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JEY100 Sun, Sep-05-21 10:43

A Decade on Low Carb…How I finally reached goal
I joined this forum in 2010 to read the research and media section after starting the New Atkins for a New You version of low carb. Over the years I participated in many topic threads but never started a journal or wrote a success story. Now more than a decade later, there finally is a success story to share. I not only met my original goal of 160 pounds, but now weigh 150, a 22 BMI, a total weight loss of 75 pounds … and at 70 years old. Scale weight wasn’t my only goal, but as a cancer survivor, an ideal BMI while eating nutrient dense foods was.

On a very low carb/keto diet, my weight decreased from 225 to 169.The "after photo" on the right was taken in 2012, the top end of healthy BMI range, but never reached my original goal of 160. Briefly touched 165 … twice, then regained and lost again, yo-yoing many times for 10 years, usually between my "new goal" of 169 and 185. I had tried every version of low carb; eating 20 g total carb keto, fasting, carnivore, paleo, and more. If near "maintenance", I would add fat and keep carbs to 20g as advised, but then would regain. So I remained "stalled" half way to goal weight.

Over the past ten years, my blood sugar, though stable, increased due to adaptive glucose sparing. Minor "low thyroid" symptoms; thinning hair, brittle nails, fatigue, joint aches bothered me, but I was getting older. Then last year, restarting at 188 pounds, focusing on the nutrient density of food, increasing net carbs, protein, fiber and micronutrients, increasing satiety per calorie, and finding a fasting window based on my blood glucose levels, I surpassed all my health goals. Symptoms of "low thyroid" disappeared after losing excess weight by obtaining more vitamins and minerals from more fermented dairy, seafood, and vegetables and digestion improved, possibly from healthier gut flora. Blood glucose range is now back to normal and my metabolic flexibility increased. Eating lower fat proteins and more high fiber, high nutrient vegetables results in more satiety at a lower calorie intake. "The best-kept weight-loss secret is simple: If you want to lose fat, you need to control your appetite by finding a way to get more nutrients per calorie from the food you consume!” (Marty Kendall, article linked below). That is adequate protein without excess energy from fat and carbs.

Why do so few nutritionists actually write about nutrition? Before taking electrolytes, immune boosters or having complex thyroid tests, optimize the intake of foods that provide potassium, magnesium, selenium, iodine, niacin, vitamins A,C,D,K and 30 other nutrients. Reduce the fat in meals to focus more on protein and get enough essential nutrients that may benefit your health conditions, bone strength, reduce easy bruising and not worry over "carb creep" from an extra cup of vegetables, even carrots, tubers and fruit. It took a decade for me to find the solution to my "stall" on low carb; Dr Ted Naiman's P:E Diet and Marty Kendall's Optimising Nutrition. All 11 nutrients that benefit thyroid function, and the nutrients to improve other common disorders, are in MartyKendall's article "What is Nutrient Density?

My macro targets for active weight loss are 15-20% (around 50g) non-fiber net carbs of nutrient dense foods (vegetables, fruit, tubers) and about 40% lean protein (protein goal is 145 g based on my ideal weight including more seafood and dairy). That's still low carb in the "real world", but higher carb, higher fiber, higher protein and lower fat than most of the popular "keto" and low carb plans discussed on this forum. DietDoctor has many new practical guides to these foods, links below. Foods still eliminated are sugar, grains, and refined fats, though now with better metabolic flexibility, having those on occasion does not derail me. "People following a low carb diet typically get less magnesium, potassium, folate, calcium, Vitamins A, C and K1, while they will be getting plenty of vitamin B12 and amino acids" as in analysis above. By analyzing my diet with Nutrient Optimiser, I was also low on Selenium and Zinc, two of the 11 nutrients important for thyroid health. Very low carb continues to work for some, but if older, with a history of obesity, and you haven’t reached an optimal goal weight, after increasing protein and lowering fat, also evaluate the nutrition in the food list you are using. [In the comments following this story are lists of some of the specific foods I eat]. After 10 years of yo-yoing with low carb, here’s how I finally found success:

Julia's one year of Data-Driven Fasting:

Julia's 18 months of Data-Driven Fasting:

April 2022 DDF, Julia maintaining without tracking or measuring.

Dr Ted Naiman's The P:E Diet:

The P:E Diet in one calculator:

The Weight Loss version of The P:E Diet:

Dr. Ted Naiman's website:

Marty Kendall's Blog:

Marty Kendall's Optimising Nutrition Community, join free:

More here at Marty Kendall's Data Driven Fasting:
The DDF app is now free as well, joining a challenge for daily support has a modest fee for one month of daily lessons and Live Q&A.

Big, Fat Keto Lies book summary:

DietDoctor, the world's largest low carb resource, has updated its excellent low carb advice to add Higher Satiety.
Top 10 Tasty ways to Eat more Protein and less Fat:

With new High Protein guides from DietDoctor:

Thank you to LowCarbers, WereBear, for her profound quote used at the end of Marty's article, to Jean, cotonpal, for showing us the nutrient dense way and Key Tones for starting the high protein Ted Naiman thread.

November 2021, 150 pounds

JEY100 Sun, Sep-05-21 11:07

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Even though I re-sized a new current photo multiple times, both in pixels and KB, the website is not taking it as an after photo....trying this:

Sept 2021 photo at 153 pounds, about 17 pounds less than the existing "after" photo. Made it my Profile Photo too.

EDIT: It appears the "Gallery" on this older platform does not take new photos, so I am using an outside image service to add photos to posts. See Kristine's answer here:

bkloots Sun, Sep-05-21 15:53

Looking great, Janet! And feeling great, too, for sure. Thanks for sharing your story updated.

cotonpal Sun, Sep-05-21 16:54

I am very happy for you Janet and glad to have a fellow traveler on the nutrient density path.

GRB5111 Mon, Sep-06-21 10:27

Congrats, Janet, on your continued progress to good health. It's fascinating to engage with the forum members here, as this forum continues to be the best classroom I've found for learning and exchanging ideas. As the concepts of low carb and keto continue to be fine tuned with improvements, we have a place where we can stay abreast of good lifestyle practices and share in each others' experiences. The value is immense.

Grav Fri, Sep-10-21 15:40

Congratulations Janet on not just having achieved your goal, but ultimately having surpassed it!

Few things in life are more satisfying than that feeling of finding and settling into that groove of what actually works for you. I'm happy that you have found yours. :)

JEY100 Sat, Sep-11-21 04:02

Hi Brendan! Thanks for the comment. Finally finding what works for me…I should have listened to my mother, more vegetables :lol:

Chris1966 Tue, Sep-14-21 03:54

Thanks so much for sharing.

JEY100 Sun, Sep-19-21 10:41

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Thank you for all the kind comments. Someone on Facebook asked about my body fat percentages and the Renpho bioimpedence scales recommended in DDF. I didn't buy one until 3.5 months into the DDF program ($18 on Amazon!) but here is a side-by-side from Nov 2020 vs. now. There was a nip of fall in the air Friday, so put on this long-sleeved workout shirt for the first time in about five months…stats are on the photo. "Only" 20 pounds in 10 months may seem slow, but at 70 and already a 22 BMI, its fine with me, especially since I eat a wide variety of satiating, enjoyable and nutritious food.

JEY100 Fri, Nov-19-21 09:40

Updating my weight loss graph, from one year to the 15 month results.

I have now lost 38 pounds with Data Driven Fasting and Dr Naiman's The P:E Diet. That is also 75 pounds since I started a low carb diet eleven years ago. Taking "diet breaks" between challenges is an important part of how DDF works, and this graph is a good visual of the process. That "ideal weight" goal for a 5'9" woman is a bit of a stretch at age 70, but my body fat percentage could still be reduced. Starting a new challenge tomorrow to help get through the holidays. :wave:

JEY100 Sun, Dec-26-21 05:24

Happy Holidays!

Doggygirl2 Thu, Dec-30-21 09:24

You look absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much for all you do here on the regular to help and share information, and thank you for sharing your inspiring success story!!!

I have looked at the P:E info (suggested meal charts, etc.) I'm curious about your application, since you are also combining the nutrient density information. What does a typical eating day look like for you? 145g protein sounds like a lot (I am the same height as you, so same BMI chart targets, etc.). I'm also curious about some of your favorite high nutrient density foods other than lean meat. Thanks for anything you care to share specifically about your meals!

JEY100 Thu, Dec-30-21 10:25

I'd love to help you and share the changes I made. I already have a 3 page document (in smallish font!) in narrative form...must get that shaped into something easier than War & Peace. I will send it to you if you PM me with your email. :wave:

For Marty Kendall's more Nutrient Dense meals, I have a running joke with another moderator...his answer is always mackerel. :lol: One major change for me is I'm eating more fish and seafood, that is naturally leaner and has more nutrients like Omega 3 fats, selenium, magnesium, and more! not common in meats. I buy frozen fish fillets from Costco, bake the whole box at once and add to salads or veggies through the week, also canned wild-caught salmon, tuna, and gingerly adding in mackerel, sardines, etc. Nothing wrong with red meat but seafood is more nutrient dense, resulting in more satiety per calorie.

In a recent interview, Ted Naiman said for women having a hard time eating more protein…his P:E "cheat code" is: egg whites, protein powder, and low fat dairy, e.g. yogurt, cottage cheese.

The Protein section from my document:

"Protein: Lead with protein each meal, especially the first meal of the day. Increase gradually the Protein Percentage of your diet. All poultry, fish and shellfish, including canned wild salmon and small fish, are a great foundation for highly nutrient dense meals. Eggs are too, but limit whole eggs in an omelet to two, use egg whites for the rest. Whole hard boiled eggs can be a good snack. Use lean beef, ground beef 90% or leaner, lean sirloin, pork tenderloin. Look up macros for any protein, you may be surprised that 85% Lean ground beef is 54% fat! Avoid fatty roasts and steaks, instead, start with lean proteins and add healthy fats to them as needed. You can easily add fat to protein but it’s hard to take away. No bacon, sausage, pepperoni, hot dogs, nor any processed meats. Whey Protein is an easy low fat, high protein supplement to add to low fat dairy. Real food is preferred, but whey mixed with low fat/0% Fage yogurt or cottage cheese high in protein and calcium was satiating to me. As a 70 year old woman, my protein goal of 145 g based on my ideal weight, from only meat, chicken, fish and vegetables was difficult for me to reach without those dairy sources. Make the first meal in the day high in protein, with high satiety per calorie. Example of an easy recipe is 2 eggs, with lots of flavorful vegetables and a half cup egg whites (liquid from carton fine) or more, and leftover meat or fish. High protein, high nutrient density, high satiety per calorie. This protein forward first meal is so satiating, most days I only have two meals, around noon & 6pm, no snacks. My time restricted eating was determined according to my own hunger signals, based on my own blood sugar levels, not by a clock based on an arbitrary fasting schedule." That is..Data Driven Fasting

Check out some of the video and podcast interviews with Ted Naiman and Marty Kendall in those threads linked in the story. The podcasts with Bett Lucas are clear, basic, full of good tips for beginners. Marty and Ted are both interesting and fun speakers…one of my favorite interviews is the two together:

Added to all this protein (and it is a lot!) are way more fiberous vegetables than I ate on the various low-carb plans I've followed the past decade. My favorite quick first meal was a pan of Costco Stir-Fry frozen vegetables ( the mix has orange and yellow carrots :) ) with whatever leftover meat, canned salmon or fish on hand. These meals are so satiating I did not miss cheese, fats, cream, etc. Forget the gooey ground beef casseroles with cream cheese and shredded cheddar, the Fathead pizza dough, and Chaffles. Check Marty's Instagram page for recipe ideas,, his recipe's are also on Pinterest, or make any of the Simple Protein plus Veggies Meals, samples on Dr. Naiman's weight loss version:
The P:E Diet book has many more meals, with again, very simple instructions, can't really call Ted's "recipes".

In the link about my first year with DDF, my P:E food choices were very simple. If it had a P:E ratio higher than 1, it was good to go. When I made 2 eggs for the nutrients in the yolk, the added egg whites improved both protein % and satiety. Most anything below 1 on this chart. was no longer on my menu. No bacon, cream cheese, cream, Swiss cheese, salami, pepperoni, etc. "Keto" popularity is way down because many who try it stall out above their goal, and way too many regain (I did). A plate of bacon, gooey casseroles, limited fiber and nutrients from low calorie vegetables, high fat high calorie foods do not provide enough satiety per calorie..

Dr Naiman: "Basically everyone that a primary care doctor meets in the real world would benefit immensely from attempting to double their protein and fiber grams while halving fat and non-fiber carb grams daily."

Gypsybyrd Sat, Jan-01-22 17:09

Congratulations! Well done and thank you for sharing!

Bangle Sat, Jan-15-22 11:50

Wow....thanks for sharing. I have so much more to learn on this journey. You are inspiring!

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