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Bonnie OFS Tue, Jun-12-18 15:28

sautéed radishes with a kick :)
I've been sautéing veggies such as radishes, but not the greens because radish greens at the store look bad. But I found out that home-grown radish greens are great!

This morning I thinned my white icicle radishes, sliced the root & put in the pan for a few minutes. Then I added the greens. I was going to serve them plain, but decided to try the vinegar I'd picked up yesterday at the Asian market - Mama Sita's Anghang Sarap - Spiced Tuba Vinegar.

I sprinkled a little bit on the cooked radishes & greens and boy! did it ever taste good!

The vinegar is low carb (0 or at least less than 1 g carb per tablespoon) & it's got a pretty good kick (especially for us Norwegians :)), so you don't need much.

I'm going to try it sprinkled on a green salad next. :yum:

Buttoni Sun, Jul-15-18 14:50

Radish greens are also GREAT added to soups, too.

Ms Arielle Sun, Jul-15-18 18:39

I try nibbling on them-- but too prickly for my taste. Sounds like a little saute would fix that.

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