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BawdyWench Sat, Mar-13-21 10:15

DON'T EVEN SAY THAT!!!!! I'm having enough trouble trying to reach the one I have now. Still at 87.

BawdyWench Sun, Mar-14-21 07:14

I'm watching the recording of the Q&A 2. Marty just said (slide 4) that by Day 10 you can lock in one meal per day to be your Main Meal (based on family obligations, schedule, exercise, etc.). That much I knew. What I didn't know until now is that you don't have to test your BG before that meal, only before your Discretionary meals! You can, of course, but they don't require it. Maybe that's in the FAQs, but if so I sure missed it. It's actually good news because for whatever reason, I often forget to take a reading before dinner.

thud123 Sun, Mar-14-21 07:57

I missed the QA yesterday - I'll check it out later today. My trigger has dropped - i'm staying pertty close to trigger and not trying to bring it down too fast. If i feel a little hungry, prick and eat if near trigger value - if above I have a pretty good feel for when to try again then eat. Mostly 1-2 meals a day so far.

JEY100 Sun, Mar-14-21 12:36

One of my goals besides lowering waking BG and get away from the "adaptive glucose sparing" response from eating a very low carb diet, was also to regain some metabolic flexibility. To be able to eat high carb at times, and even sugar, without sending my BG into a tail-spin.
True confession time here (not on the DDF FB page). We returned to a club to have the traditional Sunday brunch for the first time in over a year...a celebration of sorts and all being fully vaccinated. I had sushi, shrimp & grits, and even a small serving of decadent chocolate dessert with other low carb sides too. A real test of high carb foods and after...only 116 from a pre-meal of 93!

Since August 5th, I have been upping my carbs and mostly eating TMAD in a 5-6 hour window. A combination of the P:E diet and DDF not only keeps me at a healthy BMI, but is correcting my blood glucose levels too. I'm pretty happy now...but then that could be all the sugar :lol:

GRB5111 Sun, Mar-14-21 12:47

That's great news and testimony to the fact that TMAD as informed by DDF works. I very occasionally (rarely?) eat high carb foods that I've loved over my life (fried clams being a New Englander and pizza), and with the discipline of low carb, TMAD, and meter confirmation, bounce back very quickly without the steep rise in BG many would expect from having gone "off the grid." Proof you can train your metabolism and your hunger by eating the right foods at the correct times.

JEY100 Sun, Mar-14-21 13:57

and three hours after brunch ...98!
Now you have me thinking of pizza...I would have to choose between Frank Pepe in New Haven (near where I grew up) or Regina's in Boston (college and first job). Where does "off the grid" take you, Rob?

BawdyWench Sun, Mar-14-21 14:59

Janet, that's great news! I see good things coming out of this approach. I'm doing 2 meals a day, too. I'm REALLY hungry for the first one, which I have sometime between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. I'm finding if I eat more than a very small amount of food for lunch, though, that I'm not hungry for dinner. How can this be? Most days I'm eating less than 900 calories, often not even 700 calories and yet I feel good and am not at all hungry.


GRB5111 Sun, Mar-14-21 17:18

Originally Posted by JEY100
and three hours after brunch ...98!
Now you have me thinking of pizza...I would have to choose between Frank Pepe in New Haven (near where I grew up) or Regina's in Boston (college and first job). Where does "off the grid" take you, Rob?

That's funny, as we have heard of the exceptional pizza quality in New Haven and have threatened to stop on our way up and back from Massachusetts. I hear it's great. I grew up in the South Shore, an area of coastal towns between Boston and Cape Cod, in a town called Hingham. So as mentioned, good fried clams are hard to resist, but I've never eaten them outside of New England. Good pizza is usually an annual or semi-annual thing for me and one of those is when we stay at the beach in the same South Shore area during the summer. Love wood fired pizza, and we have a good place in Northern VA. Those two types of meals primarily constitute "off the grid" for me today. I've stayed away from sweets and desserts, as I know from the past that those types of things are better left in the past. Sushi (love it) is an occasional treat as is traditional Chinese Dim Sum.

JEY100 Mon, Mar-15-21 03:52

I know Hingham only from traveling through on 3 to the Cape. Sure it has a few wonderful clam shacks and pizza. I should be more careful of recommending places...Iím basing it on experience and food as made 50 years ago, with a few quick visits through recent years.

Now back to a mash-up of DDF and trying to Optimize Food at the same time. One is leading to the best way not to eat, and the other encouraging more nutrients from more different foods. Even if I havenít been successful with the micronutrients, I know how to do it in theory, have the food lists, and have become comfortable with Cronometer. Last week of NO Masterclass, and looking forward to DDF without distractions.

BawdyWench Mon, Mar-15-21 05:04

Janet, do you think doing continuing DDF challenges is helping you stay on track? Do you learn more with each new challenge? I like having the app with sexy graphs and such, but the good old-fashioned spreadsheet gives you all the same info. Is it the online accountability that keeps you doing the challenges?

PS: I'm down a full 7 pounds now, in just over 3 weeks.

JEY100 Mon, Mar-15-21 07:19

Although I am now at a healthy BMI, I still have subcutaneous fat that could definitely go! Especially before the pool season. I think doing the challenges will help keep me accountable to try to reach a "stretch goal", a weight not seen since my 30s. There are two women moderators in their 70s as my inspiration...not only losing fat but one also manages her MS with diet and exercise. I like the group, it is kind and supportive as are the founders, and do learn little tidbits each day. This morning I mentioned the two podcasts would never have found on my own. Re-read the Gin Stephens books on IF. But you can always read the DDF and ON FB pages, and get much of the same information.

GRB5111 Mon, Mar-15-21 09:50

I think DDF with the P:E principles is one of the more effective approaches for me at this age (getting ready to turn 70) and at this stage in my WOE. Early on in my low carb days, it's likely I wouldn't have appreciated the P:E approach, as I was still learning how I responded to a variety of low carb eating approaches. Today, it's enabled me to fine tune, lose some, and maintain when I'm in situations where the foods I typically eat are not available. I'm working on increasing lean mass (harder as we age) and decreasing my onboard fat (BMI) to reach where my body wants to be. What do they say, the last 10-20% is the most difficult because we often have to employ different strategies.

I, too, like the support group element, and I'm hoping that Marty and Alex can find a way to enable those of us who avoid FB to participate in the near future. Until then, I'm on my own with the books and manuals I've purchased, and by learning from and engaging with the folks on this forum.

BawdyWench Mon, Mar-15-21 09:58

Yes, those two women in their 70s are definite inspirations for me. Once a woman has moved past menopause, it seems that none of the plans out there work anymore. So many of the "experts" are young males, and sorry, but what works for them does not work for a post-menopausal woman. I think that's part of the reason I resisted the DDF plan for so long. Even though Ted Naiman is younger and male, his views on protein match what I've believed since starting my LC journey in the late 1990s. In fact, it's because Marty's thinking so closely meshes with Ted's thinking that I finally took the plunge.

Glad I did. :agree:

Kristine Tue, Mar-16-21 03:09

Okay, I'm throwing my hat in the ring, too. I find Marty's plan interesting, but I didn't consider it to really apply to me: my FBG is normal, I'm in the normal weight range, and frankly, I didn't have the time or opportunity to schedule myself to do all the finger pricking or delaying meal times. But now that I'm laid off again and I have a nearly-full box of test strips that are going to expire next month, what the heck.

I suspect this will be pretty boring, with lots of 4.0 - 5.0 (80-ish) waking readings, and not much of a rise after meals. I'm more curious what effect activity will have. I think I'm one of those ones whose BG goes up after activity, but I've never tested consistently or looked for a pattern. I think what I want to get out of this is how I could better schedule activities vs eating vs sleeping. Not that I'll necessarily DO it - I like my schedule the way it is - but at least I'll know what tweaks I can make if I want to lose some of this perimenopausal fat gain.

Eh. Anyway, I'll report back anything interesting I observe.

BawdyWench Tue, Mar-16-21 04:52

Kristine, did you actually join the online challenge, or are you doing this on your own? If on your own and you need the spreadsheet, let me know and I can email it to you.

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