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A_New_Life Wed, Sep-08-10 08:39

A_New_Lifes Gym Log
Okay so i couldnt think of a more creative name for my

I joined a gym about two weeks ago...

So far with lowish carb eating and working out at my turtles pace ive lost 9lbs which is i dont know what 99.9 percent of the machines are called so ill call them what i think they should be called lol...this is pretty much for just personal keeping up with things and if anyone wants to add suggestions please feel free...Id love to hear them...

Ill skip what ive done so far (cept for yesterday and what ill add for today later when i go) cause I cant really remember exact times and etc...but its exciting to see myself improve on things in such a short time already...improvements being 5 more mins on the treadmill or 5 more lbs on a weight machine...I never knew Id feel so good after exercising...I really do have more energy and feel better about myself...yes im the biggest girl there that ive seen so far but ya know what?! No one even looks at me...its like youre in your own lil exercise zone when youre doing it...I love it! And i cant wait to come back and re read this in a few months to see how ive improved...Oh by the way the place i go to sets you up with certain weight rest machines for beginners for 8-12 weeks depending on how your progress and then you move to another set then another etc etc...I think theres 5 sets and then youre pretty much on your own...dont really know all of the details about that tho....I dont really keep count on how many cals i burn or the like...I kinda like to know the mins and want to keep a closer eye on that but Im just happy I can do THAT much at over 300lbs! Will update this every day I go to the gym....

Yesterday 9-7-10
10 min warmup+1 mile 2.5-2.8 mph treadmill total time about 45 mins
1000 steps on recumbant (sp?) crosstrainer total time about 15 mins
30 or so mins using weight res machines total time about 30 min

Total time= 90 mins :thup:

A_New_Life Thu, Feb-05-15 07:19

Got a Gazelle FINALLY...DH put it together last night...gonna start slow and steady today, goal of 20 minutes a day and work up....btw my 9yo daughter LOVES it lol...she was on it for over an hour last night lol...goofy kid!

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