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claudiaMTL Fri, Jan-28-05 12:17

Anyone from Montreal?
Hi, I just joined in the forum and wonder if there are any members from Montreal area... :wave:

Si Belle Fri, Jan-28-05 12:33

Hi Claudia,
Welcome to the forum.
I'm from Ottawa!
Have a great day!

clk Fri, Jan-28-05 23:33

Hello. I live in Montreal.


Beebuzz Sun, Jan-30-05 19:49

Bonjour!! :wave:

claudiaMTL Wed, Feb-02-05 12:49

Thanks for the replies...Good luck to all of you...I will be back on line tomorrow. Soon at home we will have a new internet line and I will be able to connect more often. Cheers!

patricia1 Mon, Mar-14-05 16:02

Hello Fellow Montrealers! Comme c'est bon de se retrouver!

caroline78 Tue, Mar-15-05 10:15

Je suis pas de montréal mais je parle francais :)

brpssm Tue, Mar-29-05 15:41

I'm in Montreal as well.

patricia1 Tue, Mar-29-05 20:15

Fellow Montrealers...Where do you find your low carb goodies in the city?

brpssm Wed, Mar-30-05 14:58

Originally Posted by patricia1
Fellow Montrealers...Where do you find your low carb goodies in the city?

I stick mainly to whole foods (chicken, dairy, etc. which I get at Cosco, and veggies), but my favourite treat is the Breyer's chocolate low-carb ice cream. I've found it for the best price at Loblaw's, but they are often out of stock lately -- hope they aren't phasing it out! IGA also carries the ice cream, but it is 1$ more per carton.

Teva on Decarie boul (the east side at Queen Mary Rd.) has a lot of options as well, although I don't buy things regularly. One of the people at Teva (Steven) follows Paleo, so he knows quite a bit about low carb, he used to tell me all the time when I was on WW that I should be eating low carb, not low fat/high carb :agree:

Other than that, if I feel the need for an Advantage bar, I get them at Maxi because they are 3/5$ which is the most reasonable I've seen.

Loblaw's also has a lot of prepackaged low-carb foods (like frozen entrees), but I personally stay away from anything like that.

Lanny Thu, Mar-31-05 08:30

Salut Montréal :wave:

I dont buy much LC product aside from Dreamfield Pasta at Loblaws...i do my own things and eat fresh...

Vitamins, i get them at Costco or Jean Coutu if Costco dont have what i need

hang in there guys

jrdomino Mon, Apr-11-05 13:04

hello montrealers!
I'm putting together a page just for us. I'll also be sending it ot the LC yellow pages. Alot of stuff listed there is out dated so I want to keep my page as current as possible. Take a look!

clk Tue, Apr-12-05 11:04

low carbing in Montreal
Hi. That's a great page. I didn't know about Canada Snacks. If you like, I can add a few more things.

Orowheat Carb Counters bread is available at the Provigo on Sherbrooke and Cavendish in NDG.

Bon Matin Carb Reduction bread is available at all Metro and IGA stores.

Loblaws carries the full line of Carb Options products, including ketchup, marinades, peanut butter, pasta sauces.

A good Canadian internet store is They have a very wide selection of items, and shipping is only $5.95, and free if your order is $100.00 or more.


jrdomino Wed, Apr-13-05 05:34

thanks clk!
I'll add them to my page. I didn't know about the bread, I'll have to check it out.
However, I did know about and I have omitted them intentionally. I've had several problems with them over the last few months. Items are not as described or even looking at all like the picture they provide. :nono: Crackers, bread and chips were crushed due to the "mom & pop" style packing. :nono: Items missing from shipment. :nono: And even though you select an item you never know until it arrives that they even have it in stock. :nono: And finally, they give me big time attitude with rude and poor customer service. :thdown: :thdown: <-- way down! Check out the other online stores. They're much better! Cheers! :clap:

brpssm Wed, Apr-13-05 09:06

HI, great page! Thanks for putting it all together, it will be very helpful for newbies.

My addition :) Breyer's low-carb ice cream is available at IGA and at Loblaw's and is my absolute favourite low-carb treat!

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