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izzyfit Sat, Nov-10-18 08:43

How are you feeling Janet? I hope better ((hugs))

Maral, where are you, how are you doing?

I have a rough week this week, I cave in and ate too many sweets :( need to make sure I stop eating sugary stuff, my body is in pain and I need to make better choices.

janetkind Sun, Nov-25-18 14:02

Hi, Izzy,
So sorry to you and Maral for not being here.
As We know we can not be non posters.
Have to stay together for us to make it.And the last few weeks left of this year is going to be harder.
I just got back from Fla. and then went to Chicago for Thanksgiving with daughter and her family.
As course have not been doing as good as I should have.
But Yesterday I have started back. Going to keep going for next few weeks.
Going To eat less carbs. and watch those cals.
I have to get back into moving this body.
Like I said this is the worst year for me of falling off track.
How are you doing Izzy? I see you are having a hard time also.
Maral, Get back also.
Hope I hope we have not stopped posting as even just a hi. helps.
We can get over this high hill of No where.
Later and hope we are still together. And as a New year comes> Hope others will join in.{No mater what plan u are on.

janetkind Mon, Nov-26-18 15:23

Today I said to self{Like I have before.
This has to stop. You have come so far and got healthy and look great and Now you are blowing it and heading for a big slip.
And Why?
So today I'm taking me back and try again.
Going to do more soups and salads and beans. Less meats.
Going to do lower carbs and still watch and count calaries.
Eat healthy food and still eat good fats and good carbs.
And Yes> Get back into Smoothies{Green and healthy.
That worked for me 5 years.
Like I have said this year has been the hardest.
Can not let those bad foods{And yes they are good. But bad for weight loss and worst yet> For our body and cells.
I guess we have to really look inside and see. How we what to be.
And me> I what weight loss, health and to feel like me. and only I can do it.
Still we all need to stay on track and post.

So I will post even if I talk to self.
Maral, Izzy how are you?
We have Until Jan.1st.
and Just maybe We can get others to join .
Hugs if you need it.
We can.

janetkind Tue, Nov-27-18 09:46

Today is another good day.
Looking at how to change things around and still eat low carbs but yet healthy ones. Along with good healthy fats.
I'm up from 128 this month to>131
But that is still highier on what I have been. So looks like I need to lose 11lbs to get back on a loseing track and be like I was .
So hard work and learning about how and have less to none slips.
If I can just be even. Next Month 12/1st and be at least 128{Nov.1s twas> 128

I also think thatwhen I get back to exeriscing and sauna. that will be another key.
I guess I should ask> Why did I fall so hard this year. when I did not.
April1st2019 will be 6 years that I started this road to health and weight loss. And I will get back and Just keep working at it.
No bad foods for just eating is Not worth it in long run. We always feel better when we get healthy. We can heal our bodies and help it work like it should.
Our cars would not work if we put bad sugars in gas tank so why would our bodies work on it?
Hope Izzy and Maral you will be back and we keep this going.
Hope to talk soon to u both. Learn tips from each other and just hi.

janetkind Wed, Nov-28-18 10:00

Still doing good.
Weight is still holding at 131{Which is still to high. Must get this down.
Been looking at green smoothies to get ready to do them and stay with it.
I;m looking at ones that are lower in carbs and healthy.
Hope all is well with u both.
Why not posting? Are you still working at getting healthy?

Nemaste Thu, Apr-18-19 02:13

So Iím crawling back to this thread with my tail between my legs... Iím not sure where Iíve been but Iím back to focussing on getting my weight down. I just got back from a holiday in Turkey and my weight had me feeling uncomfortable so I am determined to get it down before summer arrives in the Uk. I will stay on phase 1 of the plan and follow the food list at the beginning of this thread. I realise this thread has not been active for a while but thatís OK, if no-one joins me Iíll use it for accountability. I will update stats later.

Molly B Fri, Nov-22-19 14:57

Hello. My name is Molly. I'm 51, and this is Day 2 of the SBD for me. Don't know if anyone will even read this. But I have to hold myself accountable, and this board, and the amazing people here, helped me so much in the past. So I'm back.

I have a little over 100 lbs to lose. Currently, I'm 271 at 5'4". I had surgery on my right foot in March, non-weight-bearing recovery for the first 3 months, in a hard cast, then boot, on a knee scooter, for total of 6 months. The swelling has not gone down-- my dr. said it would easily take up to one year. It's 8 months now, and my foot is doing great! I will have to have the same surgery soon on my left foot. The thing is, I sat around a LOT and ate TONS. I'm legally blind, so I'm 100% disabled, and do not work or have a career. So I had the luxury of sitting on my butt and feeling sorry for myself, bored out of my mind, and so what did I do? I ate. And ate. AND ATE. I easily put on 70 lbs this past year.

One hundred pounds is my goal, to lose, but more would be great too.

A week ago, I sustained a horrible back injury when I tore my L5-S1 lumbar disc and it leaked out, pushing on my sciatic nerve and spinal cord. I was HOWLING and CRYING in pain and I saw my primary dr., got steroid shot, steroids to take by mouth, etc., but none helped. Two days later I was in the ER. They did an x-ray and said I have so many things wrong in my lumbar that they were not sure which is the problem. (I have torn my L4-L5 and L5-S1 in the past, where they leaked out then too. I need a spinal fusion, but I freaked out and that is the first time I tried the SBD. I lost 69lbs in six months! No exercise!) I didn't want that spinal fusion surgery with hardware, so I lost weight. I guess that was in 2012 or so.

So here I am again, a ruptured leaking disc, miserable. My entire left leg is numb, yet the pain is shooting all the way down my sciatic nerve, into my toes. It's so painful, it is not funny one bit. I can't hardly walk. My leg is DEAD. My right leg is numb from the knee down, not as bad, and no pain shooting down it, but I am scared.

Scared enough to start the SBD yesterday. Today is Day 2. The batteries in my scale are dead, so I have to get new ones. I just bought a smart watch to help me out-- the FitBit Versa 2. I love it! It helps me keep track of my food intake, calories burned, steps walked, hear rate, all of that good stuff. It is on sale right now for $149, which is $50 off the regular price. I got mine at Amazon and got next day shipping free.

So I am back. It's great to be back. I look forward to meeting you all on here. I will come here every day and post. I've already ran across many of the threads I started years ago, the questions, the answers, the recipes, the bad days/good days.

I'm feeling a little shaky today, but I'm also on mega doses of even more powerful steroids now, as well as Lyrica, and some Tylenol 3. I also had another super dose of steroids in a shot in my butt. My second shot in the rump, and I didn't feel it at ALL because my buttock is totally numb/dead like my right leg. Hmph. That is one benefit of my situation, hahahaha.

Someone please respond. Let me know you are out there. It seems like this board has slowed down sooooooooo much. Where IS everybody??? This was and is the best board out here, so please, someone reach out and say hello. I'm going to need a lot of support from friends here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I truly appreciate it. Feeling good and motivated! I'm GOING to DO THIS! I did it before, so I know I can do it again!

izzyfit Wed, Dec-11-19 18:10

Hi Molly, I am sorry to hear about your leg and back. I do hope SBD can help you this time too.

I too want to come back to a sort of adjusted SBD. In 2007 I lost 40lbs with SBD and felt great but slowly put it all back. About two years ago I started having different pains and symptoms and every time I went to the doctor I was told that everything was fine. Last year I was told I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I do have symptoms of RA and Hashimotos but I haven't been diagnosed.

A few months ago I started having stomach problems and gallbladder symptoms, however, my gallbladder was removed 14years ago. I did whole 30 for 2 months and while I did felt good and lost some weight my inflammation did not go away. I was told to follow an AIP diet (antiinflammatory paleo diet) I have tried but I haven't been able to stick to it.

Last month I had an MRI done and it showed that I have 3 lesions in the liver, a very dilated bile duct and a small trace of fluid in the lungs. I need to get an endo and colonoscopy done but I had to reschedule due to bronchitis. It seems my immune system is very low and I am tired of being tired and sick.

I need to lose about 60 to 70lbs and due to my stomach problems I was recommended to keep a low fat and carb diet.

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