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Kristine Tue, Jan-09-07 08:29

Just a note... the article is a month shy of being four years old. :idea:

ubizmo Tue, Jan-09-07 08:46

Concerning Taubes's forthcoming book:

Nancy LC Tue, Jan-09-07 08:59

Gah! I was excited until I realized the date on the story. Wha'choo bumpin' this old stuff for, Ubizmo? Oh wait, it wasn't you. Never mind!

Angeline Tue, Jan-09-07 09:49

I can't believe I've been posting here for 4 years :/

PS. Thanks for that link to the Gary Taubes interview. I simply can't wait for the book to come out. That's one book I am buying as soon as it comes out.

PPS. It seems to be listed on, although it's listed as not avalaible. The name is the same as the article. If features a big steak with butter on it. (made me hungry). Anyway, I hope the title and cover is only a placeholder, because if that's the actual cover it's as cheezy as it comes.

SidC Tue, Jan-09-07 11:52

Originally Posted by Angeline
The paradigm shifts IS happening and it's unavoidable. Atkins will be proven right. Maybe they will find that some aspects of his program aren't optimal, but he will be right enough to shut up the critics. I'm wondering if swallowing this bitter pill will have a more far-reaching impact on the medical community. Will it teach them humility ? How hard it must be to swallow that you have been wrong for 30 years.
Atkins may be proven right, but my guess is that many of the researchers will never admit that. Instead, they'll confirm the basic principles of Atkins, but find some small thing wrong with the diet. Then they can point and say "Aha! We told you it was bad! Here's what you should be doing..." and lay out "Atkins with a small tweak" but with a different name. This avoids having to do the humility dance.

Not that I'm cynical or anything...

deb34 Tue, Jan-09-07 14:21

30 years of dogma."

dogma Note: The term dogma is often applied to statements put forward by someone who thinks, inappropriately, that they should be accepted without proof.

[Chapter:] World Literature, Philosophy, and Religion

The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

LC FP Tue, Jan-09-07 23:10

Just a note... the article is a month shy of being four years old

4 years? So where the he!! is this "federal" study?

A large new study just under way could settle those doubts.

This federally sponsored project will randomly put 360 overweight men and women on the Atkins plan or the U.S. Department of Agriculture's standard high-carb, low-fat diet, then watch them in painstaking detail for at least two years

Tyrion Wed, Jan-10-07 01:33

Originally Posted by LC FP
4 years? So where the he!! is this "federal" study?

Penn Medicine - Center for Weight and Eating Disorders Ongoing Research

LC FP Wed, Jan-10-07 17:48

Whew, thanks, Tyrion, found it at the bottom:

The Safety and Efficacy of Low and High Carbohydrate Diets
Dr. Gary D. Foster
This 3-site, NIH-funded study is comparing the conventional high carbohydrate, low fat diet with a generic low carbohydrate diet for obese men and women. The study is closed to new enrollment

Gary Foster was the lead author of one of the "big 4" studies that shook things up in 2003-2004. I hope he does a good job with this one.

tjf9 Wed, Jan-10-07 18:23

I think that is the study I am in - comparing low-carb (Atkins-ish) to low calorie (DASH). The study started in 2004 or 2005 and is monitoring each group for 2 1/2 years to see if maintenance on the two plans is any different. I am in the last group of the study and just started in November, so the study doesn't complete until mid-2008. Then the paper has to go through a peer review process before it can be published. I don't expect to see anything until 2009 or so.

SidC Wed, Jan-10-07 18:41

Yes, thanks, Tyrion, for the link. I found this in a 2005 newsletter:

Dr. Gary D. Foster of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, spoke on “Low-Carbohydrate Diets in the Treatment of Obesity.” Although “low-carb” diets have become very popular, there are few studies of their safety and efficacy. Dr. Foster summarized the existing studies, and found that while low-carbohydrate diets are associated with greater weight loss than low-fat, low-calorie diets for the first six months, at one year, weight loss is equivalent. Low-carbohydrate diets also have beneficial effects on HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, while not appearing to have any adverse effects on LDL cholesterol. However, these studies are all limited by having small sample sizes, limited measurements, and short durations. Future studies should be conducted to confirm their findings.
(ILSI News, Jan-March 2005, Vol 23, No 1, p. 7 link)

He may not be talking about results associated with his current study - since this does say he was summarizing "existing" studies. And I wish there had been mention of what kind of weight was lost - fat? Or fat and muscle?


33lbs Wed, Jan-10-07 20:19

Hi Everyone, interesting information
I have followed Dr.Atkins for the past 30 years. My mother turned me onto the diet. She found it late in her life when the damage was already done. Obesity, high bp, diabetes. I feel totally blessed to have eaten this way for most of my like. I would fall off like we do on any diet and get right back on.

I am 52 years old just passed a physical for 300,000 dollars life insurance. I am a gold member. My H was never overweight and as eaten sugar all his life, I noticed his belly and face started to look swollen, his belly was that high kind of a belly, went to MD blood piicture has unfortunately started to change high sugar, high bp, high cholesterol, change in liver function. Very quickly I switched him to Atkins. The sick looking pot belly that he started to get the swollen face has gone he was developing what they call syndrome X just eliminating the sugar he feels better more energy. Within 3 months BS normal BP normal will get retested by insurance company to see if they can come up with a better rate for him he isnt a gold member yet.

I am so glad that Dr. Atkins stuck to his guns and that research is happening to make it conclusive. I just wish I started H earlier and I am now encouraging the kids in that direction. I know they are watching and some things I do have already rubbed off. They dont like the bun with the hamburger


LC FP Wed, Jan-10-07 23:23

I think that is the study I am in

tjf9 that's really cool. I assume you're in the LC side.

One of the problems with any diet study is that it can't be blinded-- you know what you're eating, there's no placebo.

The annoying part of these studies is poor compliance. I'm sure that's why LC always beats low fat for awhile, then the differences start to fade away. Will you be monitored in any way to be sure your carb intake isn't exceeding the guidelines???

Groggy60 Thu, Jan-11-07 12:19

Some of the new studies, however, suggest Atkins may be right, with Atkins dieters losing more weight than those on low-fat diets despite eating more calories.

"Surprised? Definitely," says Bonnie Brehm, a registered dietitian. "We really don't know what the answer is."

They should try Google.

tjf9 Fri, Jan-12-07 13:52

Originally Posted by LC FP
Will you be monitored in any way to be sure your carb intake isn't exceeding the guidelines???

We turn in food logs every week with summaries of our total carb intake and exercise. No one is forcing us to stay under certain carb levels, although it is encouraged. The study I am in is looking at real world conditions - not what loss could be achieved if everyone were perfect. The intention is to give a group of people all the information and support they need to lose weight (on either method) and see if one method is better than the other in the long term.

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