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JEY100 Sun, Feb-20-22 14:42

The Fat Ginger Nerd By Brendan Reid
Many on this forum have known Grav, and admired his thoughtful writing, since he joined here in 2016. His success story was first published on DietDoctor and in our success stories section in January 2017.

Today, only a few days from publication of his first book, The Fat Ginger Nerd, A Weight Loss Story, Diet Doctor has posted the follow-up on his continued success.

If Brendan Reid could invent a time machine, he would go back to his overweight teenage self, sitting alone playing video games in his bedroom, and tell him about the low-carb, keto diet.

More precisely, he would give himself a copy of the book he has just finished writing, The Fat Ginger Nerd, which describes his lifelong struggle with his weight, and his transformation, losing 122 pounds (55 kilos), after ditching the carbs.

“Had I known at that age what I know now, my life could have been so completely different,” Brendan writes in his moving, eloquent book, which will be released at the end of February 2022.

But since time travel is not possible, Brendan hopes, instead, to inspire and help modern-day overweight kids who are bullied and isolated, like he was. Or help the adult versions of those individuals who still carry the pounds and the hurts of those years.

He understands how they are feeling. “It is almost like looking at myself in my earlier years.”

If you don't already know Brendan, and his beautiful writing style, there are posts to sample on his blog, and I highly recommend purchasing his book.

Ms Arielle Sun, Feb-20-22 16:03

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hurray! A long awaited book.

Demi Mon, Feb-21-22 00:58

Congratulations Grav! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Book ordered!

Grav Mon, Feb-21-22 01:13

Thanks for the plug there, Janet. :)

It's a pretty crazy time for me at the moment. The book itself, after five years of writing and almost another year of editing and preparation, is now just a few days away from release. The publicity is really starting to ramp up, and has been given a big boost today, thanks to Diet Doctor.

For those interested in a taste of what's to come, here is a PDF copy of the introduction section of the book, which was circulated to early subscribers of my mailing list last month.

For those interested in having a read of the whole thing for free in exchange for providing a review, the book is already available for advance review purposes on NetGalley.

For the rest of us, myself included, just a few more sleeps to go...!

thud123 Mon, Feb-21-22 17:52


JEY100 Wed, Feb-23-22 03:34

If you pre-ordered the Kindle edition in the US, it was downloaded to your e-book reader early today. If you order Grav/Brendan's book (E-book in US$ 5.99) it is available now for instant download, from a range of on-line retailers worldwide.

Why do I still get hungry when I'm already fat? It doesn't make sense. It's not fair. During the 1980s and 1990s, a time when the world was convinced that eating less and moving more was the simple solution to the burgeoning obesity epidemic, Brendan grew up having committed the cardinal sin of being fat.

Then in 2015, his health failing and with both time and options running out, one chance encounter set in motion a personal journey of discovery that would see him achieve and maintain a healthy weight for the first time in his life.

Now, with our metabolic health in a worse state than ever, Brendan reflects on his own weight loss transformation and speaks out against the continuing one-size-fits-all dietary dogma that had previously condemned him to decades of unnecessary suffering.

The Fat Ginger Nerd is an inspiring personal story with practical weight loss help and some startling insights into how we ended up with this public health crisis.

Grav Wed, Feb-23-22 15:22

Aaand we're live. I stayed up late last night to push all of the various "go" buttons, and then tried (and failed) to get some sleep. So right now I'm feeling VERY tired, but I imagine that won't last as long as the feeling of satisfaction of having finally gotten this project over the line.

Thanks again everybody for your support. :)

bkloots Thu, Feb-24-22 17:29

Delighted to see that this wonderful book has already been announced here.

I got my e-copy instantly, and ordered the paperback. Maybe I’ll get two, as I surely must have pre-ordered. 😄

Anyway, I’ve read it, loved it, and posted my review on amazon.

Even if you have dozens of Low-carb books in your home library—and who here doesn’t—please add this one. IMHO, this is the book you can share with friends who are either skeptics or would-be beneficiaries of the LC way of eating.

Thank you, Grav, for being a champion.

JEY100 Mon, Mar-07-22 03:45

An excellent two page article based on interview with Brendan in the Otago Times. IU

To help spread the word that Low Carb Diets work to both lose weight and keep it off, there is a special offer on the Kindle edition for only 99 cents. A good review, which can be as short as sentence or two, helps to make the book more visible at on-line book stores.

The book and video resource list is a thorough starting point or reminder how much low carb information is now available.

GRB5111 Fri, Mar-18-22 07:49

Just purchased the kindle version. Looking forward to diving into the book this weekend.

Grav Fri, Mar-18-22 12:50

Originally Posted by GRB5111
Just purchased the kindle version. Looking forward to diving into the book this weekend.

Now would be the time to purchase, it's not going to be on special for too much longer. :)

I hope you find it a worthwhile read.

JEY100 Sun, Apr-03-22 05:52

A terrific new interview with Brendan posted on YouTube from Susan Birch, The Health Detective.

GRB5111 Thu, Apr-07-22 09:32

Originally Posted by JEY100
A terrific new interview with Brendan posted on YouTube from Susan Birch, The Health Detective.

Thanks for posting this, Janet. So much to learn and unpack in this interview. Very valuable for all people on all levels of the metabolic spectrum to understand how the present dietary beliefs systems are so varied, and for some, so wrong. Thanks Brendan, your voice is tempered and informative just by telling your story. Questions must be asked, and your story among others' serve as beacons for learning and understanding.

Grav Fri, Apr-08-22 13:39

Thanks Rob. As you say, questions must be asked, and part of my own style as a interviewee is to not be afraid to sometimes answer questions with more questions. In my mind, perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we've made in the past concerning nutrition is for us to have collectively assumed that all of the important questions have already been answered, and that therefore no further discussion is necessary. And to me, there's no better counter to that situation, no better way to encourage further discussion of the issues, than by asking more questions.

WereBear Tue, Apr-26-22 06:49

Got it and looking forward to it!

JEY100 Mon, Jun-06-22 04:56

Brendan has been doing more podcast interviews, can search your podcast store by his name, or he posted this good one today:

Grav Fri, Jun-10-22 15:50

Thanks again for the plug, Janet. You're clearly better at this whole marketing business than me. :) I hope people are finding the book to be of value.

With the world slowly, tentatively opening itself up again for travel, I hope to be getting out and about again soon for the first time in a while, at least just a little bit. I'll be making an appearance at PreKure's next graduation event in Auckland at the end of this month, and later in the year there's a distinct possibility that I'll be in attendance at the 2022 edition of Low Carb Gold Coast, back to where I gave my first talk three years earlier.

With any luck, there might even be a few physical copies of the book for sale at each of these events as well!

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