Then decorating only a tad is smart. But yea some twinkle lights makes a world of difference for atmosphere so get some up LOL

I spoke to hubby the other day and said outside lights, barely putting any out this year. I am SO over it all. Just my old timey fat candle sticks I love, a monster big green wreath with big red bow on it and kiddo's light up dalamation dog she loves with a santa hate and red scarf. Done deal. Inside I am doing the little tree and maybe stick out a snowman decoration, other than that I ain't doing nothing HA

Jaz, OH YOU are getting back with your pool clutch group :) So cool.

On settling down, remember one thing, your grandkids have lives. Unless you are really 'near them' and wanna do that full on family grandma thing it isn't worth living where you don't want to live ya know. Once you do settle somewhere and it isn't right near them, just plan trips. Once you are settled you can travel 2-3 times a year and when they are older, you actually could bring them to your beach condo for a weeks vacation in summer time or something like that, cause you know your DD would love that time to have the kids on a trip with you and her and hubby could have down time :) But when you are not sure where to settle, what you want outta life, then good thing is you have time to figure it out! Just think what you truly want out of your life and go for it :) You can't ever go wrong with just that ya know.

------------nothing much doing.
we are chatting possible nursing home situation for mom
wish her damn stability was better, even on the walker she is now getting more wobbly and just always got that 'gonna fall' scenario in my mind..ugh. But still talking with bros on it all and seeing where it all lands. Not sure yet on it all.

hubby to work
kid to school
me to .....unpack more in rv and just goof around this day

got me some markdown priced steaks for freezer. Not many but I do need to stock more when I see lower prices. Feel very insecure without alot of steaks in my freezer, lol

on to start the day good everyone

Lori_:) Mon, Nov-29-21 07:54

Good Morning!

OMG....I stayed in bed till 7:15!! DH got up and took care of Gabby and I rolled over and conked back out. It was glorious! I'm not doing much today other than my exercise video.

Trig.....You're doing much more decorating than I am! I'll put a few doodads out in our living room and that's it. A snowman here, a reindeer there...Your advice to Jaz about living near the grandkids is spot on. It's not worth forcing yourself to live where you don't want to live. Plan visits etc and everyone will be happy.

Yes....we have made upgrades to our house thru the years. Some electrical work and dropping the high ceilings so we can afford to heat the place. There are still things that could be done, but we're happy.

Jaz....So happy for you that your friends are there with more coming and you'll be right there close to them. It sounds like you'll have a great winter with friends all around. Perfect!

Nic....How was the craft show? When is Paint & Sip? That sounds like so much fun, although I am not artistic in the least. I'd give it a go anyway! Have fun!


That's it from here. Just drinking coffee & trying to stay warm today. So sick of the cold weather already. We had about an inch of snow yesterday morning, but most of it is melted. I did have to clean my car off with the snow brush yesterday morning, which pi$$ed me off. Ugh....Winter!

Later! :wave:

Jaz66 Mon, Nov-29-21 08:23

Good morning from a bright and sunshine sky in GA!

Going to be an awesome beach day! The sky is SO GA blue! Love the new condo except the kitchen. Urghhhhhhh So tiny- I mean TINY! But I can make it work. Hell I have made it work in a hotel. I take my own plates/bowels/ and electric grill pan. I am good. But dang no storage- oh well...not here for the kitchen.

Trig- Glad you laid your hands on some steaks. You sound a bit more chipper and appear to feel better. Nothing worse than being sick on your vacay.

I hear ya on the grandkids. I do agree. I guess I just feel a bit guilty. But yup they do have their own life and I need one too! Thanks for that input. I am not the FULL on GRANNY! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Funny about your decorations. I like twinkle lights too! But MEH- Take them or leave them.

Yup- take today to clean out RV. Any trips in the near future?

Nic- hubby not making any time in Dec.? Bummer! But you have a beautiful house to play in!!!!

When is your sip and paint? Are you meeting people there?

Lori-- Good morning! When is the house walk through?
I bet you are writing and we cross post!

How was the hubby's birthday dinner?!? You still have snow on the ground?
All- I tell ya to wake up to blue skies and palm trees and moss draped trees is stunning. This condo (besides the tiny kitchen) Has a wall of windows from ceiling to floor. It has breath taking views.

Hitting beach when it warms up. Need to hit up grocery.

Other than that- will spend an hour on the job hunt. - waiting to see if the 4 others respond at all. I still need to look though.

Also going to put together the Christmas list. It will be an Amazon Christmas! HAHAHAH- and gift cards too!


EDITED: There you are LORI!!!!!!! Sleepy head! HAHAHAHAH

Lori_:) Mon, Nov-29-21 10:18

Forgot to mention......the walk thru Betty's house with the Dr. & his wife went very well. She was obviously in awe and loved it. If it were me, I would be totally overwhelmed at the prospect of buying such a place, but they have architects,contractors, and most of all money, to make their vision a reality, so more power to them. Now we wait to hear from them and see if they make an offer. Best of all, Betty loves them both and is totally on board with all of this moving forward.

Jaz66 Mon, Nov-29-21 20:36

Lori- I am so happy for Betty!!!!!!! Made my night to read that

Till tomorrow ya'll

Whirrlly Tue, Nov-30-21 06:55

Lori super glad to hear the walk thru went great and yes, when one has big bucks, they can see potential and buy and renovate etc....when one is more broke, all one can see is no money to do any of the work HA

Jazz, yea if you are not a full on granny then moving somewhere you won't enjoy would not be a great option. You will end up being a crutch for your DD as a built in baby sitter and who are we kidding, we are too active and want to live our lives to be THAT ya know LOL Those kids are getting old enough to visit you and stay a week etc. and you can visit but in the end, whatever you do! DO YOU and what you truly want. My kid is only 16 going on 17 sooner than later now and I repeated have said to her over the last years that when she decides to have kids, do not count on this granny in any way, other than if desperate I will write her a check LOL I ain't the full on granny in any way either and I am 'doing me' first in retirement, her life will be her life with kids so I already nailed that into her brain. Plus I do want travel and that right there means I ain't settling down roots where I don't wanna be.

Nicco give us a report on that big craft fair.

----------all good
looks like I might be taking my mom permanently before we decide it is time for a nursing home. Bro Greg is advocating put her in a nursing home now and I am not. Bro Rich is saying I can do what I want til I feel I can't handle mom anymore thru health issues, mobility or whatever issues and we have to put her in for full care. Bro Greg I believe now is 'done' and tired and feels she isn't mobile and a fall that could be very bad is on the way but I feel she just isn't ready to be put away. SO IF Greg by what he says is 'done' then I will take mom to live here, see what goes down, how many months or ?? this can happen for til I have to make the call. Rich will check into selling house and all that while I have mom cause once I got mom here, she is not going to go back and live in the lake house so.....forward movement I guess. So I got alot of fires in the pan right now :) ugh....stress, but in the end my level headed hubby is all for her living here, he doesn't care one bit at all and is a I will TRY THIS and see what happens. Try is all I can do before the envitable hits when it does I guess. So alot up in the air but dealing with it all.

I am eating super simple
pork chops, burgers. tuna and bacon and taylor ham. sardines and chicken. I AM SO over any other type of eating. I am going all in simple easy and DONE and not giving my lifestyle another damn thought. Auto pilot for food LOL

over and out and be good all

Lori_:) Tue, Nov-30-21 07:25

Good Morning!

Stayed in bed late again. I was up at 2AM to visit the loo, went back to bed and it took a bit to get back to sleep. Gabby got up to prowl around at 2 and it made me wonder what she was up to, so that's why it took me a bit to fall asleep. I heard her run thru the upstairs hallway and it made me wonder what on earth she was chasing, or what was chasing her! :lol: Who knows...cats are weird. She doesn't run much at 11 years old, so it was a bit odd.

Hair cut & color this morning and then off to the phone store to pick up my new phone that came in yesterday. The guy called me at 7 last night and said it had arrived. Of course, it will take a LONG time for him to transfer everything to my new phone, so I'll prepare for a marathon afternoon. What a PITA. There shouldn't be much of a learning curve for me as it is a Samsung phone just like my old one, so things should be quite similar. It will be a bit bigger and faster, but I should be able to figure it out.

Trig...So sorry that you're having to make the hard decisions about Mom. I hope things work out with her there with you for a good long time. I can understand how your brother is feeling being away from his family and being there with her all the time. It's hard.

Nic.....Check in!

Jaz.....Are you all moved into the new condo? Have you been hanging out with your beach friends?


Another cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast before heading off for my cut/color. I wasted most of my morning in bed! It's weird when you get up 3 hours later than usual! :lol:

Jaz66 Tue, Nov-30-21 07:38

Oh wow Trig- - what a bomb shell post. I am so proud of you yet I know you need your space. I know I couldn't do it. My relationship with my mom is so different than yours.

I could see where it COULD work if you had "help" coming in down the line. You too will need that break. If you mom is like mine she could go well into her 90's. My grandma lived independently in her home up until the last two weeks and then the "kids" took turns and then hospice was involved and it went very fast. BIG responsibility.

All I can say is please come here or use email. there will be adjustments. How does your mom feel about it all? What are her feelings? Is an assisted Living arrangement off the table? It is not a nursing home. However you handle it I know you are doing what you know needs done. Just know there are always options before the nursing home.

Boy though I get your Bro. and care giver burn out. It is a real thing! (((((((((((( :hugs: ))))))))))))))))))

you up and about? I was happy to see your post regarding the house and Betty! What good news!

What is going on in your world today?

NIC- updates. I know you are in your special place!!!!!!! I love that for you!
I was just a sloth yesterday. Seriously. I was so tired from all the crap from last week- then a condo move. I was one tired pup!

I never made it to the beach yesterday. I WILL today. Supposed to hit 72. Another blue cloudless sky! Wow- another day in paradise.

Bouncing down the scale again. I am keeping my trap shut until I am well into that "zone".

On that note I am doing a challenge to myself to see just how much non-processed foods I can do. Meaning. Nothing from a can, box, bag. No jerky, sausage, bacon, or salad dressing.
All fresh- all made from my kitchen. I did allow for salsa and olive oil and almond milk for creamer! HAHAHAHAH. I really think that had made a huge difference for me. That and a probiotic and collagen. It just all works!

Today is tilapia, string beans and mushrooms in a white wine, caper and butter sauce. OMG yum! My body DOES better with a few low carb veggies. Not high carb- low carb. I tried ZERO and for the last 3 years.... nothing. I added a few non-processed organic carbs and dropped processed foods and the scales have moved 24 pounds. So it is MY sweet spot!

Goals for today:
Beach walk
30 minutes+ walk
Job hunt
UPS store- shipping stuff.
BREATHE and count my blessings! Gratitude list continues.

I would love to shove some writing onto that list! Maybe this morning while I wait for it to warm up. I have 3 chapters done. Going in for 4th. Most paper backs are 170-190 pages. That is the typical one that Kindle takes!

Subject for 4th chapter? So glad you asked! HAHAHAH- Triggers. What causes them, how to prevent them, and replacing them with a healthy habit. Feel free to add your thoughts.
I know FOR ME: being tired and under prepared = disaster. Tired is the worst. I know I want to just grab anything at that point. Traveling is part of that, gotta plan. So......... who knows maybe my hobby will get published and make me a few dimes! Goal it to have it done in 30 days.

Back later!

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