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LINDAGAIL Tue, Jul-04-06 11:52

Where do I shop in Blaine and Bellingham?
:help: :help: Going across the border this week, can you guys tell me all the places to shop and if you know what they offer?

Thanks in advance.

spin21 Fri, Jul-14-06 20:21

Cash & Carry - 405 Ohio Street (Exit 254)
Davinci syrups (many flavors under $4.00 eachgalore, And cheap.

Hood Calorie (was Carb) Countdown Milk, Dannon low-carb yogurt, Crystal light drinks (much more flavors in US including decaf iced tea, and lemonade in individual packets).

My favorite place is a bit further on (just north of Everitt):

Super Walmart - Hood Milk (regular, chocolate and low-fat), Dannon yogurt, cans of sugar-free whipped cream,, other Crystal light drink flavors and other ugar-free drink powders, sugar-free sweet pickles.

I used to buy the Hershey 1-gram sugar chocolates with erythritol, but I think they are not discontinued (nobody has had them the last few times I went down.)

I go down regularly just for the Hood milk, now that Dairyland has stopped making their low-carb milk.

Hope that helps

blueowl Wed, Jul-19-06 22:15

Also Fred Myers sells Dreamfields Pasta. This is by far the best pasta on the market

spin21 Wed, Jul-19-06 22:25

Nature Living Health at 2688 Arbutus Street (at 11th Ave) has Dreamfields (and lots of other great low carb stuff).

boxrluvr Sat, Dec-09-06 14:12

I was in Bellingham yesterday
I found low carb tortillas, bread and DaVinci syrup in the Walmart...

Pars Sun, May-20-07 14:30

I will also be heading down to Blaine/Bellingham in the next week... does anyone know if the advice in this thread is current?

I am specifically seeking Dreamfields Pasta, Davinci syrups, and low carb wraps.

Thanks in advance.

sunpines Mon, May-21-07 11:46

Last time I was in bellingham (feb.), the Cash & Carry ~ 405 Ohio Street still had an incredible selection of davinci, torani and oscar's SF syrups, all really cheap (maybe around $4 US now). lbp_1.htm

tiashanty Fri, Nov-09-07 17:28

I have just come back from Bellingham and found this Cash and Carry store. Thanks so much for telling us about it. I couldn't believe the variety of flavours of the sugar free syrups. They were $3.63 US for the same size bottle that I've been paying $16.00 online! I bought 12 flavours that I haven't tried.

unitydkn Fri, Nov-09-07 18:57

I live in ferndale and work at fred meyers so what are you looking for? Cash & carry has heavy cream at 5.49? for a half gal.. wal mart does not have much.. super sup as the best price on coconut oil (2 blocks from my freddy's) We do have dreamfields and locarb tortillas and these other wrap things that are good but I don't remember the carb count... also last night our can. exch. was 1.033... the best anywhere.. last year we had locarb eggnog but I don't know if we are getting it in.. ask away

spin21 Fri, Nov-09-07 20:49

Fred Meyer is my store of choice now as it is the only place I know which carries the Hood milk. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, it looked like the chocolate was no longer available, but there was plenty of the 2%. I also like to get the Dannon sugar-free yougurt.

It would be great to try the low carb eggnog, Unitydkn. I would appreciate it if you would post and let us know if it is being carried this year. Also, do you know of any stores that carry the Land O Lakes sugar free whipped cream in the can?


unitydkn Sat, Nov-10-07 02:28

I will look and which one do you shop at? ... we have the isi whipped cream maker and charges to..

I work at lakeway in the eve....

spin21 Wed, Nov-14-07 18:38

Thanks, unitydkn.

I have only been to the one on Bakerview Rd. as it is the closest one to Vancouver. I'm hoping that if your store has it, then this one will also. If it doesn't, I will continue down I5 to Lakeway Dr.

TinaBC Wed, Nov-14-07 18:52

I am from Seattle but have lived in Vancouver the past few years.. near Vancouver anyway..Sunshine Coast.

Anyway, Fred Meyer and Target are the two places I go to when I cross the border every single time. Target not for low carb stuff , just general shopping. If you have kids, it is awesome.

My other favourite store is Trader Joes and I heard they have one in Bellingham now off State Street. Lots of good stuff there. Too much to write out, just go !

Those are the three stores I miss most since moving NOB.

I cross every month or so and never fail to hit all three.


unitydkn Wed, Nov-14-07 21:22

Land O Lakes sugar free whipped cream...still looking for this
low carb eggnog..not yet ..will ask PIC if we are getting this soon
chocolate Hood..fill out a customer comment card it does help

Trader Joes..get off at sunset dr. exit (1 past mall) go strait through light (you will be on James st) 1/2 mile down on the left after 2nd light...really hard to miss... I want to go there within the week is there something you want me to look for?

unitydkn Wed, Nov-14-07 21:26

ok quick plug ....this week if you spend 100 including, clothes and home, before tax you get a free turkey and our Canadian exchange was 1.074 on 11/14/07

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