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Mayflowers Fri, Sep-16-11 13:26

Low Carb Vegetarians Losing Weight
I'm wondering how many members have been successful and lost a considerable amoun of weight following vegetarian low carb? :) Thanks

Robin120 Sun, Sep-18-11 12:10

I lost about 20 pounds, but I wasn't ever actually overweight to begin with. i just wanted to lose vanity pounds.

tips i learned along the way-

1. be careful not to overeat cheese and nuts, because they are convenient low carb veg friendly foods- they will stall you!

2. watch out for soy- especially processed soy products

3. go for as unprocessed, whole foods as possible

good luck!

Mayflowers Mon, Sep-19-11 08:02

Thanks Robin. I need to lose 30 vanity pounds LOL. I have just given up gluten and I increased my dairy n the form of cheese...that was a mistake. I felt more tired doing that. I'm basically just trying to stay off sugar, and limit my carbs to breakfast. I read that the body can handle carbs better in the morning.

Robin120 Mon, Sep-19-11 15:28

I have heard that too- since you have the rest of the day to burn up those carbs with exercise (therefore you don't get a blood sugar rise and subsequent insulin production).

I hear ya on the cheese love- I definitely include a lot in my diet. but definitely be careful not to over do it.

I eat fish, but i will post a few sample menus that are completely veg. Hope it helps!

B- coffee with cream and splenda, sometimes a cinnamon stick or unsweetened cocoa powder stirred in for a "mocha."

1. i like to nibble a lot, so i might pack a mix of the following:
hard boiled eggs
olives or pickles
raw veggies and dip/ hummus/ guacamole
pre portioned bags of nuts (I love the 100 calorie packs of almonds for convenience and portion control!)
mini quiches (check out the "egg muffin" recipes in the recipe area)
string cheese or babybell
greek yogurt- sometimes i pack a "flax pack" to sprinkle on top
a ziploc baggie with a scoop of whey protein powder- you can stir it right into a cup of coffee at work for a protein boost
a small amount of peanut butter or almond butter and celery
packets of miso soup (if you have a hot water thing in the office)
little containers of cream cheese with celery or other veggies to dip
little containers of cottage cheese

2. a great big salad with veggies- raw and roasted, hard boiled eggs, cheese, avocado, olives, artichoke hearts, etc....pack the dressing separately, so it stays nice!

3. egg salad with celery or bell pepper strips to scoop

4. make a "BLT"- large lettuce leaves to act as a wrap, tomato slices, plenty of mayo, and tempeh "bacon" (recipes all over the net for the tempeh bacon). i also like to add avocado and sprouts. pack everything separately and assemble at lunch, to keep it all fresh

1. portabello pizzas (see recipe section)
2. spaghetti squash with Alfredo sauce
3. eggplant and or zuchinni "lasagne" (see recipe section- just ditch the meat obviously)
4. quiche is great- i like to serve it with a nice green salad
5. baked pesto tomatoes

as you can tell, i eat loads of eggs :lol:

Mayflowers Wed, Sep-21-11 11:02

OMG, thank you for all those food tips! I'm going to copy and paste them so I have the list! I never heard of facon. Thanks for that as well. You're wonderful!

mychele Fri, May-03-13 21:19

I am so happy I found this site! I was vegan for years, then did atkins and now I am pescatarian. I am trying to lose ten lbs and want to stay vegan and do lowcarb. oh! I also have celiac and i am dairy free.. soy doesnt work for me. I forgot about eggs..

Also, does anyone get really bloated on this much salad? I feel my digestive system is off since I stopped eating meat and fat.

Anyhow, happy to see that others are doing low carb and veganism.

Mayflowers Sat, May-04-13 05:12

hi, if you want to lose 10 just exercise more. Don't bother dieting. Besides 10 lbs of muscle is worth keeping your weight up for! Sounds like you may have an eating disorder

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