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Kristine Sat, Jan-11-20 00:46

Pizza Pizza's Keto Crust
I'll definitely be trying this some time. :thup: It's grain-free to boot.

The crust is made by this Toronto company: Unbun Foods. Nutrition info and ingredients are at that link.

Kristine Mon, Jan-20-20 00:33

This gets two thumbs up. :thup: :thup:

I ordered it with pepperoni and extra cheese, and they put the extra on the top, I guess. Pizza Pizza has always been notoriously stingy with the cheese.

The pizza is small, but very filling, unlike the carby rice-based gluten-free crusts that leave me feeling like crap from being a sugar bomb. I had 4/6 slices when I should have stopped at 3. This means I can stretch it out to two meals, which is always a plus for me when considering restaurant food.

The flavour of the crust is fine, not fantastic, but that's the price you pay to eat LC and gluten-free. It's basically what I've tried to do with coconut flour all this time and couldn't get it right. It's very thin and it looks like it overcooks easily, and I can see that PP makes sure they put the sauce and toppings right to the edge to avoid the burning. I didn't try reheating the leftovers; I just ate them cold, but they held up very well.

Overall, awesome product, and I'm so happy Pizza Pizza is catering to us and not just riding the vegan wave.

s93uv3h Mon, Jan-20-20 06:05

I wish they were in the states.

GRB5111 Mon, Jan-20-20 13:01

That looks great. I, too, would like these available in the states. If someone is looking for an easy pizza crust recipe, check out this video:

s93uv3h Tue, Jan-21-20 01:21

^ I made that a couple times - crust only (made sandwiches lol). They were good.

Zero Carb Pizza Crust

doreen T Tue, Jan-21-20 09:09

Originally Posted by Kristine
The pizza is small, but very filling, unlike the carby rice-based gluten-free crusts that leave me feeling like crap from being a sugar bomb.

According to the Unbun site, one crust has 32g carbs, of which 28g is fiber. No wonder it's so filling :daze:.
Ingredients: water, blanched almond flour, pumpkin seed protein powder, coconut flour, pysllium husk, olive oil, coconut milk, flax meal, chia seed meal, apple cider vinegar, paleo baking powder (baking soda, cream of tartar, salt), nutritional yeast, garlic powder, basil.

Psyllium husk is listed before chia and flax, which means there's more of it. I'm allergic to psyllium, so looks like this won't be an option for me.

I love Karen's Meatza! crust, except I use ground chicken instead of the mix of ground pork & beef. Those inexpensive frozen tubes of ground chicken tend to be finely minced .. almost like a paste. When baked with the spices and then accumulated juices drained off, the texture is quite "crust-like" :thup:. Cut into 8 slices, they're sturdy enough to be picked up and eaten with the fingers. A bit greasy .. but still .. that's what napkins are for!! :D

Kristine Tue, Jan-21-20 15:28

Thanks for the chicken idea, folks. I'll probably try both of these ideas. I wasn't a huge fan of the meatza crust, but you're right about the chicken tubes, Doreen - the Maple Lodge Farms ones from No Frills, right? ;) It is very pasty, yes. I really like that about them. They make great chicken patties/meatballs. I'll give that a try sometime. I bet a little coconut flour would help with the greasyness.

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