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GlendaRC Mon, May-03-10 22:22

Victoria May get-together
OK ... are we all agreed that we'll car-pool to Mill Bay on the 23rd to meet with Catherine (Shyvas)? I expect to hear from her on the 21st when she gets here.

She expect to arrive on the 21st and leave again on the 4th of June. I have a show in Vancouver on the weekend of the 29/30th, so the only time I have available for a trip, even just to Mill Bay, will be the 22nd or 23rd and Julie is not available on Saturdays. Any feedback?

GlendaRC Tue, May-04-10 09:54

Oops ... Christine (not Catherine).

KatzKatz Tue, May-04-10 12:10

Glenda, Julie, Jude I am so glad I finally met you last evening and what a great time!

I thought I was available on the 23rd, but I am not, we are away that weekend (22, 23 and 24).


Mousesmom Tue, May-04-10 16:01

Nice to meet you too Erika....

Sounds like the 23rd might be best. Sorry Erika can't make it. If more people are available on Saturday, go without me, it's ok.


Sandollar Fri, May-14-10 20:36

Happy to go Sat. or Sunday if I'm not working!

IslandGirl Mon, May-17-10 12:31

So far, so good....

Sandollar Sat, May-22-10 20:46

See you guys Starbucks at 10:30am...I suppose it's OK to park at Mayfair for a few hours?

GlendaRC Sat, May-22-10 22:50

Should be Steph ... it's not like it's something we do every day and get noticed.

IslandGirl Sun, May-23-10 01:53

Should be fine if we just stay at the far end...


Mousesmom Sun, May-23-10 19:21

Very nice to see all of you today!!!! Until next time.....


GlendaRC Sun, May-23-10 22:56

I agree - it was great to see you all and to meet Shyvas!

IslandGirl Mon, May-24-10 14:12

A nice change; I do love going up Island...

:wave: to Shyvas!

Sandollar Wed, May-26-10 13:39

I had a nice time and it was great meeting Christine! What a sweetheart!

KatzKatz Thu, May-27-10 12:52

hi, I am so glad to hear you all had a good time! I wish I could have come as well!

look forward to meeting again


Mousesmom Tue, Jun-01-10 14:08

Come on over to the June thread


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