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barb2272 Thu, Mar-04-21 10:57

MY Plan tool & carb counts?
New to this tool. I typically count “net carbs” per Atkins - do people who use this tool just do this calculation manually?

The macros would be slightly off. Help please

lowjax Thu, Mar-04-21 13:00

Hi Barb. I believe you can set it to count your fiber or not. Here's what I found on the MyPlan FAQ Page:

Has fibre already been subtracted in MyPLAN?

Yes and no. It depends which option you choose in Edit Settings.
If you wish to subtract the fibre yourself, and have the fibre displayed in your Daily Entry, select Show Fiber Count.
If you wish to have the fibre already subtracted, select Show PECC.
Note that if you choose Show PECC, you can still see how much fibre you have consumed by going to Basic Data in your Daily Summary.

More detail here:

I hope this helps!

barb2272 Thu, Mar-04-21 13:25

Thanks so much!

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