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Rosebud Fri, May-20-05 20:19

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Still having a bit of joint soreness, so have not managed the 10K per day, but still did better than last week.

Total steps: 62438
Daily average: 8920
Total Distance: 31.219Km

I have reached Rockhampton, and am now heading for Mackay. :D It is 344K from Rocky to Mackay, and I have walked 25.1135 of them.

Rosebud Fri, May-27-05 22:11

Week 21/5 to 27/5
Another less than brilliant week. I only achieved 10K steps on 2 days. :o

Total steps: 52569
Daily average: 7510
Total Distance: 26.2845Km

Distance from Rocky: 51.398Km

Rosebud Sun, May-29-05 00:25

UBWO, with 2.5 kg dumbbells
Back : Shoulder Shrug 3 X 12
Shoulders : Arnold Press 2 X 10
Shoulders : Upright Row 2 X 10
Shoulders : Rear Lateral Raise 2 X 10
Upper Arms : Lying Triceps Extension 2 X 12
Upper Arms : Curl 2 X 12
Forearms : Hammer Curl 2 X 12

Rosebud Sun, May-29-05 22:25

I had to really struggle with myself today to do this. :daze:

Thighs : Squat 2 X 5
Thighs : DB Straight-back Straight-leg Deadlift 2 X 8
Waist : Lying Stability Ball Crunch 2 X 12
Waist: DB Side Bend 2 X 10

Rosebud Thu, Jun-02-05 00:02

UBWO with 2.5kg weights
DB Shrug 3x14
DB Arnold Press 3x11
DB Upright row 3x11
DB Seated rear lateral raise 2x10
DB Lying triceps extension 2x11
DB Curl 3x12
DB Hammer curl 2x12

Rosebud Sat, Jun-11-05 21:19

Week 28/5 to 3/6
This was a week that started well, but deteriorated as my health did. I've had a cold that became a chest infection, so have not taken many steps. At least this week started better than the next one...

Total steps: 61518
Daily average: 8788
Total Distance: 30.759

Rosebud Sat, Jun-11-05 21:21

Week 4/6 to 10/6
Didn't travel far at all this week. And have not been well enough to lift any weights for 10 days. Once I'm feeling better...

Total steps: 36261
Daily average: 5180
Total Distance: 18.1305

I have now gone 100.2875 Km on the way from Rocky to Mackay.

Rosebud Thu, Jun-16-05 02:33

UBWO with 2.5kg weights (after a 2 week gap)
DB Shrug 3x12
DB Arnold Press 2x10
DB Upright row 2x10
DB Seated rear lateral raise 2x9
DB Lying triceps extension 2x10
DB Curl 2x11
DB Hammer curl 2x10

Rosebud Thu, Jun-16-05 21:06

Squat 2x4
DB Straight-back Straight-leg Deadlift 2x7
Lying Stability Ball Crunch 2x12
DB Side Bend 2x10

Rosebud Fri, Jun-17-05 21:28

A better week, if not yet completely up to par.

Total steps: 51731
Daily average: 7390
Total Distance: 25.8655

Distance from Rocky: 126.153 Km.

Rosebud Sun, Jun-19-05 04:18

DB Shrug 3x12
DB Arnold Press 2x10
DB Upright row 2x10
DB Seated rear lateral raise 2x10
DB Lying triceps extension 2x10
DB Curl 2x12
DB Hammer curl 2x11

Rosebud Sun, Jun-19-05 23:54

Squats 3x5
DB Straight-back straight-leg deadlifts 3x8
Lying stability ball crunch 2x12
DB Sidebends 2x10
DB single leg calf raise 2x10
DB Single leg reverse calf raise 2x12

Rosebud Tue, Jun-21-05 20:25

DB Shrug 3x15
DB Arnold Press 3x11
DB Upright row 2x11
DB Seated rear lateral raise 2x10
DB Lying triceps extension 3x11
DB Curl 2x15
DB Hammer curl 2x14

Rosebud Wed, Jun-22-05 23:30

I have a nasty headache today, so really struggled with myself to do this. I'm patting myself on the back for managing it. :)

Squat 3x5
DB Straight-back Straight-leg Deadlift 3x9
Lying Stability Ball Crunch 2x15
DB Side Bend 2x11

Rosebud Fri, Jun-24-05 19:54

Week 18/6 to 24/6
A much better week!

Total steps: 73985
Daily average: 10569
Total Distance: 36.9925

Distance from Rocky: 163.1455 - nearly halfway to Mackay!

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