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rightnow Mon, Jun-20-22 21:02

Technical Problem with my Journal SQL PHP
Tamarian and other selfless appreciated staff,

My journal is giving a SQL PhP error...

I don't know how long it may take someone to fix it.

But it was getting full anyway. In the meantime, could you maybe just make it so I can make a new journal instead?

I'd like it to work eventually for obvious archive/save reasons, but I know y'all are busy, and volunteers, and I don't know what all it's going to take to resolve it. So I'd be happy to move on for now if the system would let me. :-)

Thanks a ton,
PJ aka RightNOW
palyne at gmail dot com

PS It's been like this for a week. I thought the whole forum was broken. I mentioned it in passing to a friend in email and they said the forum worked fine for them, is the only reason I even discovered it was only MY journal page and no others with the problem.

doreen T Tue, Jun-21-22 09:42

hi PJ,

There was indeed a forum-wide server problem last week, Monday June 13 EDT. Members could view/read posts but not submit new posts or edit existing posts. Although the main problem was eventually fixed, it seems your journal (most likely just the last post or two) was corrupted in the process.

Meanwhile, I've removed the link to that journal from your profile. You're free to start a new thread; as you noted the old one was getting close to 2000 posts anyway :rose:.

Please stop repeatedly clicking on your old thread trying to open it. It's broken, and will just keep generating the same error message which doesn't go anywhere because it's broken. I promise I'll let you know if/when it can be fixed.


rightnow Tue, Jun-21-22 16:01

Thank you Doreen.

New journal created:


Ms Arielle Tue, Jun-21-22 20:04

Praying magic fingers can find your journal... Until see you over at your new digs

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