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khrussva Sat, Mar-26-16 10:00

Today's workout:

5 mile walk at 3.5 mph.

I felt the workout from yesterday as I got started. The first mile was 3.3 mph. Once I got warmed up I felt better. I picked up the pace and finished at 3.7 mph.

NEMarvin Sun, Mar-27-16 08:57

Go Ken Go!

khrussva Sun, Mar-27-16 09:59

Today was another walk day. The pattern of one hard jogging workout with two days of walking in between seems to be a good one. This ole body does not recover as quickly as once did.

Walked for 1 hour 45 minutes at 3.6 mph

Distance: 6.5 miles (just over 10K)

Like yesterday it started off a little slower and finished a little faster.


I've worked out the training schedule between now and race day.

Monday March 28 - Jog the cross country trail for as long as I can take it and then walk to warm down. One last muscle building workout.

Two recover days just walking

Thursday March 31 - Try and run a full 10K at the track

Two recover days just walking

Sunday April 3 - Run a full 10K at the track (no try this time).

One recover day of walking only

Tuesday April 5 - Jog on a paved surface for 2 to 3 miles to get the body used to the surface I'll be running on in the 10K.

Rest until race day. Walking only and less of that on the Friday before the race.

Saturday April 9 - The big day.

I am still trying to work out how I should eat during days preceding the race. Low carb + distance running can be a nasty topic on the web as I have found out. Most runners 'carb up' and are very anti-low carb when it come to running.

As I am a fat adapted jogger I'm thinking 3000 to 3500 calories the day before the race with extra medium chained fats (Coconut oil) would be a good start. I've found that when I have a big calorie day, I have lots of energy and I am not as hungry the next day. That would be a good thing on race day.


khrussva Mon, Mar-28-16 19:23

10K Training Day 7
March 28

Weight: 210

I felt a few little aches and pains from the last hard workout, but I had plenty of energy today. I felt great once I got warmed up and going. Today was another day running the cross country course. The loop is approximately 1 mile, with 3/4 of it running though the woods and 1/4 mile on a paved road connecting the entrance and exit into the woods. The exit is the low point of the trail and there is a significant hill that takes you to the highest elevation in a very short distance. This course works the muscles much harder than running the flat track. Today I did 4 laps around that loop. I made it jogging up murder hill only on the first lap. I jogged 90% of that hill on the second lap. By the last lap I had to walk the steepest part. It did its job working the leg muscles.

Duration: 115 minutes total

Walk on my lunch hour: 35 minutes at 3.1 mph

Workout at the track/cross country course:

Walked the track for 1 mile to warm up (3.7 mph)
Jogged for 4 laps through the cross country course (5 to 5.2 mph)
Warmed down by walking another mile on the track (3.8 mph)

Duration: 80 minutes -- average speed unknown. GPS issue again.

Total miles today: 7.5 miles

I can hardly believe that this is only the 7th day of jogging. The run was pretty easy through the woods and did fine running on the pavement. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but I don't expect it to be too bad. I still have spring left in my step tonight. I ate plenty of protein tonight to help with the recovery.

The weather might mess up the schedule I made yesterday. Rain is expected on Thursday. Tomorrow I will have a recovery day just walking. Then I will have to wait and see how the weather forecast is looking. I may decide to run a day earlier than scheduled.

You know the old saying... "The bigger they are the harder they fall". Well, I'm glad that no longer applies to me. I did a face plant in the woods on my jog today, tripping on a tree root in the trail. I was up in 2 seconds and kept right on going. The last time I fell like that was just before I started this WOE. I was 440 pounds and I slipped in an icy parking lot at work. This was a much gentler landing. When I hit the ice the last time I fell I remember thinking that I needed to do something about this weight. I was lucky not hurt myself too badly and I had a tough time getting up. Things are very different today.

khrussva Tue, Mar-29-16 18:02

Easy day today. No ill effects from yesterday. The legs were a little drained, but no aches or pains. :thup: :thup:

Walk at lunch: 35 minutes at 3 mph
Walk after dinner: 45 minutes at 3.5 mph

Total distance: 4.5 miles

khrussva Wed, Mar-30-16 19:06

10K Training Day 8
March 30

Change of plans. The weather calls for a good chance of rain on both Thursday and Friday. Today it was nice outside and my legs seemed to be recovered well enough on one day of rest. So I did a hard workout at the track today. I did sprinting (if you can call it that) on the straight stretches (200 yards per lap) and walked the corners. I did 10 of those for a total of 2000 yards running hard. It worked the hamstrings and calves hard. :thup:

On my lunch hour:

Walked 40 minutes at 3.0 mph

At the track this evening:

Duration: 56 minutes

1 mile warm-up walk at 3.7 mph
10 laps walking 200 yards running 200 yards
1/2 mile warm down walk

4 miles at the track. Total 6 miles today.

Kelsey joined me. She walked the warm-up mile and did 4 laps of sprints. Quote of the day: "Dad, you're crazy!". Yep - call me crazy. But I'm going to finish the 10K before she does.

We received our bib numbers and start time. Our wave starts 40 minutes after the first wave goes. There will be 1500 people in our wave and they are 3 minutes apart at the start.


khrussva Thu, Mar-31-16 18:07

Today was a light workout day and it was needed. That workout yesterday has me almost as sore and weak-in-the-knees as that very first workout did. It is not really painful -- more like my muscles and joints feeling spent from a really good workout.

Walk at lunchtime:

40 minutes at 3.1 mph

Walk this evening:

45 minutes at 3.5 mph

Total miles: 4.5

The rain never happened today, but it is expected overnight and tomorrow. I'm planning another day of rest and recovery. I'll get some walking in, no doubt. I feel better when I do. Saturday I'll try to run a full 10K.

khrussva Fri, Apr-01-16 18:35

Today was a another light workout day. The rain was overnight which allowed me get 2 walks in. I was still feeling sluggish from the sprints on my noontime walk. I felt better this evening, so I walked a little farther and a little faster than yesterday. The plan for tomorrow is to jog a full 10K at the track.

Walk at lunchtime:

31 minutes at 3.1 mph

Walk this evening:

74 minutes at 3.6 mph

Total miles: 6

I am utterly amazed at how fast my legs are shaping up. In just 3 weeks my hamstrings feel like they are double in size. My quads have been in nice shape for a while from the walking. The jogging has balanced things out. I don't know if it is the increased muscle mass, the intense cardio, or additional fat loss - but my biggest problem area with loose skin and jiggly fat is much improved. Those inner thighs are looking a lot better now. There is hope yet. Again - I am amazed by what has happened in just 3 short weeks. I still love my walks, but I'm liking the jogging, too. So the plan is to continue some jogging after the 10K event if only to maintain and strengthen what I have achieved in all of this.

khrussva Sat, Apr-02-16 18:13

10K Training Day 9
April 2

It was a disappointing workout today. The recovery from the sprints the other day has been very slow. It was much more of a shock on the old body than I thought it would be. I spent several hours working hard in the yard before I did the workout and that didn't help. I just wasn't feeling it so I only jogged 2 miles today. The good news is that the pace, which I thought was my normal slow pace of 5.2 mph, was actually 5.6 mph for those two miles. I felt like I was running with two flat tires, but I was doing it faster than ever.

Walked 1/2 mile to warm up at 3.6 mph.
Jogged 2 miles at 5.6 mph
Walked 1 1/2 miles to warm down

4 miles total

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. If I'm feeling it I may jog. If not I'll do my last long jog on Monday or Tuesday. So much for sticking to the plan. I think that what is most important as the race approaches is that I need to eat well and be fully rested by race day. As it stands now the race day forecast is for chilly weather (around 40). The kids are going to love that.

Ambulo Sun, Apr-03-16 07:34

If you are determined to run continuously for 10k then it will happen - just maybe not on 9th April 2016. I think you are spot on about resting well before the day. I would definitely not run after Wednesday.

khrussva Sun, Apr-03-16 18:11

As much as I wasn't feeling it yesterday, I sure had it today. I only wish I'd planned to jog. What I did today was a nice brisk 5 mile walk. The first mile was 3.6 mph and the last two were 4.0 mph. That's just about as fast as I can walk.

Duration: 80 minutes
Distance: 5 miles
Average speed: 3.8 mph

I will get one more long jog in before the race. If I feel good tomorrow I'll do it then. Otherwise I'll plan for a long jog on Tuesday.

khrussva Mon, Apr-04-16 17:59

The brisk walk yesterday really was a good workout. I could feel it today so I did a light workout. I was feeling a little under the weather at lunch today. I took a short and slow walk. This evening I was feeling better and did a fairly brisk walk before a downpour began.

Lunch walk:

32 minutes at 3.0 mph

This evening:

38 minutes at 3.6 mph

Duration: 70 minutes
Distance: Just under 4 miles

The weather will be cool and clear tomorrow. The plan is to run tomorrow. I hope to do 3 or 4 miles jogging. This will be the last jog before the race. I won't find out until Saturday if I am ready to run 6.2 miles.

khrussva Tue, Apr-05-16 19:49

10K Training Day 10 (Final jog workout before the race)
April 5

Today was a chilly workout (45). That was actually a good thing because the forecast for Saturday is somewhere between 35 & 40 - so the conditions were similar. I wore sweat pants and a long sleeve compression shirt + a T shirt. It wasn't warm enough so I plan to go out and get a light jacket that I can jog in.

The results today were mixed. I ran a 5K (the most recommended by "experts" this close to race day) in 33 minutes. I had plenty of energy and I was not spent when I stopped jogging. If I can end up jogging the full 6.2 miles on Saturday I should be able to do it in under 70 minutes. :thup:

Now the bad news... Within the first mile my right hamstring and left quad started to tighten up. I did a warm-up walk but it was cold and windy. I may have started off too fast (I ran the first mile in 10 minutes 20 seconds). The hamstring calmed down during the second mile, but the quad bothered me for the rest of the 5K. I walked 6 warm down laps and it was finally happy by the time I was done. The lesson learned here is that I need to warm up well before the start of the race. It might also do me some good to get some sugar free gator aid into me before the race. I don't think I did anything major or lasting today. I should be ready to go on Saturday.

Walk at lunch today:

1.6 miles at 3.1 mph

Workout this evening:

1 mile walk at 3.5 mph
3 mile jog at 5.5 mph
1.5 miles at 3.6 mph

Total miles: 7.1
Duration: 109 minutes

I ate big today. 3000 calories, 180g of protein, and 55 net carbs. I will keep the calories and fat up and cut back on the carbs for the rest of the week. Saturday morning I plan on lots of CO in my coffee and some protein. No carbs before the race. I run on fat.

thud123 Tue, Apr-05-16 20:01

Thanks for the cool write-up! I love "I run on FAT" - that has to be on the back of a tee shirt somewhere. On the front could be a stick of butter being opened up like a banana ha!

Sending good warming thoughts to your large muscle groups...

khrussva Wed, Apr-06-16 17:03

Two walks today. Felt some little aches & pains from yesterday; nothing major. The quads & hamstrings were A-OK.


Walked 40 minutes at 3.1 mph

After Dinner:

Walked 40 minutes at 3.6 mph

Distance: 4.5 miles

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