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Demi Mon, Dec-02-19 02:22

Can a pair of ‘sun ears’ really cure the winter blues?
Can a pair of ‘sun ears’ really cure the winter blues? Half of us suffer from low moods in winter - now Scandi experts claim a revolutionary new gadget that lights up our brains could raise our spirits

We’re all familiar with light boxes, used to treat SAD, but, for many, their inconvenience outweighs their usefulness.

I tried one but found it impossible to slot into a busy day, as you have to sit close to it for an hour and something would always distract me.

The HumanCharger device (£175, removes the nuisance factor entirely. Invented in Finland, it’s a calibrated white-light-emitting device that stimulates the photosensitive receptors of the brain.

In other words, via a pair of earbuds, it shines light through your ear canals, tissues and skull, directly to those parts of the brain that are sensitive to light. The device itself is about the size of an old-school iPod Nano, and you only have to wear the earbuds for 12 minutes a day.

The manufacturers make big claims for it, promising to increase your alertness, improve your energy levels, enhance your mood and give you better cognitive performance (reaction speed and concentration) — all in about five days of use.

It can also be used to combat jet lag, plus the white light is UV-free, so it’s safer than real sunlight.

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