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Rosebud Sun, Dec-21-03 06:09


11800 steps.

Various leg exercises
Back ex:
AM: 15"
PM: 10"
From the way my back is hurting right now (have just finished the 10"), I might be overdoing it. Sigh. Will take it a spot more easily tomorrow.

Rosebud Mon, Dec-22-03 06:40


11400 steps

No back exercises today. Too sore. Maybe I'll try some tomorrow, but nothing too enthusiastic.

Hand grips: 10,10
Biceps: 12,12
Pecs: 10,10
Triceps: 12,12,15

Rosebud Tue, Dec-23-03 15:02


9000 steps

About 15" leg exercises and a bare 5 minutes worth of very gentle back exercises.

Rosebud Wed, Dec-24-03 13:34


12000 steps I actually managed to average over 11000 steps daily for the last week. :thup:

Back exercises: 8"
Going shopping is the worst thing I can do for my back. All that stopping to look at things, queueing to pay etc is more than poor old Mr Back can cope with. So as a result of finishing lots of last minute odds and ends yesterday, Mr Back is complaining loud and long today. Lucky it's Christmas so I'll have something else to think about. :)

Rosebud Sun, Dec-28-03 16:38

Thursday (Christmas day)
11400 steps (to my surprise. Just shows how helpful it is to wear the pedometer. I knew I was walking through the house a lot, but would not have guessed I had taken so many steps.)
No other exercise.

Just 6800 steps, and no other exercise.

7400 steps.

Wasn't feeling too well over the weekend. Back complaining. Maybe those extra Christmas carbs were punishing me!

Improving. 11000 steps.

Today (Monday), I am feeling most unwell, but at this stage (8.30 AM) intend to push myself to do something more in the way of exercising today.

Rosebud Wed, Dec-31-03 09:46

The day started well, and I reached 7600 steps. But at 4.30 PM, a migraine hit, closely followed by a second one 2 hours later. :daze: And then followed by another the next morning, so no exercise all day Tuesday. Didn't even bother to wear the pedometer. Much better today, and managed just over 10000 steps (Wednesday).

Back way too sore at the moment for anything more.

Rosebud Fri, Nov-12-04 19:58

Pfwoooooooooooooooo. Just blowing the dust off....

How I wish I could report here that I am now fit and toned! Maybe my arms would have been a bit tighter by now, but i haven't been able to do any arm exercises since last March, which is when I developed ulnar neuritis in my left arm. Surgery on it 11 days ago, so it will be a while longer before i can move any weights with my left arm.

And unfortunately there are very few of my back ex i've been able to do as well. :rolleyes: so the back could be better.

one thing i have been doing is continue to wear my pedometer, and i have decided to keep track of my steps here, even if i have nothing else in the way of exercise to report.

My total steps for October '04 (courtesy of were 423228, giving me a daily average of 13652. September averages were even better, but for some reason, Steptracker seems to be down today. *pout*

So... For the week 30/10 - 5/11, 70580 steps with a daily average of 10082

And last week - 6/11 - 12/11 - 59746, with an average of 8535. not a very good week back-wise. will try berry, berry hard to take more steps this week.

Rosebud Fri, Nov-19-04 19:03

Well I scraped in the average 10K daily steps last week.

For the week 13/11 - 19/11, I totalled 70219 steps, with a daily average of 10031. :thup:

Rosebud Fri, Nov-26-04 23:28

20/11 to 26/11/04
Didn't manage to average 10K last week. Total steps taken: 58951, giving an average of 8421 steps daily.

But I did manage to start up some very gentle back exercises. No more than 10 mins daily so far, but it's a start. :thup:

Rosebud Fri, Dec-03-04 19:11

Week 27/11 to 3/12/04
Pitiful number of steps this week - only 34586, with an average of 4940 daily.

But considering I have had a not-too-pleasant episode of diverticulitis, where rest has been important, I'm not too unhappy.

I'm actually pleased with myself that I bothered to continue to wear the pedometer. Next week should see a dramatic improvement.

Rosebud Fri, Dec-10-04 18:24

Week 4/12 to 10/12
And a dramatic improvement there was. :)

I totalled 73446 steps for the week, with an average of 10492 daily. Pretty good considering I could only manage 5453 on Saturday and 8000 odd on both Sun and Mon.

The back exercises continue, but only for a few minutes each day. I'm still having a lot of pain, so not really sure at this point whether to step them up a little or wait until I have increased my stweps for longer, as that should signal a decrease in pain.

Meanwhile I still have done no arm exercises. The surgical wound has healed, although there is still a wee bit of tenderness there. I see the orthopod again next Wednesday, so might wait until then.

Rosebud Fri, Dec-17-04 21:57

Week 11/12 to 17/12
This week's steps: 81450 with a daily average of 11636.

Unfortunately my back has been too painful lately for any exercises, which means I'm back to the old Catch-22.

Arm exercises next. :agree:

Rosebud Sun, Dec-26-04 17:45

Week 18/12 to 24/12
A good week with the steps. Total of 79774, giving a daily average of 11396. Rats, I just realised it's a little less than the week before. Will try to increase the number a little more this week.

I have restarted Induction today, so increasing the exercising sounds like a good idea.

Rosebud Fri, Dec-31-04 18:14

Week 25/12 to 31/12
Unfortunately the number is even less this week. I think having a migraine is a pretty good excuse though...
Total number of steps for the week: 67530, with an average of 9647 daily.

I bought some isoballs this week, and have just started using them. Have also recommenced using the free weights for my arms. Would like to do some today, but the head is still a little too sore from yesterday's migraine. But I will come back here to document all my efforts. :agree:

Rosebud Sat, Jan-01-05 05:58

Well by late afternoon, I felt well enough to do some exercising, so here is what I did...
Basically, upper body work:

Isoballs "spreading wings" 8,8
"The Albatross" 8,8
"The Cicada I" 6
"The Cicada II" 6
Biceps (w 2.5kg weights) 12,12,
Pecs 8,8
Triceps 15,15,15

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