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izzyfit Thu, Sep-06-18 04:18

Good morning ladies, I totally forgot to post yesterday. I am doing good but having lots of cravings. It is very hard when you have two teenagers that eat all day. They do eat pretty healthy and mostly fruits and veggies, we keep bag of chips for them to bring to school with their lunches or to snack before dinner.

Today, I am making my own version of crack slaw; cabbage, carrots, onions, ground beef and hot sauce. I sautee the cabbage, onions and carrots in ghee add a bit of salt or adobo then add the cooked ground beef and mix it with some Cholula hot sauce :)

Maral, the other day I was thinking on making Kaylin's white chicken chili, I made it once and it was delicious.

janetkind Thu, Sep-06-18 09:14

Hi Girls. Glad all is doing well. I'm doing good 2.
Izzy what is Ghee? Is that like butter?

Lisa, how are you doing?

Going to get a 4 mile walk in today.
Went to eye Dr. and eye is doing much better.
Keeping cals. 1,000
Going to make some type of low carb green smoothie .
Yesterday I had 4 .5 oz.of Chicken made with Almond flour.
and 2 slices of cheese.
Lunch was soup and 2 rice cakes.
1 boiled egg
1/4 avoco.
Have a great day girls.
We are doing very well.
I know we all will have something off by end of month..


izzyfit Fri, Sep-07-18 04:14

Happy Friday!

Janet- Ghee is clarified butter (pretty much you take the protein out of the butter) So glad to hear your eye is healing.

I wake up yesterday with a lot of pain in my knees and my back started hurting too. It seem like I have an arthritis flare up. My back is bit better today, but my knees are still tender so I need to take it easy today. Today, I need to go to shopping. I need an entryway rug, some pillows for my living room and a centerpiece for my dining room. I can also do it tomorrow, but dh travels M-F and I like to be free on weekends so we can spend it with the boys and dh.

For dinner I am planning on making chicken, with broccoli and a side salad.

janetkind Fri, Sep-07-18 09:27

Hi Izzy,I need to change things in my house also. Just to give diff. look.
Like pillows bedding and so on.
Wash windows to before closeing house for late fall and winter.
Time sure passes.I hope your back feels better and knee.
Just keep loseing weight and getting fit and move that body.
We can age heathier as long as we treat our bodies with good foods and exercise. Just some times those slips hurt.
But I think we all have choices. eighter start changing or stay same or go down hill.
Today big salad and soups, and smoothie.
If u see me useing the word Blast{It is a smoothie. I just call it a blast.
It helps so much to keep posting. even just to say hi. and when we do fall.Post{but hey we said no slips this month.ha
,How are you other girls doing.?

maral427 Sat, Sep-08-18 00:56

good morning ladies,
havent posted in a bit so i just wanted to check in. since getting back from washington things have been very crazy. i am managing to stay on plan. hoping to have a decent weighin sunday.

i can see why those in the low carb community use cauliflower. i have been regularly using it for my mock mashed potatoes and tonight i made a mock risotto using mushrooms and cauliflower. i will post the recipe but it was delicious. i am thinking of getting some cauliflower at the farmers market, riceing it and tossing it in the freezer. in the winter months cauliflower is very expensive. thinking of doing the same with zucchini as well. maybe ill hit the farmers market in the morning.

I have not been hungry lately. I am not sure why. I have had to force myself to eat snacks and the other day I skipped lunch. I am not really sure what is going on? I am on phase two. Today I had about a half cup cooked oatmeal(1/4 cup dry). Nervous about adding carbs back in even whole grains. Tomorrow I weigh in. Please wish me luck.

hope this message finds you all doing well!! glad to see you ladies posting on here. just want to thank you for being here and for all of the support you give.

izzyfit Sun, Sep-09-18 13:44

Good afternoon ladies, I hope you all are having a great Sunday!

Maral, I hope you did well at weight in. Yes, there is so much you can do with cauliflower, my favorite is riced cauliflower and I sauteed it with different veggies and then I add shredded chicken and hot sauce. I didn't know you could froze zucchinis. Not being hungry was one of the things I noticed last time I did SBD. but I only noticed during phase 1. I was told that happens when you are in ketosis and that is normal. As long as you are eating the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs it is ok if you don't have snacks every day. Good luck with PH2.

Today, I need to work on a menu plan for this coming week. I want to finish everything I have in the fridge before I go to the store. I have a head of cauliflower and some mushrooms that I need to use before it goes bad. I also have a some lettuce and cabbage. I just need to check what protein we have in the freezer. Do you meal prep for the week? I always try but most of the time I end up making something totally different than what I plan :lol:

maral427 Wed, Sep-12-18 19:01

Hello everyone! I know protein shakes for most of the day is not and but I figured I'd post anyway. Going to do this until Saturday to see if it kick-starts anything and then I think I will go back to sbd.

izzyfit Thu, Sep-13-18 05:40

Maral- good luck with the protein shakes. What brand are you using? Make sure you are also drinking a lot of water some protein shakes are high in fiber and can cause bloating.

janetkind Thu, Sep-13-18 10:40

Hi Girls.

Some times Lisa, we just have to redo plans and reset body. Just make sure your shakes are heathy as you can make or buy.
I'm on day 3 of hitting harder and cals>600 cals. But yesterday was 670
Got on scale and was down other lb.
Now to lose 3 lbs and I will be back to normal weight for me.{At the high end.
My weight for me is 90-123 lbs. I'm tiny bone{
But I'm going to get to 110 lbs and No more then 108
That way It will give me a play ground.
Today makeing a Big pot of cabbage soup with lots of veggies .
Going to boil eggs.
I just have to get this moving back to what I had off.[Getting closer.
I got a veggie burgar that was> Black bean spice and it was good.
[Glad to see you girls are still hanging in and posting.
We can and we are.
Do not for get to move that body .
I think next week ,I will start getting in sauna and restart detoxing.
I have to get my vitamins together.
and should make tea.
So glad to talk to you both.
Just maybe soon we can get others here.
And Lisa, You post no mater what.

maral427 Thu, Sep-13-18 12:42

hello ladies,
really good to read your posts!! I am glad you both are here and that we are getting this board going. I went shopping for clothes the other day. I was able to buy leggings that were size 11-13 and womens shirts in medium. I used to be a 3x top and 32/34 pants when I started. guess I need to look at this as a victory even though I am struggling with the numbers on the scale. hoping for good results when I weigh in on sunday (keeping my fingers crossed).
went to the gym yesterday. they were having a grand opening celebration. got some really cool stuff! they gave out a bunch of protein bars, samples of protein powder, a shaker cup, water bottle, gym bag, coupons for the health food store in the same plaza. they had food there but served pizza and cupcakes so I skipped that and grabbed a bottled water along with the healthy stuff/goodies they gave out.
this weekend I get to spend some time with my two grandbabies. I am a 46 year old grandmother of two -one boy one girl from my daughter, who is my only child, all of which I spoil terribly. I am engaged to my daughters father. we split up a very long time ago and have rekindled our relationship. we have been together about four years now. we have set a date and will be married in august of 2020.
for protein powder I drink eas 100% whey. I get a big bag at my local warehouse club. its very reasonable and you get 30 grams of protein in each shake with not lots of sugar or carbs. I also drink the premier protein ready to serve shakes . I get them at the same warehouse club I belong to as they are much cheaper there as well. my favorite is chocolate and banana.
ive been much better at taking my vitamins since ive been on this board. I have been taking a multivitamin, a hair skin and nail vitamin, and vitamin d. when I had my physical my labwork showed that my vitamin d levels were very low so the doctor prescribed vitamin d pills. everything else with my labs came out perfect so that is amazing news!!
the beginning of October I get to go back to the biggest loser fitness camp in java ny. this time for three days. last oct my job paid for me to go there for a week. I pay nothing when I go. this is will be the fourth time I am going there that work is paying for it. its really wonderful and nothing like the show but you do workout a lot and they give you very healthy meals!! its really nice me time and every time I go I always learn something and try to incorporate it in my life. I don't have to cook, clean, or really do anything but workout and spend time on myself. last time I was there they added a room with massage chairs and we have access to essential oils. I plan on using that a lot along with the pool and fitness facilities. its amazing that this is free!!
well ladies done ranting. thank you for bearing with the long post. hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

janetkind Sat, Sep-15-18 20:28

Hi, Ladies.
For some reason this site was a no show. It did not work. At first I thought I got cut off.
Oh Lisa, That is so wonderful on getting into new sizes. It makes you feel so good and gives you a big push.
I know the feeling also.
I went shopping for a outfit in Nov. to go to wedding. And I was shocked that I got into a p size 4
and On jeans Skinny jeans as they call them now>6p

I think that is wonderful that you and ex, husband are getting back.
Still Im having a hard time. seem to do well and really talk the walk but I fall after 3 days.
Couple days ago made cabbage soup and been helping.
I have 2 weeks or little over to get something off[That I had regained. This is the hardest year. and I have been doing this Since April 1st 2013. You know Lisa, It gets harder as we age. so great thing you are getting ahead of the game. You just can not go back. Scale messes with my head also.
I have to get with smoothies again and do more plant base with them.
and just reset. I just hope my reset button stops on go.ha
Im going for check up also in few weeks to see were Im at.But so far doing good.
My blood preasure was 107 over 78 so good.
I have been looking at all my diet and health books.I have them all.
I also like health shows
Boy you hit luck withGoing to the Biggest loser fit nesscamp. Is that like show?
You go girl.
And free.
You keep doing it girl.
Come on girls get back here and talk.

izzyfit Sun, Sep-16-18 07:31

Hello girls, I don't know what was wrong with the site. I kept trying to get in but it said it was down.

Maral, the non-scale victories are the best. When I was more active and doing weight training I wasn't losing lbs, in fact I gain 5lbs and I was so discourage. However, my husband was telling me that I look leaner. I measured myself and in fact I had lost lost of inches and I was down a size in paints.
I am so happy for your that you get to experience the Biggest Loser Fitness camp every year. Learn as much as you can and maybe when you are back you can share a few tips with us ;)

On Thursday I received a call from my Rheumatologist letting me know that they had an opening for the next day (my appt was next year in March) so of course I said yes. He thinks that what I have is OA (osteoarthritis) and seem like it is kind of advanced. but that is why I am always so inflamed and lots of pain. He was a little concerned because he said that this type of arthritis is more common on women after 60 years old. I have a whole bunch of test and x-rays to do to make sure I don't also have something else too, and he wants to see me back in 6 weeks.

He recommended me to change my diet, no wheat, sugar, dairy, maybe night shades if I noticed pain after I eat them because this things are the ones that can inflamed my body the most. I need to exercise more but I need to keep it low impact and not to over due it so I don't do more damage that is already done. So I guess is time to be 100% on plan.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Today is my youngest son birthday. He is officially a teenager today!

janetkind Mon, Sep-17-18 17:07

Hi, Girls.
Was a busy day.been doing good so far.{But I have said that before.
I was looking at my weight chart and I have not loss since May.[In fact regained 7 lbs and it goes down couple and gain .But no more the 7.
so This has to be it for me. I have to get back and get down first to 123 and then hit 120 lbs{Like I was.
today we also went out and I got a* veggie wrap]Wheat and side cole slaw. Cals. were 900 cals.For today.
So that means nothing more today.
going to finish my cabbage soup tomorrow{As that has been my main stay[As u can have all u want.
And that saves me cals.[I like it too.
Going to make more boiled eggs and another pot of cabbage soup.
I have the biggest loser book also. I loved that show.
But I wished they would have had more on types of foods and stuff like that.
Going to y tomorrow. Lisa Do give tips when u get back. That would help.
Just wanted to say. We can and keep moving.
Also muscle burns fat.
and as we age we need to tone. Just have to push our way to healthier road.
As long as we try and do. we will make it.
But I sure thought I would have been to my goal?110 lbs But you girls watch.I will.
Have a great day.

izzyfit Tue, Sep-18-18 04:00

Good morning girls!

Janet- hang in there you will be in your goal weigh in no time. Maybe change your workout routine a bit. The body adapt to routines very easy and they recommend changing it often.

Maral- how are you doing?

izzyfit Wed, Sep-19-18 05:57

Happy Wednesday ladies, I hope you both are doing ok?

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well, my legs were very swollen and I gain another 2lbs :( I need to prep for my meals better so I don't end up eating what I cook for the boys. Yesterday I made mac and cheese for the boys and I was too lazy to make a salad for me so I ate mac and cheese too. I really need to clean up my diet. All this carbs and hurting me more that I can think, I really don't know what is so hard for me to make better choices this time. I love eating veggies and I am always craving them, but I really dislike cooking and I am too lazy to cook two separate dinners. I really need to plan better.

janetkind Wed, Sep-19-18 14:55

Hi Girls.
still doing good.Going to weigh Friday or Sat. and see.
Went to eye Dr.
doing good there too.
Yesterday made another pot of cabage soup{That has been saving me.and cals.
Tonight thing I will make a bean wrape with veggies on a low carb wrap.
and small salald/
cals were yesterday>550[But it held me and I was good with that. Taking b12and other vitamins too.
Tonight going to get on tredmil and do 3 miles.
And should also use weights.
Or also do ab crushes. 50and do that 2-3days aweek.
I really hope to be back to 123Oct.1st.[3lbs to go and keep working at it.
I boiled eggs also.
Hang in there. It gets better. Just have to say to self.Do I really want this? and if yes>Then u will.
It is a life time of watching and doing. It is those darn slips to the other side of bad foods.
Have a good day both of u.
Hope you feel better Izzy. Mor weight u lose the better it gets. Good foods can heal.

janetkind Wed, Sep-19-18 21:13

Izzy, Hope you are feeling better. That weight gain could be water weight.In couple days it will be gone.
I went to eye Dr. today doing good. I thought maybe close to catracts But No>Maybe 5 years then get the surgery.
Still doing good on my plan and so far working.
I hope Oct 1st to drop another 3 lbs and get to>123 and keep going.

Lisa<how are you doing. I bet really good. You have the wilpower that is for sure. In fact both of you girls.
Just wanted to say hi and lets keep it up.

izzyfit Thu, Sep-20-18 10:14

Hello ladies :) Maral where are you? I hope you are doing good.

Janet- thanks for the kind words. I am feeling a bit better today but my legs still very swollen.

I am glad your eye visit went good. Wow, 3 more lbs for you to reach your Sept goal, I am super happy for you ((hugs))

izzyfit Mon, Oct-01-18 06:07

How is everyone doing?

Today is the start of a new month. Let's do our best to stay on track and crush our goals!

Last month I didn't do too well, I actually ended up gaining 2lbs. I need to stay accountable this month and watch everything I eat. My biggest problem are the weekends, it is so hard to stay on track and I always end up over indulging.

maral427 Thu, Oct-04-18 13:50

Hi ladies. How are you both doing. My eating has been terrible die to stress eating. I don't even want to weigh myself. I also stoped working out. Had a lot of stressful carp happen and did a lot of emotional eating the last few weeks. The week before I started my overeating business i had protein shakes and low carb meal at dinner and I had a gain. Got discouraged and then I overate. Then did a bunch of.emotional eating on too many carbs. I am at the biggest loser for three days. Just finished day two. Everything here is very healthy. Lots of veggies, good oils, proteins. Carbs are either in the veggies or they do give you fruit. I am going to start strength training this coming week because that is what my fitness program is lacking. I think my focus is going to be exercise and phase one. i need to make sure I stay on plan with my food and my exercise. The weight will When I hit phase two I think I will add a small serving of strawberries or blueberries twice a week. Other than that my body does not do well with carbs,even whole grains. I am glad you ladies are keeping this going . Promise to post more!!

janetkind Thu, Oct-04-18 16:33

Hi Girl,
So glad you are back and I know Izzy will be also.
Maral, It is hard and just seems like this weight will not come off.
The scale misses with my head and when I seen even a small gain{And it does happen. I just go and eat every thing I have not been eating. and Then I get mad at self and get back on scale and see a gain{Wonder why?
So far this month is doing good for me. I have a small goal{And I think Izzy is with me-Lose for this month 2-4lbs.
If I lose 2 lbs a month is better then gaining.
Last couple days holding.As also want to eat bad when I get bored or stressed.
That should Not be the reason to over eat.
I just think maybe for us[Or should say me is to try to lose -6-8 lbs before New year.
We all have to pick what road to go on and try to stay on it.
There are so many diets and plans out there. We have to find the right one for us and maybe instead of 1plan it might take 2 plans together.
For me have to get back to Green smoothies and do 2-3 .
I got almond and cashew milk 25 cal for 8 oz.
I also have to get and stay with moving this body and should do weights. Muscle burns fat. As we age we lose muscle.
Today I have soup and 2 rice cakes
and 1 egg
and dinner I just made me 1/2 cottage chesse and 1/2 Navy beans. It was good and im full.
Tonight find something to have as a snack and no more then350 cals.
Maybe a smoothie[Small one.
Take care and u will be fine. As long as you talk and when in need u have Izzy and I to help pull u along.
You have come far girl.

izzyfit Fri, Oct-05-18 04:38

Hi Maral, welcome back! Don't beat your self too bad. Everyone does fall out of the healthy wagon at some point and that is ok, the important thing is to hop back on and continue, and that is what you are doing :)

Do you keep a journal? I am an emotional eater and carb/sugar holic. For me if I restrict my calories too much, my cravings and stress goes higher and if I eat something out of plan I will over eat on it and then I will start binge eating. That is why I keep loosing and gaining the same 10lbs over and over. Be patient, trust yourself, you have come a long way and now it is going to be harder and slower because your body is getting used to it. Maybe is time to change it a bit.

Strength training is good but keep in mind that when you increase your training you also need to make sure you are eating enough for your muscles to recuperate so don't restrict your calories too much. You will need more carbs (in the veggie form of course) and moderate protein and good sleep. Also, at the beginning they will hold liquid so it might look like you will gain a few lbs, but when your body adapts to your new routine, you will lose those lbs (water gain) and much more.

janetkind Fri, Oct-05-18 09:10

Muscle burns fat.And as you age you will lose muscle mass and that is Not good.Your body needs. good fats and needs good healthy carbs and it needs good protien. and fiber. And I think You have to watch cals. to.
It does help to write down what u are eating . I do .
The thing we have to stop and reset is Our self and how we think.
But that said. Look at self. and see how how you have came. And the most importion thing is We started and still doing it.
Our bodies go up and down even when we are doing everything right and on track.
Just know you have 2 othrs and more people whom are in the same boat. Now By now. I should have been at my goal weight. But not real far and when i just keep hitting it and reading and doing all I can not only for weight loose. But for health and longer life and help that body do what it should.
I droped 1lb>.slow be good. Now another 2-3 lbs I will really be set.
And when we do make our goals. It will never be done. Still have to work it and watch.
Today starting my green smoothies. and use Matcha tea.Lets

janetkind Fri, Oct-05-18 10:40

Had a small green smoothie.
Plan for today> salad. ~ soup with 1/2 navy beans.
And 2T yogurt dressing.
1/4 Avaco.
Snack 2 boiled eggs.{If cals say Ok.{Or if I really need .
Do 2 miles on tredmil.

maral427 Sun, Oct-07-18 11:18

Hi ladies. Doing okay so far. Cooking some spaghetti squash i got at the farmers market and going to stash in the freezer. Made a egg bake for the week using up some.mushrooms and zucchini that needed to be eaten. I have my breakfast and lunch packed for two days for work. I just have to make snacks. Going to eat the gross low carb meatloaf fiancee made that I stashed in the freezer. Off to the store to get produce and protein shakes. Have a good day everyone!!

maral427 Sun, Oct-07-18 11:20

Originally Posted by janetkind
Had a small green smoothie.
Plan for today> salad. ~ soup with 1/2 navy beans.
And 2T yogurt dressing.
1/4 Avaco.
Snack 2 boiled eggs.{If cals say Ok.{Or if I really need .
Do 2 miles on tredmil.

Sounds like a good plan! Keep us posted!! Thank you for the welcome back!!

izzyfit Mon, Oct-08-18 04:34

Maral, sounds like you are ready for the week! Planning is so hard on me. I buy everything and then I just don't want to cook :(

My eating this past week was out of control. Dh, was on vacation and we were out pretty much everyday running errands. I ate so much out that my sugar and carb cravings were all over the place. On the weekend we celebrated my son's b-day. I ate a big piece of cake which makes me upset because I don't like cake but I was craving sweets and just gave in.

This week I want to clean my eating and hopefully I will be able to stay on plan. I am feeling tired all the time again and allergies are hitting me hard. I know this has to do with my poor eating choices so I need to take control of my eating and stick to it.

Hope both of you ladies have a great Monday!

janetkind Tue, Oct-09-18 13:50

Hi girls.
Hope you both are doing well.
I had more calaries then I should have yesterday.
Today so far good.
Been looking at recipes on toful and brownies made with black beans.< I want to try that one.

maral427 Tue, Oct-09-18 18:12

Hi Janet and izzy,
Just quickly checking in!! Doing ok and on track. Glad to see you guys posting. I need to make a point of doing more posting!!!

Eating up the low carb meatloaf that fiancee made weeks ago. I had that leftover some leftover mashed cauliflower and veggies. Threw those in meal prep containers and in the freezer. I've been lazy and not feeling like making lunches so I've been grabbing them. I just took out the last container of zucchini soup out of the freezer :(. Hoping to find more zucchini at the farmers market Saturday to make soup and zoodles for the freezer for winter. Also hoping to.find some basil , more spaghetti squash, cauliflower (Going to rice and freeze) and some fresh tomatoes.

I had a rough patch with eating recently. We are all human ladies ! It is just important that we go right on track as soon as possible. You guys are amazing! You just basically have been getting right back on track and you both keep posting!! Definitely an example I need to follow! Thank you guys again.for being here!

~-)-)------- Rose for the both of you :)

janetkind Wed, Oct-10-18 16:41

Hi all.
Boy Maral, you really are doing great. I like reading your post on what u have.
I guess We can all talk about doing any plan.and the All work. But Boy so hard. It was easier last year. But been doing this for 5.6 years.
And this is the hardest.
I got toful. now to learn how to.
I got and Organtic with no water. very firm.
I have to cut short. But are we Not the best team. Let go girls.

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