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Rosebud Fri, Jul-27-07 04:34

Why politics, religion and other contentious topics are not permitted here
Why politics, religion and other contentious topics are not permitted at Active Low-Carber Forums

In the past, Active Low-Carber had provided a forum for debate and discussion of off-topic Current Affairs. All too frequently, exchanges within that area became heated and divisive, resulting in the loss of posting privileges for many members. Sometimes, these heated debates spilled into the support forums, and even the journals. Moderating the threads required an inordinate amount of time and attention from our volunteer staff, until there was no choice but to close that forum for good.

The open and civilized sharing of ideas is welcome, however our primary mission at Active Low-Carber is to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to discuss topics related to healthy low-carbing. Therefore, debates and discussion about politics, religion, war, population control, racial issues, eugenics, abortion, sexual orientation, evolution vs. creationism and similarly divisive topics are not permitted. Any posts or threads discussing such matters will be removed without further explanation. Members who persist in this line of discussion will have their posting privileges suspended.

It's acknowledged that there may be occasional overlap with a non-permitted topic during some low carb and/or health-related discussions; for example, health policy or cultural/religious dietary preferences. Please stay focused on the appropriate issue. Attempts to divert discussion from the original topic into broader political/religious/etc. debates (a.k.a topic hijacking) will be removed, and repeated attempts of the same will result in suspension of posting privileges. Please note, this also applies to discussions which may be started in the off-topic forum about natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, etc.

Thanks for your co-operation,

Active Low-Carber Forum Team

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