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LebenRedux Fri, Mar-02-18 06:03

I am having difficulty using My P.L.A.N. It just doesn't seem very user friendly, especially for newbies. For example, just finding how to log a food entry in the diary is a bit of a search, trial and error. Then, a big problem I'm facing now, how to delete a food entry in the diary is a puzzle: I see the box to select the item I want to delete but there is no accompanying "delete" button to carry out the action. It doesn't seem like this should be so hard to accomplish. Advice? (PS -- Frustrated too with the search function. Using advanced search yields no results across the website, or across My PLAN forum, for a "delete entry" or even just "delete" search. Why? How do I make the search function work for my needs?)

LebenRedux Fri, Mar-02-18 06:11

So I found the "delete items" option (that I swear wasn't there the first four times I looked for it) and when I selected the two out of three items I wanted to delete and then deleted them, all three out of my items deleted, not just the two I had selected. My PLAN needs serious technical housekeeping.

Rosebud Fri, Mar-02-18 20:21

Have you checked through the FAQ sticky? :)

LebenRedux Sat, Mar-03-18 06:54

Originally Posted by Rosebud
Have you checked through the FAQ sticky? :)

Sorry, still learning: "sticky"? (I'll read up on it, though, thx.)

I did try searching the FAQs using the advanced search. But there's the rub.

Rosebud Sat, Mar-03-18 19:22

At the top of this forum (and several others), certain useful and /or interesting threads are "stuck" or pinned. That means they stay there no matter what, and are usually worth reading.

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