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khrussva Wed, Feb-07-18 20:39

Machine: Elliptical
Duration: 65 minutes
Distance: 3.9
Effort: 60 minutes - Rolling hills setting (level 10) plus 1 minute of max effort during the 5 minute cool down period.
HR: 135 to 159 for 60 minutes, 160 to 170 during the 1 minute sprint.

After the workout I walked 10 minutes more to cool down. EF D3. Good workout tonight.

khrussva Sat, Feb-10-18 15:50

Outdoor walk/jog at a school track
Duration: 66 minutes
Distance: 5 miles
Effort: Jogged 4 miles at around 5 mph. Walked for a 1/2 mile to both warm up and cool down.

The point today was to get a real outdoor jog in for the first time in a while. The treadmill and elliptical workouts are not the same. I didn't push hard on this workout. I wanted to find a jogging pace that I could stick with and just keep at it until I had had enough (within reason). It was cool and damp. It took 2 miles of jogging to warm up and find that pace. Then it started drizzling. I kept going. I was still feeling good at mile 3. Drizzle turned to rain. I kept going. I was feeling good, so I picked up the pace a little. At mile 4 the gravel track was saturated and started pooling water. I called it a day, walked 2 more laps to cool down, then headed to the car. The skies opened up. Gutter flusher weather. By the time I got to the car I may as well have swam there. Not ideal, but I did get my outdoor jog in! :thup: :thup:

mviesprite Sun, Feb-11-18 13:12

Ken, good for you! I may walk in the rain today as well - it's been drizzly and wet off and on and I haven't been walking much lately.

I am watching the Olympics - that has to be inspirational for you, being on right now...!

khrussva Sun, Feb-11-18 17:28

Thanks Kat. I hope that you got your walk in. At least it is warm. I was doused by a heavy shower on a 5 mile walk today, but with 70 degree temperatures I didn't mind getting a little damp. I'll take this over snow and ice any day.

My recovery time from cardio workouts is so much better now than it was 2 years ago. In the days after my first jogs in 2016 I was really feeling the pain. I woke up wobbly legged the next day and still had sore muscles on the 2nd day after a workout. Yesterday was my first long outdoor jog in prep for the next 10K. I feel fine today. I barely noticed any weariness on my walk today. I should be able to get a good workout in every other day. I may even try a short cardio workout one day followed by a hard cardio workout the next. I'm feeling pretty darn fit already and I've still got 2 months to prepare for that race.

khrussva Tue, Feb-13-18 08:46

Last night...

Machine: Treadmill
Duration: 55 minutes
Distance: 4 miles
Effort: 18 minutes Jogging 5.6 mph and 7 minutes at 6.0 mph. 30 minutes walking at 3.8 mph.
HR: 160 to 170 during the jogging.

My right shoulder is sore from my weight lifting session on Sunday. Although not as bad, it is the same pain at the same location as the injury that occured lifting weights 18 months ago. That injury took forever to heal and was the primary reason that I dropped weight lifting from my regimen. The pain I'm feeling now isn't too bad. I will continue with the weights for now. But rather than go for strength think I will back off and lift for tone - less weight, more reps, and not aiming to lift until failure. Hopefully I can coax this shoulder into behaving.

khrussva Thu, Feb-15-18 08:33

Machine: Elliptical
Duration: 65 minutes
Distance: 4.0
Effort: 60 minutes - Rolling hills setting (level 11) plus 3.5 minute of max effort during the 5 minute cool down period.
HR: 135 to 150 for 60 minutes, 165 to 173 during the sprint session.

HR and respiration during the main workout stayed in the moderate cardio zone even though I'd up the difficulty level a notch and maintained my usual pace. I hope that's a sign of being in better shape.

khrussva Sun, Feb-18-18 11:00

Last Friday night...

Machine: Treadmill
Duration: 41 minutes
Distance: 3.6K
Effort: 17 minutes Jogging 5.2 mph, 15 minutes at 5.6 mph, and 3 minutes at 6.0 mph. 6 minutes walking at 4 mph.
HR: 145 to 166 during the jogging.

Saturday I went to the gym again for an upper body weight lifting workout. I'm keeping the weights lighter to prevent injury. It doesn't seem like much of a workout when I'm done. Hopefully I will be able to slowly increase the effort for a more effective workout without injuring myself this time.

khrussva Sun, Feb-18-18 21:08

Outdoor jog/walk at a school track
Duration: 132 minutes (10K time - 74 minutes)
Distance: 9+ miles
Effort: Jogged a full 10K (6.2 miles) at around 5 mph. Walked a few laps to warm up and 3 miles following the jog to cool down.

The point today was to complete a 10K jog if I could. I did. I did not push myself at all. I did not pace myself with my phone app. I just ran a slow jog with the intent of making it to the end. The first mile and last 0.2 miles were the fastest paces. Mile 3 & 4 I was jogging at a better pace than mile 2. I tired during mile 5 & 6 and it showed as those were my slowest miles.

I was surprised with my respiration and heart rate. I was never gasping for breath or maxing out my heart rate. That part of today's workout was great. I certainly could have pushed harder. Strength, speed, and longer strides need some work. I was tired by mile 5 and it took some determination to keep going. Future workouts will include some sprints, jogging hills, and running a shorter distance (2 to 3 miles) at a faster pace.

The 74 minute 10K today was pretty slow. I ran the race 3 minutes faster than that 2 years ago. But as I said, I did not push the pace today. I have 8 weeks to go before the Richmond 10K. I'll try another practice 10K in a month or so. I'll push a litter harder on that one to gauge where I'm at.

khrussva Wed, Feb-21-18 21:10

After 2 days of recovery from my practice 10K I got in a 47 minute outdoor workout tonight. 2.5+ miles jogging, including a couple of uphill sprints. The remainder I was walking with pace. Also walked for an hour at lunch today. Warm day - perfect weather.

Later I went to the gym for some upper body weight training. Good day. :)

khrussva Thu, Feb-22-18 22:52

Machine: Elliptical
Duration: 45 minutes
Distance: 3.0
Effort: 40 minutes - Rolling hills setting (level 12) plus 2 minute of max effort during the 5 minute cool down period.
HR: 140 to 150 for 40 minutes, 165 to 169 during the sprint session.

This was the first time I've done a cardio workout on back-to-back days. I seem to be recovering well from my workouts this year. Rain is expected this weekend. My window of opportunity for an outdoor jog is Saturday morning. So rather than have another 2 day cardio break I opted for another workout today with an off day tomorrow. I did surprisingly well on my workout tonight. It looks like I may be about to get away with pushing a little harder in the coming weeks.

khrussva Sat, Feb-24-18 22:09

Outdoor run/walk at the school track and cross country course
Duration: 180 minutes
Distance: 12 miles
Effort: I walked a few miles to warm up, then ran a mile in 9 minutes 47 seconds. I walked a few laps then ran another 1/2 mile at the same pace. I then alternated walking partial laps with one or two 100 yard sprints on each lap. I did 12 of those sprints. After that I walked and jogged through the cross country coarse to MURDER HILL. I jogged up, then walked down that steep hill 5 times. I walked and jogged back to the track, then walked and jogged a few more miles until my 3 hour workout was done.

The point today was to bust my a$$. I did just that. If I don't feel this in the morning then I am in killer shape. I wanted to work on pace and strength today. That time for the 1 mile run is on target for a 60 minute 10K - which is my goal. But I am no where near being able to sustain that pace much longer than I did today. I've got more work to do. Today was wa really good workout. A few more of these and I just might reach my 10K goal this year.

khrussva Sun, Feb-25-18 20:59

I managed to get in a 5 mile walk this morning. The legs were a little weary from yesterday's workout. Tonight they are a little sore. But that's all. Two years ago such sprints put me out of commission for days. Yesterday was a nice, hard workout. But it looks like I didn't overdo it. I'm recovering well. :thup: :thup:

khrussva Mon, Feb-26-18 21:06

Machine: Elliptical
Duration: 50 minutes
Distance: 3.5
Effort: 45 minutes - Rolling hills setting (level 12) plus 3 minute of max effort during the 5 minute cool down period.
HR: 135 to 155 for 45 minutes, 155 to 165 during the sprint session.

The legs were still a bit weary and sore from the big workout on Saturday. It took some extra will to keep up the intensity. Afterwards I did a decent upper body weight training routine. I'm still keeping it light. I plan on working on strength training after the 10K. Today was another good workout.

khrussva Fri, Mar-02-18 13:18

I was a little premature in my recovery time assessment following last weekend's hard-core workout. I did not injure myself, nor did I have any cramping or serious pain following that workout. But a full recovery has been slow in coming. I have felt sluggish on my walks all week, but feeling a little more recovered each day. My hamstrings have remained slightly sore and feel like they have doubled in size. I know that they haven't doubled, but as I sit here I feel like I'm sitting on my hamstrings -- not just my legs. I've taken a break from cardio workouts this week. Today I feel good - almost recovered. My legs feel stronger. I'm actually looking forward to my next jog to see if that workout last weekend had any positive effect.

khrussva Sun, Mar-04-18 20:04

Outdoor run/walk at the school track
Duration: 80 minutes
Distance: 5.25 miles
Effort: I walked a mile to warm up, then ran a mile in under 11 minutes. I walked partial laps dong one or two 100 yard runs on each lap. I did 21 of those 100 yard runs. Half of them were sprints and the other half I was working on jogging a fast pace with longer strides.

I was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend. I think it was a mild chest cold. I'd planned for a longer run. My legs were fresh but my lungs were not up to it.

My wife and I signed up for a gym membership at the Y today. She was the one who wanted to do it so that she can participate in their organized exercise programs. She wanted the instruction. Adding me on was just a few dollars more. The facility is nice. It is big, too -- lots of weight lifting end aerobic machines to choose from. It also happens to be conveniently located on my route to and from work. It has an indoor running track :thup: :thup:. We are now paying for it. I hope that we both make use of our membership.

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