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Ilikemice Fri, Jan-29-21 19:03

Now They've Come for the Bacon and Eggs
Oregon (of course) lawmaker introduces bill to eliminate "processed meats" from hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and other places where people are stuck.

But it seems to enforce veganism among these populations.

Bonnie OFS Sun, Jan-31-21 11:10

This sort of thing is why I won't do anything illegal & plan on dying at home. :lol:

About the author's comment about cardboard cheese, I agree. But for others like me who for whatever reasons can't eat real cheese (I'm allergic), I did find a decent fake cheese. Daiya makes a variety of fake cheeses, 2 of which actually taste OK - not like real cheese, but close enough. The mozzarella shreds & the American slices do take longer than real cheese to melt, but they will do so eventually. I did find that small amounts work better as a large amount of melted Daiya turns into an unappetizing gelatinous lump.

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