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lindalove Tue, May-12-15 14:50

Linda Love - A Transformation In Progress
I didn't know there was such a journal; a gym log/journal. Hmmm, I guess I can post here and/or in my regular journal.

This is my 2nd week at my new gym/spa. DH got me back to working out again by purchasing a full body massage as a Valentine's Day gift. The problem is, it's all booked until June 3rd, but it's okay for now since I'm not in any discomfort from achy muscles, so I can wait.

Today's class was body blast. It targets the whole body and I enjoyed it. The next class is Thursday. Tomorrow's class is ballet and barre work; a good class, too. I love resistance training because that's where true transformation begins. You're not going to obtain lean, sculpted muscles from cardio dancing, but you will from resistance. It's especially recommended for women of a certain age. (hint, hint :D )

The scale can register a high number all it wants because you WILL be heavier, but not from fat; from muscle. That's some serious stuff and I want it! :agree: :cool:

lindalove Wed, May-13-15 14:53

Today was Ballet Vitae. Barre work and work it was! My butt is still burning on both sides, but that's a good thing. One of my favorite pastimes after a workout is the steam room or I think it's a sauna, but some people call it either or. Anyway, I sweat and can feel my muscles relax and I stretch a little in there. Mainly, I sit and lean against the back wall with my legs stretched out and bend forward a few times slowly. Maybe that's why I haven't had any muscle soreness.

That is unusual. I haven't worked out on a regular basis for two years, and yet I've done pilates, ballet, yoga, dance classes and am not sore. What is up with that? Could it be the daily saunas? Maybe?

Anyway, tomorrow is pilates. I haven't taken that class yet. The pilates I took was mat pilates; everything on the mat. Btw, I'm taking my own mat from now on. Their mats are slippery as hell and I had a vision that I slipped and snapped something and just kept sliding out of the room.

Not cool!

lindalove Sat, May-16-15 15:43

Today was Core Fusion. It's a combo of yoga and pilates. I gotta work on my balance. I could only hold a pose less than 30 seconds. I tried and next time, I'll do better.

The workout is moderately intense. It's nothing like the Bar Method. My friend was doing that everyday, and now she's home with shin splints. Wow. I thought that workout was intense, yet gentle enough to do every day. I guess not because she is not a happy camper.

Tomorrow's workout is UJam. It's a hip hop dance program that's described as intense. Geez, I'm getting a little nervous of these "intense" workouts, but practice makes perfect or practice makes for a better performance.

Nervous? Did I say that? psssst! :nono: :cool:

lindalove Thu, Jul-04-19 08:38

Good morning! I started this plan last week and itís all about the individual main parts of the body that need the most shaping like the hips, glutes, thighs, abs, and arms. This is a workout I devised so I wouldnít be stuck in a room with a video jumping up and down getting bored. Plus, I figure concentrating on one body part like the pros do, will result in shaping me up quickly. Itís not an easy workout once that darn burn takes over, but Iím doing some research at inquiring about their methods of endurance during intense training sessions.

I know one thingís for sure, I wonít be doing outer thighs right after. Shit, I do have places I need to walk to today. Iím not trying to stand on old burnt matches. I need ma legs!

Stay tuned. Peace out!

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