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khrussva Fri, Dec-22-17 10:22

Kelsey is back home for the holidays. She has already started working out in prep for the 10K. She and her BF have been going to the campus gym a few times per week all semester long. I had better get my act together if I want to compete. I've only recently started prepping for the April 14th 10K.

Last night Kel and I did our first workout together at neighborhood gym. She jogged a fast 1.5 miles. I did a 32 minute aerobic workout on the elliptical. It was surprisingly easy, considering the fact that this was my first extended aerobic workout since the 10K last spring. As is typical for me, I felt like quitting after 2 minutes, then it got easier. I spot checked my heart rate a couple of times. It was in the 130 to 150 range the whole workout. When the 30 minutes was up I was cruising along just fine and could easily have continued on. The only reason I stopped was because Kel was done and waiting for me to finish. Like last year, I did a sprint at the end - one minute of pushing my speed to the max. I got my heart rate up to 170 BPM. That's about what my max heart rate is supposed to be for my age. So my ticker seems to be doing fine. I had no ill effects from this first longer cardio workout. I felt great afterwards. I just need to start making a routine of it - 3 (or so) times per week.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 66 degrees. I want to take advantage of that. I may go to the middle school track and try my luck at a longer slow jog. I'm sure I'll feel that one the next day, but I've got to get started on the "real thing" some time. Last year I didn't do real jogging outside until the last month before the race. I felt that I was less ready for that race than I could have been. That was a mistake that I don't want to make again this year. My goal is to finish this 10K in under 60 minutes. To get to that I'm going to have to put in some serious work.

thud123 Fri, Dec-22-17 15:52

Subscribed: Go KETO MAN! :)

khrussva Sat, Dec-23-17 17:18

First major prep workout for April's 10K
Thanks for the support, Thud. You inspire me. I'll do my best to inspire you right back.

I went to the local middle school track today for my first significant cardio workout since last April. It was 67 degree, but very windy. I wasn't alone, either. I even saw one of my old walking buddies working out at the track. It was a good day for it. Here is what I did:

Total Distance: 7 miles

Walked 2 laps to warm up.
Jogged 4 laps (1 mile)
Walked 2 laps
Jogged 2 laps
Walked 2 laps
Jogged 2 laps
After this I alternated between walking 1 lap and jogging 1 lap until I'd reached the distance of a 10K (6.2 miles)
Walked 3 more laps to warm down and complete 7 miles.

I jogged a little more than 5K of the 10K and walked the rest. I checked my fitness app at that point to get the time. 86 minutes. My jogging speed was bout 5 mph and walked at 3.7 mph. I didn't push things too hard today, but I have to admit that those last two jogging laps were pretty tough. I am definitely NOT in jogging shape. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe, so I'd have to say that this was an awesome first workout. It needs to be the first of many if I have any hope of doing the 10K in less than an hour.

khrussva Thu, Jan-04-18 20:47

I've made it t the gym several times since my last post. Kel is working out with me and she intends to keep it up when she returns to school. Her BF is also working out. So who among is going to cross the finish line first in this year's 10K? If I don't work hard enough, it is not going to be me.

I've hit the elliptical several times - a little longer each time. I'm up to 38 minutes.

Today I did a 5.5K walk/jog on the treadmill (45 minutes). Of that 21 minutes was jogging 5.2 mph. The remainder was walking at a quick 3.9 mph. I worked up a good sweat tonight.

khrussva Mon, Jan-08-18 14:39

Saturday was another gym workout day. Again I did 5.5K (a 5K on the machine plus the 5 minute cool down period).

5 minutes walking 4 mph
25 minutes jogging 5.2 mph
6 minutes jogging 6.0 mph
5 minutes walking 4 mph

I completed this 5.5K in 41 minutes, 4 minutes faster than the last time.

Of note: my recovery time after a jogging workout seems to be much less than it was two years ago. I "feel the pain" of the jog on the following day, but feel mostly recovered on the 2nd day. As I get closer to this year's event I may be able to get away with a tougher workout every other day instead of every 3rd or 4th day as I had to do for that first 2015 10K. I appear to be entering this in better shape than I was before.

khrussva Mon, Jan-08-18 21:14

Today: 40 minutes on the elliptical. Kept heartrate between 130 and 150 for most of it. I did 3 minutes of sprinting at the end, pushing my HR up to 170. It was a good workout. I enjoyed it.

khrussva Fri, Jan-12-18 11:05

Thursday's gym workout: Jogged a full 5K (3.1 miles) on the treadmill

5 minutes walking 4 mph to warm up
20 minutes jogging 5.2 mph
13 minutes jogging 5.5 mph
1.5 minutes at 6.2 mph to finish off the 5K
8 minutes walking 4 mph to cool down

Total time for the 5K: 34 minutes 30 seconds.

mviesprite Fri, Jan-19-18 15:37

Ken, I was wondering if the deep freeze was impacting your walking - I see you have an eliptical and treadmill to use - good! Been thinking about your upcoming race - good luck!
Now I am plopped in a place for 6 months I want to make the most of that - good walking here and my yoga book is on its way - and dancing can resume. My body misses exercise and I always lose better and feel better doing it.
Stopping to say hello,

khrussva Sat, Jan-20-18 20:47

Thanks for the visit, Kat. We had some good times in that old 2 hours of exercise per week thread with Kelly. I'd like to see her back here again. I wish you the best as you get rolling with your exercise routine. It is a big part of my WOL. I like being fit and capable.

I know it is too easy to slip out of the habit so I try to do something everyday. Sometimes it can't be helped. Today was on of those days. I had to work 12 hours on a network migration and I have more to do tomorrow. I hope that I get the afternoon off for a good workout.

Yesterday was my last gym workout with Kel. She is back at school now and I won't be seeing her until the day before the April 10K. Now I have to stay motivated all on my own. I am motivated and plan on putting in the effort for a strong race.

Yesterday's workout: 2 mile jog at 11 min mile pace. (22 minutes). Walked at 4 mph to warm up and cool down. I've kept up my walking at lunch, too. 2 to 2.5 miles is the goal and I've been doing that most every weekday.

khrussva Thu, Jan-25-18 08:05

Life suddenly got very busy and 5 days passed since my last cardio workout. Needless to say I was well rested for my workout at the gym last night.

50 minutes elliptical - 21K steps overall for the day

The workout was almost too easy. I had to remind myself to push harder several times as my typical pace wasn't getting my heart rate above 125. For the last 30 minutes I pushed hard enough to keep my HR above 140. For the last 5 minutes I went all out and sustained a HR near 170. I felt terrific after the workout and seem totally recovered from it this morning. I think that I'll start doing 60 minutes on the elliptical from now on.

mviesprite Fri, Jan-26-18 13:32

Originally Posted by khrussva
Thanks for the visit, Kat. We had some good times in that old 2 hours of exercise per week thread with Kelly. I'd like to see her back here again. I wish you the best as you get rolling with your exercise routine. It is a big part of my WOL. I like being fit and capable. ...

That was a good thread - kept me going. But now that I am looking for work, I have the time to really go overboard with's a good thing because I sort of turn to stone when I am not moving. I aim for flexibility and agility that I badly need...going to get back into yoga for that too.

Keep up your training, I know you will! :)

khrussva Mon, Jan-29-18 21:48

The plan get in a outdoor jog last Saturday before the weather set in. It didn't happen. I was wasn't feeling well over the weekend -- like I was fighting off the flu or something. The flu is going around the office. Whatever it was it never got too bad and I'm over it now. So I went to the gym tonight.

Elliptical - 60 minutes - HR 135-145 for the duration with several sprints during the last 5 minutes.

I had plenty of energy even though I was in a fasted state.

khrussva Wed, Jan-31-18 20:50

Another gym night tonight. EF D3.

Machine: Treadmill
Duration: 53 minutes
Distance: 5.6K
Effort: 2 mile jog at 5.6 mph then 3 minutes at 6 mph. Walked 4 mph to warm up and cool down
Max HR: 180 after the 6 mph stint (I didn't think it could go that high at my age). HR was in the 150's for most of the 2 mile jog.

khrussva Fri, Feb-02-18 22:04

I ended the EF on Thursday night after experiencing some leg cramping on Wednesday night.

Machine: Elliptical
Duration: 65 minutes
Distance: 4.0
Effort: 60 minutes - Rolling hills setting (level 10) plus 3 minutes of max effort during the 5 minute cool down period
HR: 135 to 155 for 60 minutes, 160 to 170 during the 3 minute sprint

After the workout I decided to get started with the weights again. I have not lifted since I injured my shoulder a year and a half ago. I did 3 sets of 10 on 3 different upper body lifts (curls, bench, lat pulls). I kept the weight settings well below what I am capable of. I want to ease into this slowly.

khrussva Mon, Feb-05-18 21:25

Machine: Treadmill
Duration: 47 minutes
Distance: 3.7 miles (5K in 34.5 minutes)
Effort: 30 minutes Jogging 5.6 mph. 5 minute warm up walking 4 mph and a 12 minute cool down walk at 4 mph.
HR: 160 to 170 during the jogging. Day 1 of EF.

5.6 mph is right at my maximum sustainable pace for a 2 mile jog. That is about the pace I ran the 10K last year. I've got some work to do if I want to improve my time. I've got 2 months plus one week to get it done.

I was going to lift weights again tonight. I opted not to. I may start going to the gym daily to work in upper body weight lifting on cardio recovery days.

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