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JEY100 Wed, May-29-19 03:55

DietDoctor has a new list of upcoming Keto events worldwide. In addition to the one in Montreal, there is a Keto Conference in August in Toronto.

Great Canadian Keto Conference 2019
When? August 17, 2019.

Where? Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Find out more: Great Canadian Keto Conference 2019

Kristine Tue, Jul-23-19 01:54

I'm really disappointed to see how prohibitively expensive this is. I'm out. $49 just to walk in the door and shop: no participation in the conference. You pay extra to see any of the speakers. $109 just to see one speaker. For full access, it's over $450. I could fly to another conference and probably even grab a hotel for that. Sheesh. :thdown:

Am I just naive about how much is reasonable for these conferences to cost? The Kingston conference was $150 for everything, including a very good LC lunch. I mean, I know first-hand how expensive Toronto is, but public transit is pretty easy - they didn't have to have it downtown.

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