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Rosebud Sun, Jan-02-05 06:44

Lower body work today.

My step machine thingy, then some leg exercises that I have devised using the isoballs. I felt as though I had had a decent workout when I had finished, so I hope it will eventually do me some good. :)

Rosebud Mon, Jan-03-05 02:49

Upper body work again:

2.5kg weights:
Biceps: 12,12,12
Triceps: 15,15,15
Pecs: 8,8

Spreading wings: 8,8 - targets arm, shoulder and chest muscles
The Albatross: 8,8 - arm, shoulder and chest muscles
Cicada I: 8 - biceps
Cicada II: 8 - triceps

And while I think of it, I took 310986 steps in December, 2004, giving me an average of 10031 steps daily. I hope to increase that substantially in January.

Rosebud Sat, Jan-08-05 17:56

Week 1/1/05 to 7/1
Few more steps this week than last. Total of 78070, with an average of 11152 daily.

Unfortunately the other exercising has fallen in a heap. Already. My back and other bits have just been so sore...

Rosebud Fri, Jan-21-05 20:42

Week 8/1/05 to 14/1
Total steps for the week: 65780, with a daily average of 9397.

Not too bad, considering my current episode of diverticulitis commenced Fri 14/1.

Rosebud Fri, Jan-21-05 20:46

Week 15/1 to 21/1
A truly dreadful week. Laid low with an episode of diverticulitis. Was supposed to be on bed rest, but still wore the pedometer just for when I was walking to and from my bed.

Week's steps: 26592 Daily average: 3799.

It's interesting to note the gradual increase in steps through the week, as the pain has gradually lessened, going from 1559 on Sat to reach a high of 7374 on Fri.

Rosebud Fri, Jan-28-05 20:47

Week 22/1 to 28/1
A much better week, although I didn't quite manage the 10K daily.

Total steps: 63985, with a daily average of 9141.

Rosebud Fri, Feb-04-05 21:28

Week 29/1 to 4/2
Did pretty well this week....with the steps. Still haven't pushed myself to do anything else. My back has been pretty sore, but until I do at least some gentle exercises, it will probably not improve. :bash:

Total steps for the week: 72905, giving me a daily average of 10415.

Will try for a minimum of 11K next week.

Rosebud Thu, Feb-17-05 23:19

Week 5/2 to 11/2
Will try for a minimum of 11K next week.

And I did it.

Total steps: 81615, giving me a daily average of 11659.

Have been trying for >12K this week, and so far, so good.

Rosebud Sat, Feb-19-05 18:05

Week 12/2 to 18/2
And I did succeed in taking 12000 steps daily....just.

Total steps: 84333, with an average of 12047 steps daily.

Let's see if I can make it 13K this week.

Rosebud Fri, Feb-25-05 21:25

Week 19/2 to 25/2
Let's see if I can make it 13K this week.


Total steps for the week: 92068, with a daily average of 13153.

I shall aim for 14K this week.

Rosebud Sat, Feb-26-05 22:53

I have decided to liven things up a bit by "walking" up Queensland's coast.

My first goal will be Bundaberg, 375 K from here.

I shall backtrack a little to start from the beginning of the year. In January, I took 264,742 steps, which equates to 132.371 kilometres.
And so far (up to and including last Friday) in Feb, I have travelled 150.304 K. Giving me a total of 282.674. Only just over 92 K to go to reach Bundy. :)
(My progress in white :D)

Rosebud Sat, Mar-05-05 20:57

Week 26/2 to 4/3
I shall aim for 14K this week.

Achieved. :thup:

Total steps for the week: 98841, with a daily average of 14120.

So shall try for 15K this week.

I walked a grand total of 49.4205 K last week, not quite taking me to Bundy. Should arrive there some time this week. :D

Rosebud Sat, Mar-12-05 23:42

Week 5/3 to 11/3
So shall try for 15K this week.

Didn't make it this week, what with a migraine on Wednesday that continued through Thursday, and the beginning of my current bout of diverticulitis on Friday...

Total steps: 90503, with a daily average of 12929.

This week I'll be pushing it to manage 10,000 steps daily. Just can't walk much when it hurts the tum.

But I did reach Bundaberg last week! Now I am heading for Rockhampton - 325K from Bundy.

My journey so far in red:

Rosebud Fri, Mar-18-05 18:15

And the sore tum continued, so not a brilliant week for steps.

Total steps: 62817, with a daily average of 8974 and a disatnce of 31.4085 K.

So now, I have gone 33.7K on my way from Bundaberg to Rockhampton.

Rosebud Fri, Mar-25-05 18:36

Still not a great week although better than last. The sore tum always produces the sore back, so that slowed me down a little. But I'm feeling somewhat better now, so shall try really hard to produce 15K per day next week.

Total steps: 76026
Daily average: 10861
Total Distance: 38.013 K
Distance from Bundy: 71.7685 K

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