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baajhan Thu, Oct-03-02 06:22

any suggestion on OAT meal?
what can be done with OAT... how do i prepare it? wat are all the different preparations?

because oat is low in CARB real low carb food....


agonycat Thu, Oct-03-02 06:39


Oatmeal is fairly high in carbs. 1/2 cup of cooked steel cut oats has 26 carbs and only 4 fiber. So depending on your current level of the Atkin's diet may be a bit too high for consumption.

I workout 6 days a week so I can do a higher carb count. I normally prepare them as stated on the package and add cinnamon, pat of butter and a tsp of heavy cream.

baajhan Thu, Oct-03-02 22:47

Err.... i hv say 50 grams of oat meal every day morning with some beans, or egg, or cauli flowers or some thing.

I thought it was the best i can have in the mornings. Because i dd not find anything else to eat. i dont eat meat... i mean non-veg - so wat do i do???? :confused:

Karen Fri, Oct-04-02 06:51

Hi Baajhan,

You really do need some form of protein to low-carb. Dairy or soy products or eggs.

Have you had a chance to read one of the low carb books yet or check out the Atkins website so you'll have the information on how and why low-carbing works and why protein and fat are essential?

Here is a vegetarian low-carb site that will help you out.


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